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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 13 Flint

Air Jordan 13 FLint

The Jordan brand is still on a roll and fans of the 13 Flint have something to look forward to. It's been nearly a decade since we've seen a new iteration and for those who thought their favorite sneaker was archived for good, it's great news. Here are 10 things you didn't know about the Air Jordan 13 Flint.

1. We're entering into a third reprisal of the AJ 13 Flint

The Air Jordan 13 Flint made its first appearance in the Air Jordan lineup in 2005 as a model that was being re-issued. It's been around since the 1990s. It was met with enthusiasm by fans of the Jordan brand because of its intense comfort and stylish good looks. It was kicked to the curb for a period of 5 years until its re-release in 2010. With just a five year gap, the re-emergence was welcomed, but Air Jordan didn't follow the pattern to bring it back for 2015. It's been a decade since we've seen a new Air Jordan 13 Flint.

2. They're already here

The 2020 release of the Air Jordan 13 Flint was May 30th. They are available at a variety of retailers but as with most commodities these days, there are limited supplies on hand. They've been out for a solid 3 weeks so it could already be hard to find them at the manufacturer's suggested retail selling price.

3. They're made for all ages

The Air Jordan 13 Flint retro model has been released in a variety of sizes for everyone from toddler age through adult. We recently learned that they've released them in a toddler's size, pre-school, grade school, and men's. This means that all the guys in the family could sport the Navy/University Blue/Flint Grey/White kicks.

4. The ventilation is excellent

As the temperatures for the summer heat up, the Air Jordan 13 Flint sneakers are an excellent choice for staying comfortable. We checked out the ventilation system that allows air to pass comfortably ver the top of the kicks to help keep your feet cool and dry to avoid overheating, sweating, and discomfort. The small air holes that are strategically placed on the tongue portion of the upper might look small but there are a lot of them and they all work together to allow for better circulation around the feel so when you walk, the air is distributed downward over the feet.

5. The 13 Flint retro is inspired by a final chapter

Michael Jordan's last playoff series took place in 1998. It's been 22 years since he earned his last ring. This was a historical event and it marked an end of one chapter of his life but signaled a new beginning. The AJ 13 were worn that year by Jordan, when he played his final game as a professional basketball player and this is what makes this model within the Air Jordan brand such an iconic sneaker. It has a big history behind it.

6. Flint Grey is one of the most popular colorways historically

The colorway itself is a big deal. It was one of the first to be released in the Air Jordan 13 collection of sneakers. If you just happen to be familiar with the original release you'll notice that the brand maintained much of its originality. This was necessary to create a true retro sneaker for the re-release and for some of us, it is this type of purist approach that allows us to bathe in a moment of true nostalgia with triggering of sensory perceptions that take us back in time.

7. Some things didn't need improvement

We like the fact that the reiteration of the Air Jordan 13 Flint retailed the molded sock liner that was featured in the very first release. This was an element that gave it uniqueness and personality. When you put on a pair of the retro sneakers it's likely to feel the same as it did back in the day when MJ laced up a pair to play his final basketball game as a pro.

8. Even the boxing is retro

There will no doubt be some adults who will buy a pair of the reissued AJ 13 Flints with a discriminating assessment. They'll find that the upper features the reflective elements of the originals. The navy coloring is the same tone used in the OG. What they're really going to love is the fact that the bo has also been recreated to look just like the box that the first run of the shoes was produced in. This will bring back memories for then young boys who received their first pair as a gift with a surge of nostalgia.

9. Prices are likely to go up

As the available supply of the Air Jordan 13 Flint begins to dwindle, the price is likely to go up beyond the manufacturer's suggested selling price. Toddlers editions go for $60 a pair with little kids' selling for $80 a pair. Big kids' sizes are $140 and the adult (men's) sneakers' price was set at $190 per pair.

10. Most vendors are already sold out

We were curious about how well-stocked vendors are with the new Air Jordan 13 Flints. As we conducted our online search, finding vendors who stocked them wasn't the problem. It's just that most were sold out of them. With a listed retail price of $190,  we've seen that the current going price for the kicks that are still available for sale has skyrocketed to an average auction price of $269 a pair. The lowest auction price was $236 with the highest a whopping $276. That's the bad news, but it's also good news for those who are willing to pay a little more for the now rare sneaker because there are still a few of them out there.

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