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Why are Grateful Dead Dunks So Expensive?

Grateful Dead Dunks

Have you checked how much the Grateful Dead Dunk retailed against other brands? If you have not, it’s time. The Dead Dunks are an expression of luxury, the affluence that you too can tap for a lifetime wardrobe makeover. Their high quality and uniqueness, among other factors, have made them the choicest among fashion icons worldwide. Forty-five years after their last performance, the Grateful Dead have not only achieved immortality but are now fashion icons. Fanatics have bought every little piece of merchandise the band ever released, including original tickets for their concerts, scarves, and shirts. Such a culture is not unique to the Grateful Dead Dunks that turn heads for decades. The number one item sold is a pair of shoes with a Grateful Dead image, the Vans Old Skool. It has been over ten years since the Grateful Dead have come out with new designs. A decade later, their demand has grown since the company no longer makes new designs. So, how have these brands managed to remain relevant but expensive over the decade? Read through to get to the deeply kept secrets of Grateful Dead that you never knew:

Grateful Dead Exclusive Brands Name

The Grateful Dead is an American rock band formed in 1965 by Bob Weir, keyboardist-vocalist Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, drummer Bill Kreutzmann, and bassist Phil Lesh Erving, and even helped facilitate an emotional meeting between their two families. As usual, fashion matches well with great entertainment gigs such as Rock music. With time, this rock band has been the secret behind its eternal influence in the market.

The Growth of Dead Shoes Fashion Craze

Behind this unfading fame is a deep history narration that customers have loved to be part of the extension. A story is told of a Deadhead legend, Jerry Garcia, a regular at Julius Erving’s basketball camp outside Princeton, New Jersey. Garcia would often show up during lunch to shoot hoops and chat with Dr. J. Garcia received a pair of the sneakers when Erving later gave him one of his pairs to thank him for being such a good sport. The Grateful Dead guitarist gave the sneakers away to a friend who worked at the San Francisco Zen Center, where he and his wife would spend time practicing Zen meditation in 1971. The sneakers stayed hidden in the employee’s closet until around 2001 when Alan Trist — founder of the Hard To Find Records music label — tracked down the long-hidden shoes for $15,000. Upon acquiring them, Trist immediately displayed them in his office in honor of Garcia and Erving and even helped facilitate an emotional meeting between their two families.

Insatiable Demand

The price point of these shoes is causing market mania because there is such a high demand for them that demand exceeds supply. Market Mania has started developing around these shoes because they are in limited supply and are not being reproduced anymore.

They have a subtle way of Weeding out The poor From the Supply Chain

The Grateful Dead imitates Apple’s way of managing its affairs. They do this by keeping fluctuating prices to capture the affluent. Automatically, the brand has managed to keep a chain of individuals as brand ambassadors. Unfortunately, the non-suspecting customers are the ones who pay dearly when the massive advertisement costs are passed on to them. By paying icons to advertise their brands and keeping extremely high quality, they automatically create an impression of high-quality products.

Nike Grateful Dead Has a Sense of Timelessness

Most fanatics have an attachment to original brand items, which may, unfortunately, be too costly. Over the last decade, the Vans Old Skool design of the Grateful Dead has not had any new designs. Most importantly, the Grateful Dead shoes could only be available during weekends. This automatically created an artificial shortage that has helped convince the market of their exclusive nature. So, their customers are duped into buying the timeless feature of the shoes.

The Bounce Back Prices to Consumers

The irony is that once one fool has paid the steep price, a slew of other fools follow in their footsteps and continue to support them and the example they’ve set. Furthermore, they pay a considerable fortune to people to assist advertise their sales, and as a result, they pass on those massive advertising expenses to any consumer willing to pay.

The Turbulent Design

The Grateful Dead is among the rarest designs to find. Among the outstanding features were the dancing bears. Without these symbols, the Nike Dunk shoes lose their meaning. The company has utilized marketing debuts of the album the History of the Grateful Bear by using the matching bears in its track cover. This has since worked as it has boosted the brand’s popularity worldwide.

Strategic Positioning of Nike's Brand

The Dunk is one of Nike’s most popular sneakers. It has grown to be the biggest footwear company, with millions striving to have the exclusive designer model. However, this poses a challenge to the company; the rest of the products become too common and lose value to customers. They have well-thought sales strategies that only depict the brand as cool and luxurious. They keep abreast with other well-performing brands before releasing new products to the market.

Increased Costs of Production

On average, companies have raised the remunerations for their employees. This means that people’s purchasing power has improved. Similarly, the cost of production of shoes has increased. For instance, the means shoes’ cost rose by 5.5 percent in the year 2021 import charges. Such challenges cause the company to raise their prices to keep afloat in these economic hard times. It is said that as a man thinks, so he is. As long as you alter how people perceive your products, you can win them. The Grateful Dead has capitalized to make the masses believe they are the best. On the contrary, other brands have not embraced their model barring from the publicity they enjoy despite their presumably better quality. To a brand, even the wearer has a ripple effect on its brand image; as long as they keep the poor from accessing them, we will yearn for the luxury.

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