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The Story of Golden Goose Sneakers' Rise in Popularity

Golden Goose

The success journey of Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo- the Golden Goose Sneaker founders, is fueled by passion rather than refined expertise, as in the case with other leading brands. Their idea to join the shoe-making industry with their iconic trainers (golden goose sneakers) was inspired by their love for art, research, unique hallmarks, timeless pieces, and traveling. These two business-minded individuals were strangers in the fashion industry but tapped the opportunity anyway. Starting the Golden Goose Sneaker brand in 2000 in Venice, Italy, was a prolongation of what Converse began back in the 1920s. However, Golden Goose brings a more polished, vintage touch to the modern sneaker market. Their shoe designs hark back to Italian sartorial customs but are crafted to suit contemporary sneaker lovers. Being the first scuffed shoes in the market that aimed at offering a vintage experience was the Golden Goose sneaker brand's success boost. Their quality collections are handcrafted and manually processed by seasoned artisans keen on creating a vintage style in every piece. The creativity and uniqueness embraced by this Italian sneaker brand saw them rank among the top-leading fashion brands a few years after their founding. Today they are admired by many for their innovative and winning trainers.

How Well Thought Was The Concept?

For starters, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo aimed at introducing sneakers that were complete opposites of what's offered by the top brands in the industry. Their concept was to express multiple experiences through footwear- as defined in their distressed sneakers. Those well-informed can attest that this decorative art has gained massive popularity becoming the most sought design style even in the clothing industry. The Golden Goose 'rip and tear' style does not compromise the quality of their sneakers. In addition to being handmade by a team of skilled sneaker artisans, these shoes' aesthetic statement prides itself on quality materials and unmatched craftsmanship. That said, expect to experience a luxurious feel from a shoe that appears like it's served its life. After all, dressing down is the current power of fashion.

Critics Fueled Popularity

In their attempt to provide their customers with inventions that align with the company's core value, the Golden Goose team's idea seemed to brush some of their audience wrongly. Back in 2016 and 2018, they tried to keep up with their trainer collection's distressed look. They introduced Superstar-tapped trainers that looked dirty and worn out, believing that the design would captivate their customers. But this release raised a heated controversy requiring scoring by the anti-poverty movement and the fashion industry. Though the 'distressed' sneakers aligned with the brand concept, some individuals accused Golden Goose, implying that they had crossed the line with their footwear style. Since its formation, this brand has been known for making beat-up trainers, contrary to what other footwear companies are doing. And can go 'too far' to surprise their audience while maintaining their brand uniqueness. However, the 2016 and 2018 taped-together sneakers release triggered altercations. Some people were against the style, but there are those who supported it, claiming that Golden Goose has always been the pioneer of the distressed footwear style. In their response to these controversies, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo lobbied their personal experience and ideas to clarify the motive behind the 'tattered invention. While some people regarded the shoe as overpriced and not worth $530, some couldn't wait to own a pair of these taped-up trainers. Nevertheless, the idea got people talking giving this Italian brand an immense public disclosure.

What Do People Love About Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Goose trainers are designed for sneakerheads who embrace their own choices- these are individuals who break fashion rules and act as they desire. The Italian brand is committed to getting these individuals aboard and providing them with the 'distressed look' that no other brand is willing to offer. They ensure that every piece offers the best experience from the time it's unboxed all through its life cycle. So, every shoe they release in the market is intended to give the wearer;

1. Instant Recognition

These sneakers, like many, haven't been the most pleasing to the eye but are ever rising in popularity. Looking at them, one would wonder, why are shoes that look tattered claiming space in the closets of even famous personalities. However, there's a hidden appeal behind these trainers' imperfection, that lack in sneakers from other brands, and that's what gives Golden Goose an upper hand. The brand has always been in the spotlight with its experimental designs that aim to create product awareness. So, many of the bold, wildly-designed trainers are from this Italian brand, and any sneaker enthusiast can easily tell them apart from other brands. The sneakers boast a vintage look and a heightened beauty well embodied using multiple colors, metallic accents, silver or gold glitters, handcrafted messages, and animal prints. Golden Goose is daring when it comes to the use of these elements in designing their signature scuffed footwear that communicates a nonchalant attitude rather than a scruffy look.

2. Comfort

Unlike other shoes that you have to wear several times before they can adjust to a perfect fitting, Golden Goose eliminates that impracticality. Provided you buy the correct size for you, the trainers will be super comfortable from the first time you put them on. Meaning no breaking-in time is required when it comes to Golden Goose sneakers. It's not a shoe that will give sores or blisters but that you can wear all day. The sneakers are made of soft leather and a soft, comfy interior lining sending the message 'let's hit the streets,' once you unbox them.

3. An All-Season Statement Piece

Golden Goose sneakers are year-round shoes and can be worn with anything. The craftsmanship behind these shoes is to be admired. Each pair is built on unique features that provide an appealing look for all occasions. Whether you want to dress down or dress up, these weatherproof trainers never disappoint. You only need to pair them with the right outfit, and you'll make heads turn. With just a few styling tricks, you'll achieve your desired look, whether fancy or casual. No wonder the shoes have grown to be favorite footwear among celebs and influencers, including Mandy Bork, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Olivia Palermo.

4. Distinctiveness And Quality

With their handcrafting comes a limited number of distressed handmade shoes. It's pretty obvious that even the shoes with the same design won't be completely look-alike. So, expect every shoe to be technically unique as handmade products can never resemble each other 100%. Besides, every Golden Goose release has a unique story that dictates the shoe's overall design. Like in the case of the 2018 trainers that provoked heated discussion on social media. This design was intended to honor all skaters worldwide who are sometimes forced to tape their ragged trainers. However, the brand's attempt to pay homage to these individuals with the tapped footwear was perceived as insensitive. Over and above, all trainers are designed from premium Italian leather that boasts durability, which guarantees a long product life cycle.

5. Confidence Boost

Besides being one of the most flattering trainers, their elevated heels elongate the wearer's legs, making them look taller than their average height. This alone accentuates their appearance and posture, which helps boost their confidence.

Tapping Social Media Presence Should Never Be Understated

For the past decades, social media marketing has proved beneficial to many businesses. It's been one of the effective ways to nurture and expand brand recognition. So, how does it help grow Golden Goose? This Italian brand has a cult following which comes in handy in growing the brand's visibility through social media. It was the same time the Golden Goose sneakers company was formed that Facebook came into existence- what a coincidence. Various Facebook groups were created, including the Golden Goose Gang, which has now grown to be one of the biggest Best Sell Trade (BST) groups globally. What a great move by Golden Goose to take advantage of one of the most ever-growing social media platforms (Facebook) with billions of users?

Besides, it's the most used, with approximately 1.93 billion users accessing their Facebook account each day and a monthly Facebook Groups usage of over 1.8 billion individuals. This shows the potential behind this social media platform that the Golden Goose brand has continued to leverage since its birth in 2000. When it comes to growing brand popularity in social media, follower count matters most. How has this Italian Brand FB group been fairing? By September 2021, Golden Goose Group had 22,0000 members, today, six months later, this number has risen to 44.3 k members, and it's expected to grow as time goes byHow does this private group add to Golden Goose Sneakers Popularity?

  • The admin takes the overall marketing role of this private group. They;
  • Add pre-order posts daily.
  • Update members on products (styles) that are back on sale
  • Share styling tips, trainers sizing tips, shoe lacing ideas
  • Post pictures or videos of shoppable items on the Like To Know It Page (LTK). If a buyer wishes to buy any of the shared items, they'll click on it and will be directed to the specific website to complete their purchase.

Importance of the group to members

  • They post shoes available for purchase, both new and used
  • Seek advice on the best style to add to their stock
  • Buy from each other
  • Share posts of the latest releases

The Golden Goose Gang is a shopping group that allows members to comment on each other's posts, share their opinion about new and future styles and influence each other to buy as many pairs as possible. They also share insightful ideas on how to pair sneakers. It's a group that embraces respect and equality, giving every member a sense of belonging.

The Impact of Style Evolution

Perhaps the story would be different for Golden Goose had the company opened its doors in the 1990s or before then. Luckily, this Italian company got into the sneaker market when the fashion evolution was taking a different turn. Street, Hip- Hop, Athleisure, Emo, and scene styles became the preferred fashion. These included loose tops, tracksuits, distressed slim-fit jeans, sweatpants, hoodies, vintage-inspired outfits, designer T-shirts, sweatshirts, baggy jeans, and sports jerseys. All these outfits look stunning paired with sneakers, which gave these new arrivals – Golden Goose scuffled trainers an upper hand in the shoe market. Most people term these trainers as special giving much credit to their fit. They are designed a bit wider than other trainers on the market. That's because the Italian brand is not only out to offer stylish footwear but also unmatched comfort in a shoe that can be dressed for any occasion.

After all, nowadays, everyone prioritizes comfort, and shoes play a significant role in this. Modern life is so demanding, and you can't afford to show up in uncomfortable footwear. Even companies are now lenient when it comes to dressing codes. They value comfort more than professional attire. That's not to mean employees are allowed to undervalue the importance of dressing well. But acknowledge that working 8 to 9 hours daily for 5 days a week is hectic, and it's vital for all to wear comfortable shoes at work. They are essential for the employee's overall health, translating to improved productivity and reduced healthcare costs. As aforementioned, Golden Goose trainers offer maximum comfort right away, making them a preferred option for many, unlike other shoes that would require a break-in period. Interestingly, the quality and uniqueness of these distressed sneakers will compel you to keep exploring for new arrivals.

Wrapping Up

With a range of Golden Goose Sneakers on sale, figuring out which one fits the best can be tricky. But it becomes much easier if you first determine the style you'd like to settle for. Mid-Star, Purestar, high tops, and Super-Star are the common styles. Choose either, and then next consider your wardrobe. Are most of your outfits patterned or bold-colored? You would want to pick a trainer that blends well with almost everything in your wardrobe. Once you decide on the specific shoe, look for the best bargain and ensure you buy the shoe from an authentic seller. You can be sure to rock this shoe for an extended period, enjoying every moment you put it on.

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