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How Do Color-Changing Nikes Change Color?

Color Changing Nikes

The Nike Air Max 1 has been innovated and redesigned countless times, but this versatile sneaker has continuously retained its original design nature. This sneaker boasts white leather panels, a monochromatic midsole, and a semi-transparent outsole colored in blue, just like the dubrae on its laces. Nike Air Max 1 now features a unique sun-sensitive design that allows the shoe to change its appearance once exposed to the sun's UV rays.

The result is a sneaker with fresh and elegant accents of yellow, lilac, blue, and fuchsia visible in the open air. According to Footwearnews, the Nike Air Force Max 1 will be launched accompanied by a nice catchy Silicone Swoosh hangtag, and will be sold enclosed in a silver envelope. In this guide, we will discuss more about the color-changing Nikes and why you should get yourself one.

How Do Nikes change color?

Thanks to the highly creative individuals who are mainly devoted to exploring and employing the latest and most complex technological breakthroughs to give fashion new shapes, colors, and styles, color-changing shoes have become a popular trend. The main downside with color-changing shoes is that they do not often blend well with the everyday casual wear and the pieces of jewelry you have in mind for dinner.

However, this color-changing shoes and dressing problem was recently solved by experts at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. These researchers created a new type of dye that allows color-changing shoe wearers to change the color(s) of their garments, shoes, and accessories.

This sprayable ink, also referred to as PhotoChromeleon, is a mixture of photochromic dyes that functions just as the chameleon's capacity to adapt to its surrounding environment. Furthermore, this color-changing dye is reprogrammable, such that when exposed to UV rays, each photochromic colorant in the pigment blends with a different ray wavelength.

Experts have also isolated various color variants that can be easily activated or deactivated. The painting process is quite fast, taking about 10-30 minutes, mainly depending on the size of the shoe. Once the shoe is painted, it must be exposed to the sun's UV rays in a specially-made container containing a projector that saturates and desaturates the painted dye. According to a trusted source, the PhotoChromeleon ink can be used on various products, including sneakers, dresses, accessories, and bags.

What are the Nike color-changing shoes called?

The sportswear Brand-Nike has decided to feature a unique, eye-catching makeover to its classic Air Force Max 1. Nike released a color-changing version of the Air Force Max 1 back in June; the model was quickly sold out within days. The Air Force 1 boasts of a clean white-colored leather upper, a translucent blue outsole, a white midsole, and an exterior material treated with photochromic inks that give the sneaker a unique multicolored appearance when exposed to the sun's UV rays.

The sneaker is also equally attractive when not exposed to the sun's rays, as it features a classic white finish with nice bold touches, including a front charm, blue outsole, and a slightly magenta-tinged heel. Additionally, the Nike Air Force 1 comes with Nike's signature air cushioning and a well-padded collar and tongue for improved wearer comfort.

Although currently there are several Nike sneakers that come with impressive large Air Cushioning units, the Air Max 1 features the most enormous Air Unit of them all. The performance aspects, cushion capabilities, and visible factor of the Nike Air Max 1 was unrivaled back in 1987. According to reports from Nike, the sales of the Air Max 1 were three times more than the sales of their previous sneakers.

Why should you buy Color-changing Nikes?

There are several reasons that would make you want to get yourself the color-changing Nike Air Force Max 1s. For instance, they display nice subtle touches of purple and gold once when to exposed to UV rays of the sun. It was also proven that the hues of gold and purple that appear on the sneaker remain there even when not exposed to sunlight.

This mechanism is made possible by Nike's futuristic shoe color designs, which are to be activated by UV light. Though this technology seems quite exciting at the start, having to avoid exposure to UV light to keep your natural sneaker's color seems like a lot of work. The Nike Air Max 1 was the first sneaker to come with visible Max Air-cushioned padding in the heel and was released back in 1987.

The sneaker featured some of the most extraordinary and innovative designs, listing it as one of the greatest sneakers in history. The Air Max 1 was also the first sneaker to include some of Nike's most prominent shoe designing techniques. To date, the Nike Air Max 1 continues to be redesigned into various special edition color variants and unique UV-sensitive designs.

Last year, the sportswear company Nike released the Air Force Mid 1 (yellow-green shoes), which reveals a Nike Air Logo when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Currently, Nike has not released any official information about the production of these UV light-enabled Air Force 1 sneakers. However, if they manage to get the natural shoe colors to permanently stay on the sneakers even after exposure to UV light, then the company will have produced a new line of sneakers for the market.


Although the official release date of the color-changing Air Force Max 1 has yet to be announced, we are anxiously expecting the sportswear company, Nike to release them in the coming few weeks. According to modern-notoriety, The concept of color-changing shoes is not new in the Nike sportswear line, as the brand released an entirely reflective Air Force 1 sneaker back in October 2020.

These sneakers came with cream-colored upper panels with optical white laces and midsole. Last year left us wondering what we will wear to any place other than our living rooms once the COVID-19 restrictions end, and as summer nears, it is time to throw away those quarantine house slippers and revamp your wardrobes with something more vibrant. Get started today and get yourself the color-changing Nike Air Force Max 1 for only $110.

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