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The 10 Most Expensive Vans of All-Time


When it comes to the sneaker culture, one of the most iconic sneaker brands is Vans. For long, they have had a close association with the skater community, where they are used as skating shoes. They stand out due to their comfort and longevity. In fashion, they have found their place, with their unique styling making them a staple in casual styles. Vans kicks are usually affordable, and you do not need to break the bank to rock a pair. However, there are limited edition pieces, and also collaboration works with other brands that attract a steep price. Let us have a look at some of the most expensive Vans that will cost you a fortune to own.

10. Vans Authentic 69 Pro “S”

Taking on a sleek red checkered pattern, the Authentic 69 Pro "S" is a collector's item, especially if you are a sneakerhead with unbowed respect for Vans. It takes on the traditional unpadded skater shoe look that shows off your simplicity. They are suitable for skating due to their extensive grip pattern. The black hoop at the back of the shoe is also a style statement, especially if minimalist details dictate your style. To get your hands on this fantastic pair of red sneakers, you need to pay its $70 cost price.

9. Vans OG Era Lx

A look at Vans’ Vault gives you a hint of how comfy and exclusive the OG era LX is. It is an excellent pair of kicks that are versatile as you can don them with various looks to up your style. Be it casual or smart casual, the Vans OG era LX will bring your look to the slick level you want. To own these Vans’ kicks, you will part with roughly $110.

8. Vans X Opening Ceremony OG Slip-On LX

The Vans x Opening Ceremony OG Slip-on LX speaks of simplicity and feature an intricate dark animal print shade. They are excellent footwear if you love the edge of minimalism on your style. They are unisex shoes that are versatile when looking at how to pair them with your attire. They go for $110.

7. Vans OG Sk8-HI LX

If you love high cut shoes, then the Vans OG Sk8-HI LX is a worthy acquisition to add to your collection. Aside from its boot appearance, one thing that captures your attention when you spot these kicks is their color scheme. The shoe takes on a jet black appearance, with orange flames punctuating its sides. It is a good contrast in colors that makes the shoe stand out. If you are a fan of the Hot Wheels toy franchise, then the OG Sk8- HI LX will impress you. To get a pair, you will need to cough up $130.

6. Vans X Murakami Slip-On LX Gold Skull

The 2015 Vans release comes in the form of slip-on, which is another design that the shoemaker features. The canvas shoe is white and features gold skull prints on it. It is a simple unisex shoe that can go well with any outfit. It is comfortable and features some padding on the ankle region for cushioning purposes. To get these kicks, you will part with $300, according to Allsole.

5. Vans X Golf Wang Old Skool

Another 2015 release was the collaborative effort between Vans and hip hop artist Tyler the Creator. Tyler himself is an avid skateboarding enthusiast, and if you are his fan, you will notice him rock a colorful pair in his music videos. The Golf Wang tag is an anagram of his rap collective Wolf Gang. True to his fashion sense, the Golf Wang Old Skool sneakers are very colorful, employing shades of blue, orange, and green. If you are the experimental type when it comes to fashion, then this is a nice pair for you to give your style an artistic touch. A pair goes for $390.

4. Vans SK-8 HI Notchback

In fashion, the camouflage print is one of the most versatile patterns that go well with a variety of wear. Vans took note of this fact and came up with the SK-8 HI Notchback, which is a high cut sneaker. Its camo pattern takes on a beige hue with the iconic Vans line being prominent on its side. At $480, this is a collectors’ item that most sneakerheads would want to have a pair decorating their galleries.

3. Vans Mountain Edition

The Vans Mountain Edition sneaker is a fascinating clash between modern and retro styles and has a look associated with basketball shoes. It is a decent street style pair of shoes that you can also use to grace the basketball court or skate park. It is red, with 'Fear of God' white prints on its dark parts on the side. At $500, you can own this unique pair of high cut sneakers.

2. Vans X Public Enemy SK-8 HI SL

A timeless classic that still holds its place among the elite Vans releases is the Vans x Public Enemy SK-8 HI SL sneakers. It is a product of the collaboration between the shoemaker and the 90s conscious hip hop group Public Enemy. It has the group's colors; red, black, green, and yellow, with its logo standing out majestically at the heel of the boot. You have to dig out $500 to have these PE-inspired kicks.

Vans x Fear of God Era 95

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Vans joined hands with Fear of God, another streetwear apparel brand to come up with the Vans x Fear of God Era 95. The shoes are simple but have an edge of uniqueness courtesy of the Fear of God print on its front pad. Its laces too bear the prints. At $1150, it is the most expensive Vans shoe of all time.


Vans has made a name for itself in streetwear fashion and also among the skater community. its shoes are affordable; however, the above sneakers from the brand are some of the most unique and come with a steep price tag to show how standout they are.

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