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The Top Five Louis Vuitton Sneakers of All-Time


Louis Vuitton is known around the world for its exclusive handbags, but the company also has a number of highly popular shoe collections. The brand's sneakers have become especially sought after in recent years due in part to celebrity influence and stars sporting Louis Vuitton kicks. Celeb endorsement or not, the brand's sneakers are full of style and made of materials of superb quality -- they're an effortless blend of fashion and function. Here are five of the top Louis Vuitton sneakers ever released.

Women's Millenium Wedge Sneaker - $920


One of the most popular style of women's high fashion sneakers is the wedge, which combines a platform heel with the look of a sneaker boot. Louis Vuitton's Millenium Wedge sneaker flawlessly executes the style and looks amazing with just about any type of casual ensemble. Not many sneakers can look gorgeous paired with a mini dress or shorts, but these definitely can.

Luxurious details include gold toned embellishments and gold caps at the end of the laces. With the exception of these accents, the sneaker is entirely black from the sole to the inside. The Millenium Wedge sneaker is comprised of suede leather with Louis Vuitton monogram motif nylon integrated throughout. On the heel of the shoe is a series of embossed LV monograms, which adds to its discreet style.These shoes aren't just supremely fashionable, they're also apparently comfortable.

Given how many celebrities have been seen jaunting about town in these, the shoes must be easy on the feet. The price range of these sneakers makes them quite exclusive, but those who can afford them will find that they make a surprisingly versatile wardrobe addition. The Millenium Wedge sneaker is also suitable for wearing in all seasons.

Men's Passenger Sneaker Boot - $800


One of the most in-demand Louis Vuttion casual shoes is the Passenger Sneaker Boot. It's been made in a number of colorways, but without a doubt the sleekest iteration of the design is the one that's clad in all black. This particular version of the shoe is dripping in style and has eye catching details that make it a must-have for guys who are into high end fashion.

This is also the ideal Louis Vuitton sneaker for the man who wants a pair of kicks bearing the brand's logo, but doesn't want them in classic brown. The black matte leather of this shoe has LV's classic Monogram Eclipse motif canvas wrapped around the ankle and the heel. It has an appeal that's a little bit retro, a lot of fun, and incredibly flexible fashion wise.

The Passenger Sneaker Boot is also quite comfortable and ideal for all day wear -- this is why it's been spotted being worn by celebs at music concerts as well as on everyday fashion forward men out and about. This sneaker has a logo embossed velcro strap, memory insole for comfort, and a technical lining that provides a snug fit. The high style shoe can be bought in LV boutiques or from the brand's official online store.

Men's Streetlight Sneaker Boot - $940


What's most intriguing about the Streetlight Sneaker Boot is how much it deviates from what typical Louis Vuitton sneakers look like. Usually, they're a mix of high end fashion with some athleisure swag thrown in, but these mostly look like a basketball shoe with a premium exterior. This is the sneaker to pick if you're a man who appreciates quality shoes and you want to sport luxury fashions, but you're more into basketball style sneakers than low profile ones.

The shoe calls itself a "sneaker boot", but most who look at it will instantly think basketball shoe. It's available in a vibrant blue hue called Outremer as well as bold red Rouge, and each looks equally attractive. There's no Louis Vuitton logo on the shoe except for a small plate with silver toned lettering on the tongue, but large portions of the sneaker are covered in the brand's classic checked motif. Each iteration of the design has coordinating colored laces, a white sole, and black trim above the sole. These kicks can be found online and in select Louis Vuitton stores.

Women's Frontrow Sneaker - $625


The women's Frontrow sneaker is perfect for ladies who want a shoe with a sporty look that has fine, subtle details. Rather than being covered in the Louis Vuitton logo, this shoe has a gold plate with the brand name on the outsole. The sneaker has a trendy profile with embossed high quality leather and a clean design. Overall, it's an excellent spin on the classic tennis shoe and will look amazing with everything from leggings to athleisure threads.

This sneaker is available in white with a white sole or a deep black shade called Noir. The latter looks especially striking and highlights the detailing of the shoe even more than the white version. It has back laces and a white sole with the same golden name plate that's on the white Frontrow sneaker. The shoes can be found in select Louis Vuitton boutiques and are also available for purchase online.

Men's Frontrow Sneaker - $595


This sneaker debuted in 2015 and has been a hit. It's available in a number of different iterations and colorways, but one of the most sought after is the classic brown leather print featuring the Louis Vuitton monogram. The men's version of this design has a more masculine edge and is meant to be a fashionable accompaniment to casual wear ranging from jeans and tees to collared shirts and shorts.

What's refreshing about the shoe is that it looks good on all men, not just those who wear skinny jeans and hipster attire. The knitted iteration of the Frontrow sneaker is especially eye catching, versatile, and is laid back enough to pair with high end athleisure wear -- at nearly $600, it's doubtful that many guys would wear these Louis Vuitton sneakers with low budget gear.

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