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A Closer Look at the Nike Drop Type HBR

Nike Drop Type HDR

The Nike Drop Type is a 2020 release that for whatever reason was delayed by a few months without much explanation. It's finally making the news with a variant that is called the HBR. The understated sneaker has finally been confirmed to be on its way. To bring you up to speed on the most current news about it, here are 10 things you didn't know about the Nike Drop Type HBR.

1. The Nike Drop Type HBR is an attention-getter

The first thing that your eyes are drawn to is the fact that the left shoe and the right shoe are both offset with asymmetrical features. The left sneaker features a light wash denim patch and the right foot features a patch of dark navy paisley print. This is intentional, although some might think you're wearing one shoe on each foot from two distinctly different shoes. They're the same model though, just set apart as a novelty by giving each shoe a different patterning.

2. An internal swoosh makes a smiley face

When you look at the Nike Drop Type HBR from above the sneakers you can see an interesting application of the Nike signature swoosh in the footbed. At the opening of the shoe near the heel bed, the swoosh is offset with two dots below that creates the image of eyes and a smiley. This points to the novelty and the fun that is intended in the rather interesting design of the sneaker. It appears that Nike really does have a fun side. Although the casual observer won't be able to see the smiley faces on the interior unless you take them off, you'll know that they are there. It makes sense that you could easily and appropriately call them your happy shoes.

3. The pattern variances are also fun

When we look at the new Nike Drop Type HBR from the back, it becomes obvious that the heels are finished in two different bandanna patterns. One is Tartan red plaid and the other is a cool paisley print. They're both red, but the different patterns, once you get used to them are actually really cool. This will be helpful for those who have issues with distinguishing the right foot from the left.

4. The construction is basic

When you set aside the aesthetics of the Nike Drop Type HBR, it is a very basic sneaker. It's a low-cut shoe that looks extremely comfortable featuring a base of nylon in white with overlays of canvas to reinforce the eye-stay, heel, and toe areas. The styling is simple and ignoring the application of patterns and color, the Nike Drop Type was a sneaker that resembled a blank canvas begging for an artist to take creative license and apply coloring and texture. That is precisely what happened in the creation of the HBR.

5. They smile on the inside and on the outside

The smiley swoosh we discussed earlier is continued on the outside of the sneaker. It's been placed on the back of each heel. Continuing the novel and happy theme of the HBR sneakers, you will leave your friends with a smile as you walk away.

6. The price has finally been announced

When you first hear about a new sneaker colorway it's expected that it will be offered with a comparable price to other colorways within the model. Nike has announced that the Drop Type HBR will be offered for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of just $75. When compared with the other new releases for 2020, it's fairly reasonable.

7. It's like a tennis shoe

If you think the Nike Drop Type HBR looks like a tennis shoe, you're not wrong. Its low profile styling has been inspired by a classic tennis shoe design. The simplicity of the design is a major aspect of the intention of the sneaker. When you view the other colorways that lack the bright patterns, it looks even more like a pair of white canvas tennies.

8. The traction is exceptional

The Nike Drop Type HBR features a rubber sole that gives it exceptional traction. The material is grippy and it helps you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. The materials used are also durable so the sneakers will hold up for longer under repeated use.

9. They're comfortable

We can see the application of foam padding in the tongue that protrudes from the sneakers. It's nice and thick to give the area where you tighten the laces a little extra cushioning for the most comfortable fit, even when they're laced up for a snug fit. The padding is applied to all of the areas where pressure points are likely to exist. This lessens the chance of any discomfort from rubbing or friction. We can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the comfort factor of the Nike Drop Type HBR. It's a brilliant design for a simply executed sneaker.

10. The Drop-Type HBR model is going up in price

As we were browsing through the various online vendors, we were able to find a few of the HBR type sneakers still for sale, but none offered at the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $75. You're going to pay double the price or better. is completely sold out, so it might not be easy to get your hands on a pair any time soon. We're still waiting to hear confirmation of a precise release date for the new colorway in all its patchwork glory. The best that we have found is that it's "coming soon," with no indication of what day, or even what month that might be. We'll all have to just stay tuned and wait for more information as Nike moves closer to a time when they can give us a confirmed date for its release. It is nice to have something to look forward to though.

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