The 20 Most Comfortable Shoes in the World in 2019

Asics Gel Quantum 360

Your feet can take quite a beating. Just think of how much you walk on any given day. This does not even take into account the running and other forms of exercise that you love to take part in almost daily. You need to have a way to keep your feet comfortable, and that is where shoes come into the picture. Now, not all shoes are created the same. Some shoes look great, but they are about as comfortable as trying to walk over a hot bed of coals. That just will not do for the average person. Instead, you want to put something on your feet that you can really feel good in and want to wear for hours at a time. That is why we have scoured the world in search of the best shoes for comfort that you can really write home about. Continue reading to learn more about the 20 most comfortable shoes in the world for 2019.

Vince Ace Sneaker

20. Vince Ace Sneaker

The Vince Ace Sneaker looks cool, but that is just the start. It is very comfortable as well. It is made of superior quality, and that can be noticed right when you put them on for the very first time. It is a shoe that slips on from the top, resulting in a minimalist style that is perfect for individuals who prefer a more laid back look to their shoe, It is also made of a breathable leather, which makes it the 20th most comfortable shoe in the world for 2019.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith Shoes

19. Adidas Originals Stan Smith Shoes

You really have to see these to notice how cool they look. This is a casual sneaker made by Adidas that really is as comfortable as it looks. They fit around your feet just perfectly. Beyond that, they are stylish and look great on either men or women. These were created back in 1971 for Stan Smith, who was a tennis star. They have withstood the test of time, so you can just imagine how comfortable they are.

Sketchers Flex Advantage 2.

18. Sketchers Flex Advantage 2.0 – Dayshow

This is a sketchers shoe that makes use of the memory foam pillow concept to create a comfortable and soothing shoe insert. This is what will make your feet so comfortable even after wearing this brand for hours during the day. This particular Sketchers shoe also looks great, which is an added bonus. You will love the air circulation that the design of this shoe affords you, making it the 18th most comfortable shoe in the world right now.

New Balance MW411V2

17. New Balance MW411V2

Do not let the funky name fool you. The MW411V2 by New Balance is built for all day use. You will have no problem wearing this shoe wherever you go. Your feel will actually thank you. It has a perforated leather upper sole to it that give you great air flow. This means that your feet will not get sweaty, which is great in humid climates.

Clarks Trigenic Flex

16. Clarks Trigenic Flex

If you have not tried on a pair of Clarks Trigenic Flex, then you do not know what you have been missing. The makers of this show went for a unique design, and the benefactor is your feet. The shoe is so light that it feels like you are walking around in your barefoot. It has a decoupled sole that is compressed of three parts, adding to its comfort. This is why it is rated as the 16th most comfortable shoe in the world in 2019.

Brooks Launch 5

15. Brooks Launch 5

Brooks has long been making running shoes, but this latest model is perhaps their best yet. It is springy and fast. You will feel as if you are walking on air when you wear them. This is because the sole of the shoe is so cushiony. You will really love how they feel on a running track. The shoes are also stylish as well, so you will look great as your feet get a break from those bulky shoes you might be used to.

Adidas Ultra Boost

14. Adidas Ultra Boost

It should not be surprising that Adidas has several shoes on this list. This is the Ultra boost. They contain a sleek design and are quite comfortable from the moment you put them on. These shoes work equally well as a running or walking shoe. The is midsole cushioning that responds well when you start walking. The shoe is also made of a lightweight material, so that adds to the comfort level. It provides a natural fit for your feet making it a logical choice for anyone looking for style and comfort in their shoe.

Saucony GRID 9000

13. Saucony GRID 9000

Saucony has long been known for its running shoes. The GRID 9000 is the next in a long line of powerful and popular shoes, with this one being known for its comfort as well. It is considered a premium running shoe. Just one time wearing these will enable you to notice why that is. The underfoot cushioning is plush and rather special. It also has an interior bootie that your feet will appreciate after pounding the pavement for an hour or two.

Converse One Star Pro

12. Converse One Star Pro

Converse may have been known in the past as a high-top basketball shoe, but they have also been adored by the skating crowd for decades as well. The One Star Pro is the latest release and the reviews are stellar. It incorporates modern materials and design techniques to create that old school look that skaters love with the comfort features that their feet love. It is a durable shoe that is cushiony on the feet as well.

Hoka One One Bondi 5

11. Hoka One One Bondi 5

Hoka might not be a household name when it comes to shoes, but perhaps it should be. The Bondi 5 has a midsole that runs the full length of the shoe and is comprised of ethyl vinyl acetate. This provides the foot with a lot of support and comfort at the same time. There is a lot of cushion in this shoe. The materials are all very breathable, which your feet will certainly appreciate on hot and humid days. These also come available in wide length if you require.

Asics Gel Quantum 360

10. Asics Gel Quantum 360

Asics is known for its quality brand of running shoes, and this latest model is no exception. The Gel Quantum 360 is full of cushioning all around the shoe itself. It is made of a lightweight foam that you will not even notice is there. It is a stable shoe that your feet will love as you head out for a run.

Asics Gel-Lyte V

9. Asics Gel-Lyte V

Here is another Asics shoe that make the list as the ninth most comfortable shoe in the world for 2019. This is from a line of shoes that is well known for its level of comfort. This model has the famous Gel technology that was patented in Japan and has changed the shape of running shoes as we know it. This one hugs your feet just perfectly, and it is made of lightweight materials so you will have the feeling of funning on air at the time. The Gel Lyte V also has a great deal of support for the ankle.

Vans Slip-On Lite

8. Vans Slip-On Lite

Vans have long been popular with the skater crowd. This latest model will be popular across various sectors of the population. They are a slip on shoe made of lightweight material that adds to the comfort level. It is constructed differently than other shoes in its genre, which provide it with extra comfort in addition to being flexible and light. It is sturdy in the upper part of the shoe where it needs to be while providing extra cushioning in the heel.

Nike Epic React Flyknit

7. Nike Epic React Flyknit

These might not look like your typical pair of Nike’s, but your feet are sure to love them. They are perfect for being worn around town all day long. They have a springy section type loan cushioning that is soft and light on the foot. These shoes are becoming popular around the world because of their unique look and how the feet react to them upon being worn. This is why they have quickly emerged as the seventh most comfortable shoe in the world.

Nike Air Force 1

6. Nike Air Force 1

The Air Force 1 is another shoe by Nike that is quite comfortable and can be worn all day long with no problem. It has a thick sole that is quite durable and long lasting. The cool part, however, is that it also holds a hidden air pocket. This gives an amazing feeling the bottom of your feet. It is also made in a design that is quite in fashion right now, so that is an added bonus. It will look great and feel wonderful on your feet at the same time.

New Balance 990v4

5. New Balance 990v4

New Balance is well known for the comfortable shoes that it makes. They keep that tradition alive with the release of 990v4. This shoes can be worn equally well as walking or running shoe. It is designed and constructed of superior materials that are long lasting, durable, and breathable. These are all the components that you look for in a comfortable shoe that your feet can feel comfortable in, no matter how hard you pound the pavement in them.

Nike Air Vapormax

4. Nike Air Vapormax

Nike has several shoes on this list, with the Vapormax being one of them. These shoes just look comfortable. They are classified as ultra lightweight, and you know that this is true just by picking them up. You will not even hardly feel them when you put them on. The air cushioning system is comprised of multiple air bubbles. They for a sole that is most comfortable, so do not hesitate to give them a try.

Reebok Workout Plus

3. Reebok Workout Plus

The Workout Plus is a sneaker made by Reebok that definitely lives up to its name. It actually looks like a shoe that is a throw back to the 80s, but it has so many comfort laden features included with it that will leave you feet feeling fresh and happy after a long workout. It is a shoe that has a low cut design. This provides your feet with extra mobility and gives them a range of motions that you will appreciate. They also absorb shock better than any other shoe in its category.

Nike Zoom Fly SP

2. Nike Zoom Fly SP

The Nike Zoom Fly SP is the second most comfortable shoe in the world for 2019. This is a running shoe that also looks great when just worn around town. It has an excellent design that makes it work well with virtually any shoe wearing occasion. You will love the incredibly lightweight feel that the Zoom Fly SP comes with. It is constructed of responsive materials, meaning that every step you take will help you spring right to the next. Comfortable comes second nature to Nike and that is evident with this shoe.

Adidas Pure Boost

1. Adidas Pure Boost

As the most comfortable shoes in the world for 2019, you really cannot go wrong when you put the Adidas Pure Boost on your feet. They are also priced affordably, which leaves a comfortable feeling in your bank account as well. The main feature of this shoe is its light and airy design that provides a great deal of support to the foot. It has a patented Boos midsole along with a knit tongue that is double folded. Every feature built into this shoe is designed to enhance its comfort. This list should provide you with more than enough options when setting out to buy your next pair of shoes. Narrow the list down to what you can find in your area and then go try on a pair. Not all brands are made for every style of the foot, so you will want to make sure you get the right size and cushiony inserts. Your feet will surely thank you when you do!

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