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A Closer Look at the Nike Dunk Low Reverse Panda

Nike Dunk Low Reverse Panda

Nike has been releasing the Nike Dunk sneakers since 1985. With so many Nike Dunk sneakers in the market, you would think that the company would begin running out of ideas, yet it always manages to make its latest Dunks unique. In a few months, the company is expected to release the Nike Dunk Low Reverse Panda silhouette. It will cost $110 and be available on the Nike website and in select retail stores globally.

The silhouette uses the popular grayscale “Panda” colorway, except that the colors have been reversed. The black colorway is now on the heel branding, tongue labels, insoles, and midsoles, while the white color has been reserved for the Swooshes, overlays, lining, and outsole. Having described what the sneakers look like, it is time to explore their parts in detail. Below are five features of the Nike Dunk Low Reverse Panda sneakers.

The Uppers of the Sneakers are Made of Leather

Leather is a breathable material, which makes it the right one to use for shoes. According to Favored Leather, its breathability stems from it being a good insulator and having pores. Due to its breathability, it provides ventilation to your feet. Not only does ventilation keep your feet cool on a warm day, but it also eliminates sweat which is responsible for foot odor. Another benefit of the material is that it provides a good fit, unlike plastic.

Leather is elastic, which means it can stretch as far as it can to accommodate your entire foot. Since it fits well, you will not feel like these sneakers are pinching you. Its elasticity also makes it durable. So, no matter how far you stretch the material, it will not snap or remain deformed. Moreover, the material is easy to clean. When various substances fall on the material, they do not cling to it. As a result, you only need to wipe them off with water and a cloth.

The Outsoles are Made of Rubber

You will be shocked at the number of Americans who get admitted to the hospital due to slip and fall accidents. According to Adam S. Kutner, 12% of Americans get admitted due to slip and falls every year. Luckily, you can avoid such accidents with this silhouette’s rubber outsole. Rubber is slip-resistant since it offers a firm grip on slippery surfaces. Therefore, you can walk on muddy paths and not worry about slipping.

The other merit of rubber outsoles is that they are good shock absorbers. When you walk or run, your feet strike the ground. If the feet continually strike the feet, shock will be generated. The shock is what causes foot blisters, but luckily, rubber absorbs the shock, so you will not experience any injury from your movement. In fact, you will not feel the hard surface you are walking on. Lastly, the material offers protection against burns. If you were to accidentally step on spilled acid or corrosive chemicals, there is no need to panic. The material cannot buckle or melt in the presence of those substances since it is heat-resistant.

Each Sneaker Has a Pair of Extra Lacing Holes

Some people may assume that the extra lace holes are for aesthetics, but they are very beneficial. First, the extra holes enable you to create a lacing style called the runner’s knot. According to Houston Methodist, the aim of the knot is to decrease pressure on the top of your foot. Since the knot does not put pressure on the foot, you will be able to loosen the laces on the lower side of the foot. As a result, the extra lacing holes are there to minimize foot pain.

Additionally, the role of the runner’s knot is to hold your heel firmly in place. That means your foot will not slide forward and slam into the front of your shoe. This can be an excruciating experience if you accidentally strike your foot against a rock. Luckily, if you use the runner’s knot, you can even kick anything without your foot moving within the shoe.

The Sneakers Contain EVA Insoles

These insoles provide comfort to the wearer since they are shock absorbers. That makes these sneakers ideal for walking or standing for long periods since you will not feel any pain from your movement. Its efficient shock absorbing capability can be attributed to it being made out of a dense foam polymer. Apart from acting as a shock-absorbing agent, it provides warmth for your feet.

It provides warmth because it acts as an extra insulating layer between your foot and the cold surface you are walking on. Even though the next feature has nothing to do with the wearer’s comfort, it is still important to mention that they are eco-friendly. When these insoles are manufactured, no chlorine is used. As a result, less toxic waste is released into the land or water. So if you happen to be an environment enthusiast, you will be glad to own these sneakers.

The Uppers Contain Perforations

Even though their main role is not for aesthetics, you cannot help but admire the perforations. The perforations are spaced such that they are neither too far nor too close to each other. These perforations help provide ventilation to your feet. We established that leather provides ventilation, but with more perforations, you will relish the fact that you will hardly have foot odor. Besides providing ventilation, the shoes drain excess water from your feet. Excess water may get into your feet after accidentally stepping on a puddle. The perforations are large enough to allow water out, yet too small to allow much water in the shoes.


“Comfortable” is the right word to describe the Nike Dunk Low Reverse Panda sneakers. Some runners have been wearing shoes that cause pain or make them exhausted. If you are a runner who has been suffering due to the wrong choice of shoes, you will not suffer any longer with these sneakers. Additionally, these shoes are durable, so you will not have to replace them in a long time. Let’s face it; replacing worn-out shoes is costly. Thankfully, you can reduce such costs by getting these shoes.

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