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The 10 Best Air Jordan Exclusives for Women

WMNS Air Jordan 5 Retro ‘Stealth’

Shopping for sneakers as a woman can be challenging. Traditionally, some shoemakers make most of their sneakers for men. With no sneakers for women, they wear the ones made for children or men. There are various reasons why shoemakers should make women’s sneakers. First, some women have begun ditching heels for sneakers since they find sneakers more comfortable. According to CBS News, the sales of sneakers rose by 37% in 2018. Due to the high demand for them, there is a need to make women’s sneakers.

Sneakers are, in fact, the newest - and likely best - trend in women's fashion. From high-end casual sneakers from brands such as Gucci to the ever-popular 'dirty' sneakers made by Golden Goose, women wear sneakers almost everywhere and with everything. From dresses to jeans to rompers to shorts, more and more women wear sneakers than ever before. Additionally, women participate in sports just like men. Therefore, they need sneakers. Fortunately, Nike has made several sneakers for women to choose from. If you are a woman looking to get some sneakers, we will identify the ten best ones to get you started. Without further ado, here are the top ten Air Jordans for women on the market.

10. Olivia Kim x WMNS Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘No Cover’

These sneakers launched in 2019 by Olivia Kim and Nike to celebrate the 90s New York street styles. The sneaker draws inspiration from the original Black Cat 4 sneakers but takes things to the extreme. For instance, the upper contains blacked-out bovine fur with glossy hardware. The Nike logo is on the heel tab, which makes this sneaker the first to have the logo on that part of the shoe. As for comfort, they contain Air cushioning in the midsole. According to Nike, the technology uses pressurized air in a flexible bag which offers flexibility and spring without compromising structure. The role of cushioning is for energy absorption and lightweight durability.

9. WMNS Air Jordan 11 Retro Low’ Pink Snakeskin’

These Jordans are based on the original colorway of the Air Jordan 11 Low, with a difference being that these sneakers are for women. The features that instantly catch your eye are its colorways. It is white with a watermelon pink snakeskin mudguard that runs across the side and around the toe and ankle. The mudguard is glossy for aesthetics. Additionally, the mudguard keeps these sneakers clean by preventing the entry of mud or water into them. The pink color is not just reserved for the mudguard but also for the textiles inside the sneaker. Besides giving the sneakers a bit more flair, the textiles reduce rubbing during wear. Lastly, the sneakers are made of thick rubber to provide cushioning. That means the material can absorb shocks felt when they walk, jump or run to minimize injury and fatigue.

8. WMNS Air Jordan OG Retro ‘White’ 2020

Although these sneakers were released in 2020, they date back to 1998. At that time, these sneakers were the first to cater to the female demographic. These sneakers borrow a lot from the Air Jordan 13 sneakers in terms of colorways and technological specifications. The sneakers’ mid-tops contain a two-tone white and black colorway for their color schemes. As for the technical specifications, the sneaker has a composite shank, herringbone traction, leather build, forefoot Zoom Air and heel Air Sole cushioning. When the sneaker was originally released, it became the first retro sneaker to use Air Sole in place of Zoom Air. Although Air Sole and Zoom Air perform the same roles, Air Sole reduces the weight of the sneakers. As a result, the lightweight shoes improve agility in sports since they will be able to move without experiencing any fatigue.

7. Air Jordan 6 University Blue UNC GS

These retro sneakers apply a two-tone colorway of blue and white. If you are an avid follower of Michael Jordan, these colors should remind you of something. According to Luxuo, the two colorways pay homage to his alma mater, the University of North Carolina (UNC), where he would play basketball. Although white and blue dominate the sneaker, it contains hints of black in the interior and heel pull-tabs.

Its upper is complemented with crisp white leather panels. Leather is the best material for breathability. Furthermore, the sneaker contains perforations throughout the sneakers for breathability. Breathability is a crucial feature since it allows for ventilation which gets rid of sweat that is responsible for foot odor. Another notable feature of this sneaker is its cut outs. First, it has them on the tongue, which allows you to pull the tongue without squashing it. The cut outs are also on the heel, which serve the same purpose. These sneakers solve a common problem regarding fit. It is not uncommon for people to buy sneakers only to realize that they do not fit. To solve the fit problem, it has a toggle that finalizes the lace-up fastening.

6. Aleali May x WMNS Air Jordan 14 Retro Low SP’ Fortune’

Aleali May teamed up with Nike to release the female version of the Air Jordan 14 Retro Low in 2021. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 14 Retro Low sneakers during his sixth championship season. These women’s sneakers now contain a gold Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) plate, is made of soft suede, and has marble green elements along the midsole. The crucial feature that makes this shoe stand out from most women’s sneakers is the TPU plate which offers arch support.

There are various reasons why women may need arch support. For instance, if a woman’s job requires her to stand for more than five hours a day, she should consider these sneakers. Also, arch support is suitable for women with no arch or a high arch since regular shoes may not offer complete support. Another reason you may admire these sneakers is their perforations. What is incredibly admirable about them is how they are arranged in rows to form a systematic pattern. Therefore, they do not necessarily have to serve functional uses.

5. WMNS Air Jordan 8 Retro ‘White Aqua’

These retro sneakers reimagine the ‘Aqua’ colorway, which Michael Jordan introduced at the 1993 NBA All-Star Game. Upon close observation, you will notice how similar the sneakers resemble Chris Paul sneakers. When the sneakers were released in 2007, they laid the foundation for “Black Grape” 5s and “White Oreo” 4s. The sneaker’s upper is predominantly made of leather, which has grey overlays. Still, on colorways, the sneaker has touches of Bright Concord, Varsity Red, yellow, and teal on the lining, heels, tongues, and rubber tooling.

Next, the sneaker has a 3M reflective material that covers the collar, heel, and outlets. 3M refers to a shiny silver material commonly weaved in and out of the shoe’s laces. It mainly serves an aesthetical purpose since it causes the sneaker to appear very bright due to reflection. Before the material was adopted in shoes in the 1990s, the fashion world adopted the material for clothes. Flat shoes are comfortable, but sometimes they appear unappealing. Thankfully, these sneakers have flat soles, which means that you can wear stylish and comfortable sneakers. Due to its flat sole, you will be guaranteed good posture. That is because when you stand, your weight on the soles of both feet is evenly distributed, which means you can retain a neutral spine.

4. Jordan Mars 270

These sneakers attempt to recreate the planet Mars. It manages to mimic the planet through its choice of supporting colors like Metallic Silver, University Red, Wolf Grey, and black. Additionally, the sneakers borrow some elements from previous models. For instance, you can discern elements from 4 Air Jordan models. The sure sign that you are wearing Jordan sneakers is the Jumpman logo. The logo appears at the top of each tongue in a conspicuous display. Also, it appears beneath the rubber soles.  If you happen to play basketball professionally, these sneakers are the best due to their traction feature.

When you flip the sneaker over, you will notice that the sole is made of a transparent rubber material. By itself, the material offers the best traction. However, the shoemakers decided to improve their traction by adding unique tread patterns on the soles. The treads allow for superior gripping ability, which enables you to make quick stops. Lastly, these sneakers fit well since they are designed for a customizable fit. However, you still need to choose the right size for the length and shape of your foot. After referring to the lacing system, you can adjust these sneakers for a more snug fit for maximum foot control whenever you are playing a high-stakes game. You could also relax the shoes by loosening the laces to give your feet more room to spread out when you need to kick.

3. WMNS Air Jordan 5 Retro ‘Stealth’

These sneakers were inspired by American World War 2 fighter planes. This is clear from the shark-tooth accents on the midsole. The sneaker has silver nubuck upper with Shy Pink accents. Nubuck is a leather material that has a similar feel to suede, except it is more durable. The material also excels in terms of breathability. The material is made from the outer layer of calfskin. Generally, the material easily gets visible markings and defects. That explains why the material must be sanded, buffed, and then dyed.

Still, on breathability, these sneakers contain mesh uppers. The reason mesh is breathable is due to it being thinner on the surface. Apart from breathability, the material is lightweight. Due to its lightweight, you can be fast on your feet within seconds. If you need to jog or run a marathon, you will appreciate these sneakers for the Nike Air unit technology in the heel. That is because it provides additional spring while minimizing the impact of your continuous foot movements.

2. Jordan 11 Retro Low White Concord

The sneaker consists of a white leather upper with purple patent leather overlays and black detailing. Its colorway is based on an original sketch of the Jordan 11 by Tinker Hatfield. Once again, these sneakers allow you to create your perfect fit with their unique lace-up fastening. The lacing system comes in the form of a Jordan Brand strap on the tongue. A common issue some women face is not knowing what shoes to wear with their outfits. This concern is understandable since some are self-conscious about being called out by fashion enthusiasts for not getting the combination right.

Since these sneakers contain blue and white color schemes, you can safely wear them with any outfit. So, it does not matter whether you wear them with jeans or dresses. Therefore, you do not need to wear these sneakers for sports only. These sneakers were released in 2020, though they were first released in 1995. In 1995, the sneaker was the first to use patent leather. Patent leather is very firm since it reduces wear and tear. Therefore, women can wear these sneakers for several years without needing to worry about them wearing out.

1. Air Jordan 11 Low ‘Citrus’ Retro

These sneakers demonstrate a principle of less being more. They have a two-tone colorway of white and orange. The white color is dominant on the uppers, while the orange color is predominantly on the midsoles. Its leather upper has webbing lace loops with a shiny overlay. For cushioning, these sneakers have a Phylon midsole. Phylon is made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) pellets that have been compressed, expanded, and cooled. This material is effective in terms of elasticity, lightweight, and shock absorption performance. For the midsole to stay firm, it has been reinforced by a carbon fiber spring plate and a rubber outsole. After some time, you may have noticed shoes that shrank or developed wrinkles. Fortunately, these shoes cannot shrink or wrinkle since the outer is made from 100% polyester.


If you are a woman who has been struggling to get the right sneakers, you will be happy to know that Nike cares for its female clients. The sneakers in this listicle meet every aspect of comfort, e.g., perfect fit, cushioning, leather material, etc. So if you have been thinking of participating in sports, you do not need to abandon it since there are several sneakers for you to choose from. Even though these sneakers are comfortable for playing sports, you can also wear them as a fashion statement.

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