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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 1 Low "Washed Denim"

Air Jordan Washed Denim

Nike announced the pending release of their new Air Jordan 1 Low in a washed denim colorway in early May of 2020. This is a sneaker that is made for the ultimate comfort when playing basketball in the summer months. This is a popular sneaker line that has been drawing in new enthusiasts who are impressed with its overall quality and comfort. Previous fans of the Air Jordan 1 Low shoes are happy to see a new colorway come out to complement any streetwear wardrobes. Here are 10 things you didn't know about the Air Jordan 1 Low "Washed Denim" that you might be interested in hearing about.

1. It's a masterpiece in denim

The sneaker is really made of denim material in certain parts. The toe cap features a washed denim fabric and the Nike Swoosh is also made of the same material. It's such an interesting aesthetic that we had to stop and take a second look just to adjust to the cool new theme. It's an uncommon approach and we really like it. Although the sneakers are made for serious play on the court, they serve a dual purpose as a lifestyle shoe that is perfect with any type of streetwear.

2. The design is simple

This is a basic basketball sneaker from outward appearances. The silhouette is low profile and there are not a lot of complicated colors to muddy the waters. It's a white sneaker with accents of denim and black period. Nike did a good job of using these basic colors to create a highly interesting new colorway.

3. They're built for comfort

A closer inspection of the Air Jordan 1 Low Washed Denim reveals that the design team has added just the right amount of cushiony padding in all the right places. They covered the section that comes into contact with the ankles, along with the footbed, and in the tongue where the material is laced across the main pressure point at the top of the foot. This ensures that there will be no rubbing or irritation. They kept the padding to a minimum but it's beefed up at the most important points.

4. It's well-constructed

As we continued to examine the Air Jordan 1 Low Washed Denim photos we were looking specifically at the seams. This is how we judge the overall quality of construction. The seams are all stitched together with small, tight, and even stitches and there are plenty of reinforcements at the stress points of the shoe. It's made to hold up under heavy use.

5. The traction is excellent

When you flip the shoes over, you can see the rubber outsole. It's thick and durable and it features a traction pattern in the tread that gives you the grip that is needed to stay on your feet during hot and heavy court time. We love the deeply grooved pattern that provides traction, but we also noticed that it's just thin enough to make this a flexible sneaker, which is another important point for players.

6. It's on its way

We'd love to be able to give you an exact date for the release of this sneaker, but Nike has yet to reveal the exact date. At the last update, the shoe was promised for arrival sometime in the summer of 2020. We're still awaiting more breaking news about when we can expect it to appear for sale at local retailers or even online.

7. It's properly ventilated

Another great feature of the Air Jordan 1 Low Washed Denim is excellent ventilation. Air vents are placed above the top arch of the shoe just below the lacing system. This is enhanced with the low cut that allows airflow around the ankles during the natural movement of the feet. The sneaker is designed to keep your feet cool and dry for the optimal performance and comfort when you're hitting it hard on the basketball courts.

8. The traction is supreme

When you flip the Air Jordan 1 Low Washed Denim sneakers over to look at the tread, it reveals a complex pattern. Every groove cut into the rubber sole is there for a purpose. It offers excellent traction for keeping your feet firmly in place to prevent unintentional slipping or sliding. While the grip is great, there are also a few built-in design features to enhance precision movements. The round circle that is cut into the sole near the ball of the foot is there for a specific purpose. It allows the shoe to slide when you're making rotational movements. In essence, you can stop on a dime and make a quick turn or pivot with the greatest of ease.

9. The fit is adjustable

Another notable feature of the Air Jordan 1 Low is the lacing system. We've always been impressed with the width of the laces. It's designed in a way that allows you to adjust the snugness of the sneaker to match your activity. When you're in a high stakes game you can lace it up a bit tighter to give you the control that you need, but when you're just kicking back to relax you can loosen the laces for a more relaxed fit.

10. We recommend keeping your ears open

Nike's delay in offering a definite release date for the new Air Jordan 1 Low Washed Denim kicks is only creating more sensation. These are unique sneakers that offer multiple uses. Those familiar with the line know already that it's one hell of a court sneaker, but when you throw in the amazing aesthetic there are going to be a lot of sneaker enthusiasts in line to get theirs as soon as the official release date arrives. Nike hasn't yet released the price of the new sneaker, but if you want to get them for the MSRP, we highly recommend being among the first to purchase. The price goes up significantly as the stock begins to dwindle. We're all in the same boat here and we'll just have to wait for more news on exactly when they'll become available for sale.

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