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Why Are Jordan 4 UNC’s So Expensive?

Jordan 4 UNC

Imagine spending a hefty amount of dollars on designer shoes. The thought of people wishing they were in your shoes makes you feel like a superstar. Because you want to keep up with the latest trends, the Jordan 4 UNC comes on top of your search list. You already know the rich history of the Air Jordans and Nike. Furthermore, you’ve been one of Michael Jordan’s biggest fans, and the only way to pay tribute is wearing him. Upon stumbling on the price of Nike Jordan 4 University Blue, you realize that you’ll need to break the bank to own a pair. It makes you wonder why Jordan 4 UNC’s shoes are so expensive. This writeup will justify the pricing rationale and why it’s worth it. Read on.

1. The Jordans have a rich history

Do you know the reason Air Jordan 1 was banned? According to Sole Collector, Air Jordan 1s had “devilish colors” (red and black). However, this isn’t the reason they were banned. Instead, these colors represented Mike’s collegiate rivals in North Carolina. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that the shoes were marketing his rivals more than him. It was time to revisit the colors but maintain the stylish appearance of Air Jordan 1s. The new UNC has blue and off-white, while the archival wings branding accentuates 1985. So, if you want to spend thousands of dollars on a shoe like this one, its rich history will be the highest selling point.

2. Who they are named after

Wearing the Jordans almost feels like you have Michael Jordan on your feet. It makes sense that Nike has invested a lot of money in keeping Jordan as its brand. It costs a lot to keep him as their spokesperson each time they launch a new product in its lineup. Like most people, you already know that Mike is a basketballer of all time. Naturally, you’d feel proud of being associated with a celebrity like him. You want a shoe that Jordan personally endorses, and that is why you shouldn’t feel exploited by Air Jordan UNC’s price.

3. Its Air Max technology

Going by the wild uproar Jordan shoe lovers set, it was only a matter of time before Nike came up with something new. The second pair of Air Jordans were made from the Air Max technology. Though there were rumors that Mike might switch to Adidas shoes after sustaining a foot injury, it didn’t take long before Nike took over Tinker Hatfield to water down these speculations. The Air Max technology came up with a new type of cushioning to the shoes to make wearers’ feet comfortable even on hard landings. They are expensive because Air Max needs more material and state-of-the-art engineering than regular shoes with standard cushioning. Furthermore, Nike also needs to pay for Tinker’s design. The technology was included in the Jordan 4 UNCs, qualifying it as a major hit.

4. Expensive marketing campaigns

You already know by now that Michael Jordan is the brand ambassador of Air Jordans. That means Nike pays him to be the face of such sneakers. Each time he appears on national tv as a spokesperson for Nike, the company expects its ROI to increase. It’s a crafty marketing gimmick that most giant shoe companies use to keep their customers tuned for the latest collection. As is expected, Michael Jordan has teamed up with other celebrities to market Air Jordan 4 UNC. Interestingly, Nike doesn’t need to invest in expensive marketing campaigns because they’ve already won the public’s trust. They know that customers already know the reason for their high pricing. You will hardly hear a Nike shoe wearer complain about the pricing because the shoes are high-quality.

5. They coincide with luxury

Owning an Air Jordan almost feels like winning a jackpot. You will hardly find a person in an Air Jordan laid back. They are the type of shoes you will want to rock on the red carpet, go on a date with, or don when doing your workout. Whatever your reason for buying these shoes, the buck stops at the engineering going into every release. The most interesting part is asking Nike to customize the shoes to suit your personality. Remember, the pricing is determined by the details and engineering, which is a costly venture. Nike has the most innovative shoe engineers in the market to design their shoes. Michael Jordan is also on their paycheck for advice. All these are included in the shoe’s total price. Because Air Jordans are considered luxurious, customers don’t get shocked by their prices.

6. Low supply with high demand

Anything worth thousands or millions of dollars should be limited. Companies like Nike already know that something limited in supply will attract high demand, resulting in high prices. The Jordan 4 UNCs aren’t for everyone. The company believes that by pricing UNCs highly, people will have no choice but to buy the previous versions to keep up with the latest trends. Naturally, because they are limited in supply, people will want a slice of something few people have. They don’t just buy the shoe to don their feet. Instead, they want the hype and status symbol that comes with wearing Michael Jordan and Nike. Thanks to this low-supply gimmick, it is no wonder Air Jordans are pricey.

7. High-quality materials

Sneakers from other brands are stingy about the materials they use. On the other hand, the Jordans use more high-quality materials. It has been their tradition since its first release. Remember, these materials come at an extra price. Think of the intense exercises that basketballers engage in while at the court. Doesn’t it make sense that high-quality materials justify the reason behind the expensive pricing?


According to Nice Kicks, the Air Jordan Retro “University Blue” costs around $200. However, other sellers price it at $527 and more. Thanks to its brand-new colorway, Air Max technology, and unique design for men and women, the University Blue hue is by far one of the most luxurious shoes you should consider in your collection.

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