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The Top Five PUMA Suede Classic Models Of All Time


PUMA has always created sneakers that are both functional and fashionable. When Rudolph Dassler founded the company in Germany in 1948, his vision was to make quality footwear that functioned as both an athletic and casual shoe. The company continues to evolve with the fashion trends of the day.

In 1968, PUMA created the Suede Classic model. The shoe was meant for use in track field events and was proudly worn by Olympic winner Tommy Smith. New York Knicks basketball star Walt "Clyde" Frazier helped customize the shoe so he could wear it as a warm up shoe before games. The Suede Classic was the first celebrity endorsed athletic shoe paving the way for the future Air Jordan.

During the 1970s, PUMA continued to adapt the shoe to match the fashions trends of the day. Men were sporting basketball shorts as streetwear and began to pair them with the PUMA Suede Classic. The company responded by creating a line of classic PUMAs that came in non-traditional colors. During the 1980s and 1990s, the shoe was again popularized as a street shoe. B-Boys and Hip Hoppers proudly wore the Suede Classic making it as popular as ever.

Today, the PUMA Suede Classic remains a top selling model. The original "Kick" is worn on the street and is endorsed by celebrities. In fact, singer Rihanna became the company's Women's Creative Director in the shoes with the suede uppers and comfortable rubble soles are made with quality and durable material. They feature cushioning for comfort and fit easily. The colors and textures of the shoes are fun and can be coordinated with different outfits. The shoe maintains its sleek silhouette and is always in fashion.

Here are 5 of the top PUMA Suede Classic models of all time.

PUMA Clyde - $65


The original Suede Classic model remains in style today. The shoe has evolved with added comfort features, unique textures, and varieties of color combinations. The Clyde was customized and named for basketball great Walt "Clyde" Frazier. It was the original celebrity athlete endorsed sneaker. The shoe could be worn on the track field or as a warm up shoe for basketball players. The shoe was also popularized as a casual street shoe. The suede and non-traditional colors appealed to people on the streets. This is the model that was the go-to for B-Boys and Hip Hoppers. It remains a classic shoe that can be stylishly coordinated with apparel.

The Clyde Suede Classic is a quality made sneaker. It is also comfortable to wear. Today, it is a slip on shoe with gripping rubber soles. The classic silhouette and iconic design of the PUMA Classic remain a timeless fashion statement. The non-traditional colors include black/white, red/white, blue/white and green/white. Other combinations include black/orange and green/orange. There are many color combinations available including blocked colors. The shoes can also be matched with different color laces. The PUMA Suede Classic will forever be the original athletic warm up sneaker that evolved into a fashion icon.

PUMA Rihanna Suede Creeper -  $200


Rihanna's collaboration with PUMA in 2015 proved to keep the iconic shoe in the spotlight. Her creative design maintains the iconic features of the Suede Classic but updates the look to appeal to women of the twenty-first century. The shoe maintains its simplicity with its suede upper and leather accents. The main difference in the design is a wider, chunkier sole. It is also a gum color and looks fabulous as a casual street sneaker. The shoe is available in multiple colors including tan, black and white. It is also available in dramatic black and white, orange and oatmeal camo and other exciting combinations.

PUMA Word To The Women - $100


Solange Knowels, Beyoncé's sister, has collaborated with PUMA to create fashionable versions of the Suede Classic. In her third collaboration, released in 2015, Solange helped create the "Word to the Women" collection. The simple classic design is kept with the stylish suede upper and slip-free rubber soles. The difference is the subtle perforations and textures in the uppers that create unique yet subtle designs that conform to the color and shading of the suede. Thee shoes are available in a variety of unique colors to appeal to a woman's sense of fashion. The colors are rich and bold including yellow, green and blue. The "Word to the Women" collection is a uniquely designed Classic Suede model that women love.

PUMA Sapphire Limited Edition - $200


The Sapphire Suede Classic was released in 2013 in honor of PUMA's 45th anniversary. Sapphire is, of course, the symbol for the 45th anniversary. Just 450 were made. Each included a sapphire leather case and PUMA's iconic green box. The iconic silhouette and suede upper are the basis for this shoe, but it is an eye-popping sapphire color. Black leather accents and a special edition "Sapphire" logo accent the heal. The shoe features all of the comfort and fit of a PUMA sneaker. It is a slip on shoe with a thick slip- free white rubber sole. The Sapphire Limited Edition sneaker is a symbol of PUMA pride. The shoe is a timeless one. It is symbolic as a premier athletic shoe and an iconic fashion statement.

PUMA Men's Suede Classic Mid + - $110


PUMA's Mid + Classic model is a modern version of the classic athletic style. The style features leather and suede, a rubber sole and a mid-height ankle. Perforated detailing is at mid-foot, and the PUMA logo is woven into the tongue. The sneaker comes in a wide variety of colors and lace color options. Colors available include Drizzle Steel Gray, Pomegranate, Blue, Limoges-Peacoat, Rio Red with High Risk Red, Peacoat with Little Boy Blue, and Black with Nosturtium (orange). As with all of Puma's Suede Classic styles, the Mid + fits comfortably and has gripping rubber soles. The look of this shoe is both classic and modern.

Final Thoughts

PUMA has been around for nearly 50 years. The company knew how to create a timeless design that can evolve with fashion trends. The Suede Classic was the first "Kick" sneaker to be worn as an athletic shoe and to be worn on the streets as casual, stylish footwear. PUMA shoes have attracted the most hip and modern shoe owners throughout its history. The Classic Suede PUMA will continue to be reinvented and remain a fashionable sneaker.

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