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A Closer Look at Anderson .Paak's Vans Old Skool

Anderson .Paak Vans

Vans is a prolific sneaker brand known for innovative technologies that produce comfortable and well-fitting sneakers. It's also a fashion brand with a sensibility for luxury stylishness and appeal to the public. Vans' collaboration with Global Music Ambassador Anderson Paak resulted in the debut of a range of apparel and footwear that made a hit upon its release. Fans of the artist will readily recognize the features in the details that point to some of his most iconic albums. When Vans officially announced the collaboration, it whipped fans of the artist and sneakerheads into a frenzy. The well-timed press release gave them enough time to sit and stew about the pending release and how to get their hands on them. Anderson Paak's Vans Old Skool dropped in December of 2020, in time for the holidays.

The intention behind the Anderson Paak's Vans Old Skool Sneaker

The Old Skool is the leader of the collection released at the end of 2020. The collaborative effort between Paak and Vans borrowed elements that meant something to the artist while retaining the DNA that makes each model uniquely Vans in their ancestry pool. The apparel and accessories designed were made to work with various iterations of the new sneaker collection to complete a signature aesthetic for Paak fans. The models feature design components that pay homage to the singer and his two sons, Shine and Rasheed, with nods to his recent album release that's all about family, per Sneaker News.

The Anderson Paak Vans' Old Skool collection

A colorful collection of sneakers, the Anderson Paak Vans Old Skool collection features the classic van low-top sneaker styling with interesting new materials and colorways. Each member of the sneaker model in the family comes with an aesthetic that develops a unique personality that fans of the artist can appreciate. It's best to look at each colorway to fully appreciate the merits of the colorways designed for Paak's two sons and his album designs.

The Old Skool DX

Highsnobiety describes the Old Skool DX as a tribute to Paak's album "Venice." The uppers feature 3D and digital printing on the material with side strips of translucent blue and eye-popping eyelets. Wavy black lines cover the sides and top of the sneaker's multicolored material in hues of pastel greens and blues with a few splashes of vibrant pink.

The Old Skool SID DX

The SID DX version of the Anderson Paak Van's Old Skool has a muted personality. Its uppers are black and white in chenille. They have embroidering of the Flying-V logo on their sides. Black stitching and laces create lovely contrast against the black and white material of the uppers. It gets a splash of color with the translucent green waffle sole and the customized tongue label that pays tribute to Paak's "Malibu" album released in 2016. The term "Lawd" print appears on the inside of the heel in black lettering.

Vans Old Skool Soulito

Snipes is one of the few places to find The Old Skool Soulito from the Anderson Saak collection. A year and a half after its release, they're becoming scarce. The sneaker features a canvas and suede upper with a lightly padded collar and tongue. The signature rubber waffle provides a durable and dependable base for gripping walking surfaces. It's a low-top skate sneaker that offers comfort and exceptional control of foot placement on the board.

Vans Old Skool Ziti

The Vans Anderson Paak Old Skool Ziti is a colorful skate sneaker with the signature Anderson Paak colorway featuring purple, blue, green, and yellow color blocks on the print of the upper. It's a fresh and unique texture that makes it pop on the feet. The texture of the suede is hairy with a super soft feel. The sneakers are double-stitched in areas that receive the most contact. They're ultra-comfortable with a cushioned footbed that protects the feet from impact. The tongue and collar are lightly padded and lined with soft textiles. The signature Vans waffle treat is vulcanized rubber for the ultimate board feel and outstanding grip. All members of the Anderson Paak Old Skool Vans collection fit true to size with US shoe sizing and come in a low-top design. They're unisex in design and come in sizes from toddler to adult. The collection dropped in December of 2020 and was met with a positive response from fans of Anderson Paak and Vans. It's one of the most successful collaborations in the history of the brand. Prices range from $39.99 per pair to $54 MSRP. With supplies dwindling, you can find them on reseller sights and auctions for prices ranging from $40 to $90.

Final thoughts

The Vans Anderson Paak Old Skool collection of skate sneakers offers a choice of brilliant colorways or a more sophisticated black and white version with chenille texturing. The use of various materials provides skaters with a range of choices in fascinating themes that point back to the things that matter to Anderson Paak. His children and his music. His collaborative endeavors with the Vans brand kept the prices of these comfortable and highly functional sneakers reasonable and available to a larger swath of the general public. Unlike some other brands that charge a few hundred dollars a pair and resellers charging up to ten times the original price when supplies are low. We couldn't find the Anderson Paak Old Skool sneakers on the official Vans website. Our search turned up a few pairs of the various models scattered around on reseller sites and at auctions with prices aligned with the MSRP or slightly higher. The demand for the various models in the collection was higher than the supply and it's still a popular choice among skaters and Paak fans. If you're interested in acquiring a pair for your wardrobe, it's wise to find a pair in your size soon because it won't be long before they're all gone.

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