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The Five Best Fendi Sneakers on the Market Right Now

Rockoko Knit Sneaker

Rewind 70 years, and Fendi was a brand that made high-class furs for high-class women. They were exclusive, they were expensive, and outside of European high society, they were practically unheard of. But that was then and this is now. And nowadays, Fendi is a brand that does.... well, everything. Accessories, bags, women's wear, men's wear - even, would you believe, sneakers. And very fine sneakers at that. Bearing the trademark craftsmanship you'd expect of the Italian designer, Fendi's footwear melds classic design with street sensibilities. And the result is, if not out-of-this-world, then certainly worthy of the immense price tag that most of their kicks come with. Because make no mistake - a pair of Fendi sneakers is going to cost you. Unless a pair happens to fall from the back of a truck and land conveniently in your lap, your bank balance is going to have a serious dent in it by the time you're done. Your wardrobe, on the other hand, will never have looked so good. If you're in the mood to spend a serious amount of cash on a serious pair of sneakers, get ready to flex your spending muscle with this round-up of the 5 best Fendi sneakers on the market right now.

Fendi Flow

Fendi Flow

If you like a sneaker that's got a lot to say for itself, the Fendi Flow is likely to tick all your boxes. It's loud, it's proud, and it's available in a dazzling array of colors, including a very fine multi-color option that's certain to draw all the eyes in the room. Made in a slip-on style with stretch laces, a side zip for a secure fit, a corrugated sole for extra durability and traction, and just a touch of Lycra for a glove-like fit, they're sleek, stylish, and just a little bit sexy. Priced at around $850 per pair, they certainly aren't cheap. But who cares about the overdraft when your feet look this good?

Fendi Leather High Tops

Leather High Tops

There's something about the high-top, something special. They're the ultimate in cool, the all-weather friend, the difference between a good outfit and a great one. They're also just really, really comfortable. And what's the point of a pair of sneakers if it's not comfortable? Whether you like them for their style, their comfort, or both, the one thing your wardrobe can never have is too many pairs of them. And while I hate to blow your mind, not all of them have to be Converse. If you're ready to give your old Chuck Taylors a break, do it in style with these frankly fabulous pair of leather high tops from Fendi. Whether you plump for the white version or the black version, you're going to get a supremely comfortable, supremely stylish pair of shoes at the end of it. Expect a basketball-inspired design, a padded tongue bearing the Fendi name, a rounded toe with a perforated FF motif, a lace-up fastening, and the finest Italian leather uppers you'll find this side of the Atlantic. Comfort comes by way of the extremely cozy Lycra padding. If you want a pair of high tops with a difference, these are your guys.

Fendi Mesh

White Tech Mesh High-Tops

I've already waxed lyrical about the joys of the high top, so I won't bore you by doing it again. What I will tell you is that these (by which I mean the white tech mesh high-tops -Code: 7E1347AC7HF13SS) are no ordinary high tops. says that 'Fendi offers stylish sneakers with a difference'. They couldn't be more right. The proof of the pudding? These. Fendi calls them 'running shoes'. But trust me, you're not going to want to run anywhere in these beauties. You're going to want to walk, very, very slowly. So slowly, in fact, that everyone you pass is going to look at your feet thinking there's something wrong with them. And then, bang! Instant street cred, instant envy, and instant justification for blowing just under $900 of your hard-earned cash. So, apart from a bunch of green-eyed friends, what can you expect from your new favorite pair of kicks (because that's what they're going to be, believe me)? For a start, a big dose of comfort. With undulated rubber soles and padded insoles, these are the sneaker equivalent of a bed of clouds. As far as style is concerned, nothing is left to be desired. Made from white tech mesh bearing a bold black graphic on the heel, thin elastic laces, white rubberized film details, and the FF logo on both the back and the soles, they're the perfect combination of high fashion and streetwear.

Fendi White Leather Slip ons

White Leather Slip-ons

As notes, the term “slip-on shoes” is unlikely to draw a smile from people who remember the clunky monstrosities of their childhood. But slip-on sneakers in 2020 are a far cry from the slip-on shoes of yesteryear. Today, they're sleek, well-designed, and as comfortable as a custom-made glove. Want the proof? Then look no further than these white leather slip-ons from Fendi. Priced just short of the $700 mark, they're no bargain-basement buy. They are, however, game-changing. Slip a pair of these on, and your feet will be thanking you for days. Comfortable with a capital C, they feature crisscrossing elastic straps for a secure fit, the supplest of calfskin leather uppers, and a host of design features (including a tone-on-tone Romano leather tongue and a black and tobacco FF motif on the straps) that more than justify the spend.

Rockoko Knit Sneaker

Rockoko Knit Sneaker

First of all, a slight disclaimer. These next sneakers aren't going to be for everyone. If you like an understated, classic look, move on now. If you like shoes that look like the ones you or your mom wore in the 1990s, do the same. These aren't shoes that take inspiration from some backdated catalog. These aren't sneakers intended for shrinking violets. But make no mistake. They might look like nothing you've ever seen before, but in this context, that's a 'Good Thing'. A little bit wacky, a little bit weird, and 100% wonderful, the Rockoko knit sneaker brings an avant-garde twist to sportswear - and it works, big time. Expect a flexible fit thanks to the lightweight mesh uppers, good support via the bouncy rubber soles, and a look that as the editor of notes, manages to tick the boxes on two of the season's hottest styles - logo prints and sock silhouettes.

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