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The 10 Best Gum Sole Sneakers Money Can Buy

Vans Authentic Skate Shoe

Some people have an eclectic collection of shoes that gives them an opportunity to look and feel stylish, regardless of the situation at hand. Others prefer to do something a little bit more consistent and that often leads them to go for something that is both stylish and comfortable, according to their own personal needs. If you're looking for something that fits the bill in both areas, the gum sole shoe is definitely hard to beat. It's a classic shoe, so much so that people have a tendency to overlook them sometimes. If you are one of those individuals, you really don't know what you're missing. In fact, here is a list of 10 of the best gum sole sneakers that money can buy, starting at number 10 going all the way to number one.


10. Cariuma Off-White Vintage Gum ($89.00)

There's no doubt about it, this is a classic shoe that looks just as elegant today as the same design would have looked 40 years ago. This particular example is off-white and comes in either suede or genuine leather. There are black accents on the side of the shoe that perfectly sets off the lighter colors, giving it just enough pop to stand out.

Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers

9. Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers ($159.00)

Here, you have the perfect example of class, style and comfort. This particular shoe features white leather with off-white suede overlays and a gum sole. It's a flexible, comfortable shoe that also provides enough support to allow them to be worn in a variety of situations. These shoes are also exceptionally well made, meaning that they are likely to last for quite a long time.

Madewell Women’s Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers

8. Madewell Women’s Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers ($78.00)

These shoes are called monochrome canvas, and that is essentially a perfect explanation of them. Just as the description implies, they are a solid color. In this particular case, they are white with a gum sole. As far as looks are concerned, they look like the perfect summer shoe for virtually any type of outdoor activity. In reality, they are capable of being worn in many different situations and they're comfortable, too.

Calvin Klein Ailan Tumbled Leather Sneaker

7. Calvin Klein Ailan Tumbled Leather Sneaker ($71.00)

How can you not fall in love with something made by Calvin Klein? You know when it has this name attached to it, it's going to be well made, comfortable and able to stand up to the test of time. Just like virtually every other shoe on this list, this one is white with a gum sole. It's also probably one of the most comfortable shoes you're ever likely to put on.

SUAVS Men’s “The Zilker” Gum

6. SUAVS Men’s “The Zilker” Gum ($95.00)

This shoe is a traditional gum sole shoe, but the canvas portion is a little bit different. As opposed to being made of solid suede or leather, it is indeed made from white canvas, complete with air holes that are designed to allow the air to flow through the shoes more easily. The idea is to make the shoes cooler to wear on hot summer days. Another major difference is that you can get this particular version in more colors than just white. As a matter of fact, they also come in black, burgundy, blue and gray.

Vans Gum Old Skool

5. Vans Gum Old Skool ($65.00)

Just as the name implies, these shoes have that old school feel to them. They're made out of a combination of leather and suede, with the entire shoe being one solid off-white color. Just as you've come to expect from anything made by Vans, they're some of the most comfortable shoes ever made and they have a tendency to conform to your feet rather quickly, so there's not a lot of break-in time involved.

Vans Style 36 Decon SF

4. Vans Style 36 Decon SF ($74.95)

These shoes are similar to the ones listed in the above paragraph, with one major exception. They have a much thicker sole that comes up higher than the previous example. This makes them a good option if you need a shoe that offers a bit more support than some of the more traditional gum sole shoes that may not have a sole that’s quite as thick as this one.

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

3. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes ($100)

Again, you have the classic leather shoes that come in white with a gum sole. There are three distinct diagonal lines of air holes made in the side of the shoes, again with the idea of making them cooler to wear during hot days. These particular shoes also have a pop of orange color made out of suede at the very back where the shoe meets the back of the heel.

Banana Republic

2. Banana Republic Essential Sneaker ($49.99)

Just as the name implies, these shoes don't provide a lot of fanfare, but they don't need to. It's a classic white leather shoe with a gum sole. They're well-made and they can handle more than their fair share of abuse without showing a lot of signs of wear and tear.

Vans Authentic Skate Shoe

1. Vans Authentic Skate Shoe ($39.99)

Here, you have the classic white canvas shoe complete with a gum sole. It really doesn't get any more direct than that. That's precisely what these shoes are all about, simplicity and functionality all in one. They're probably one of the most practical pairs of footwear you'll ever have in your closet, yet they're also capable of making practically any outfit look its absolute best.

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