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The 10 Best Superga Sneakers for Women

Superga Acotw 2790 Sneaker

Superga launched in 1911. Over 100 years later, it's still keeping us supplied in simple, stylish sneakers that manage to be both fashion-forward and classic at the same time. Worn by celebrities, royalty, influencers, and just about everyone else with an eye for style, Superga has become one of our all-time favorite brands. But which of its sneakers are the best? Find out as take a look at the 10 best Superga sneakers for women.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

1. Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

If you can only stretch to one pair of Superga sneakers in your lifetime, make it the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker. A design classic that's helped the Italian shoemaker become the brand it is today, it's been a bedrock of the Superga collection for over 100 years. In that time, it's gone through various incarnations (hold tight to see a few of those coming your way shortly), but it's the 'Classic' variation that's won the most approval. Despite being known as the 'people's shoe,' you're as likely to find it on the feet of royalty as you are your next-door neighbor's. Kate Middleton is said to be a huge fan, as was Princess Diana. ranks it as one of the all-time best sneakers for women. describes it as 'more polished and put together than a traditional sneaker.' The Daily Mail says it 'reigns supreme'. Simply put, it's one of the best sneakers you're going to find in the sub- $100 category. If you want a budget-friendly sneaker that's going to see you through just about any occasion, these are your guys.

Superga 2750 Mattnetw Sneaker

2. Superga 2750 Mattnetw Sneaker

A classic kick with some very stylish features, the 2750 Mattnetw Sneaker takes the basics of the 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker and adds its own very unique spin. The rubber platform heel offers superb traction and durability, while the trendy netted upper adds a gorgeous bit of detailing that elevates the all-ready classic design to new heights of fashion glory. Comfortable enough to wear as an everyday sneaker and stylish enough to team with any outfit, it's an appealing shoe with a price tag to match.

Superga 2730 Fancotropew Sneaker

3. Superga 2730 Fancotropew Sneaker

The Superga x LoveShackFancy collaboration brings us the 2730 Fancotropew, an epic sneaker with some fantastic details. The traditional lace-up closure with metal eyelets gets a stylish upgrade with the addition of ribbon laces, while the 1.5-inch platform espadrille outsole promises to boost your height without sacrificing walkability. Comfort is added by way of a gorgeously bouncy cushioned footbed.

Superga 2899 Goatnappau Sneaker

4. Superga 2899 Goatnappau Sneaker

The Superga 2899 Goatnappau is a stylish kick that promises to inject some new life into your footwear collection. The soft leather upper has been slightly padded to add to the luxe factor, while the matching laces are the height of chic. A cushioned footbed delivers outstanding all-day comfort, while the platform outsole delivers a very nice little 1-inch boost to your height. Comfortable, stylish, and available in an array of color options (although if you want our advice, the black and white monochrome pair is the business), the Goatnappau is a great sneaker with an affordable price - what more could you want?

Superga 2843 Comfleau Sneaker

5. Superga 2843 Comfleau Sneaker

They're chic, they're stylish, and they're calling out for a place in your footwear collection. What are we talking about? The Superga 2843 Comfleau, a superbly comfortable shoe with good looks, excellent durability, and the kind of affordable price point that's going to make you love them all the more. Featuring supple leather uppers in a selection of colors, a lace-up closure with metal eyelets for a personalized fit, a cushioned footbed for a bouncy step, and a natural rubber, crepe-textured outsole for excellent traction and durability, they're a great all-rounder that will go with everything and take you anywhere.

Superga 2750 Suecotw Sneaker

6. Superga 2750 Suecotw Sneaker

Remember when we said the 2750 sneaker was available in a heap of incarnations? Prepare to meet one of the best with the Superga 2750 Suecotw Sneaker. Featuring the same simple, chic silhouette as the much-loved 2750 Cotu Classic, the Suecotw marries minimalism with fashion-forward sensibilities to epic effect. With a round toe, a suede upper, and a durable crepe textured outsole, it's a comfortable, stylish creation that delivers on all fronts. If you're desperately seeking your next go-to sneaker, look no further.

Superga 2402 Cotw Sneaker

7. Superga 2402 Cotw Sneaker

Superga does cute and causal better than almost any other brand out there. If you needed any proof of that, cast your eyes in the direction of the 2402 Cotw Sneaker. Fun, flirty, and just a tiny bit adorable, they'll inject their laid-back vibes into everything from jeans to dresses, skirts to shorts. Comfort is accounted for by the springy cushioned footbed, while the metal eyelet lace-up closure lets you adjust the fit to perfection. Better yet, they're 100% machine washable, meaning you can keep them looking box-fresh no matter how much you wear them.

Superga 2341 Alpina Cotu Sneaker

8. Superga 2341 Alpina Cotu Sneaker

Everyone's footwear collection needs a pair of high-tops. If yours is calling out for some fresh blood, treat it to the Superga 2341 Alpina Cotu Sneaker, a chunky, platform soled high-top that promises to spend the next year glued to your feet. With a style that's guaranteed to inject some laid-back cool into whatever outfit you team them with, the 2341 Alpina Cotu is all the reason you need to give your old Chuck Taylor's a break and treat your feet to an all-new kind of high-top.

Superga 2630 Cotu Sneaker

9. Superga 2630 Cotu Sneaker

Up next, we have the Superga 2630 Cotu Sneaker, a shoe that blends a soft textured canvas upper with a thick ribbed sole to create a silhouette that's both timeless and fashion-forward at the same time. Their go-anywhere, do-anything appeal makes them an everyday essential - whatever you wear, your outfit is going to look 100 percent better with a pair of these strapped to your feet. Thanks to the breathable cotton lining, the bouncy cushioned footbed, and the comfortable 1.25-inch rubber outsole, your feet will feel just as good as they look.

Superga Acotw 2790 Sneaker

10. Superga Acotw 2790 Sneaker

Platform sneakers are huge right now. The trend that got consigned to the pages of fashion history in 2012 received a fresh new lease of life this year - and every vertically challenged sneakerhead breathed a sigh of relief. If you're keen to test the look without risking your balance in the process, check out the Superga Acotw 2790 Sneaker. It's got enough of a platform to give you a boost, but not so much as to make you lose your footing. Simple, stylish, and just the right kind of sweet, they're going to be a great addition to your closet.

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