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A Closer Look at the Nike Dunk Low "Archeo Pink"

Nike Dunk Low Archeo Pink

If you are a lady looking for sneakers, you should get the Nike Dunk Low Archeo Pink sneakers. Like most Nike's past sneakers, these pink dunks use a two-color scheme (pink and white). Its overlays are pink, while the upper leather base is white. The sneakers were around in the 1980s. However, Nike remodeled them to depict the "pink power" theme to cater to the current generation. Knowing about the sneakers' colors is not enough. We need to understand what else makes these sneakers attractive and comfortable. Here are some features of these pink dunks.

Rubber Soles

Its rubber soles serve a lot of purposes, particularly if you want to use these sneakers for running. First, they are slip-resistant. Sometimes, you may jog along muddy paths. As you know, mud is slippery. Its soles, therefore, give your feet a firm grip on muddy surfaces so that you do not slip. Have your shoes ever snapped from bending them? It usually happens when you kick an object, e.g., a ball. The force at which you kick it bends the shoe. Consequently, the shoes snap due to continually bending them. Fortunately, the soles of these sneakers can withstand any force without breaking due to their firmness. Lastly, its soles are good shock absorbers. As a walker or runner, you will not feel the impact of the floor on your feet. Without the soles, you would either experience some foot pain or fatigue.

Sock Lining

For additional comfort, the sneakers have liner socks. Liner socks cover the insole of your feet. First, the liner socks prevent the buildup or entry of moisture into our feet. The moisture on your feet can come from sweating or accidentally stepping on a puddle of water. If you let your feet stay wet any longer, they may start to look wrinkly. Besides wrinkling your skin, you could develop Athlete's foot. Also, wet feet cause foot odor due to bacteria under your feet. They feed off the water on the skin and create acid, hence the bad smell. Liner socks also prevent your feet from overheating due to friction. Each time you walk, you rub your feet on the ground. If you continually walk, you will feel a burning sensation beneath your feet since friction produces heat. Due to the heat, your feet begin to develop blisters. Fortunately, this cannot happen since these sneakers always have liner socks.

Perforations on the Toe Area

Perforations tend to be more common with brogues than sneakers. Nonetheless, perforations serve the same purpose regardless of the type of shoe you are wearing. These days, perforations are more for aesthetics than functionality. To achieve proper aesthetics, Nike strategically put the holes in a certain pattern within a particular area of the shoe. For instance, you cannot put perforations on the shoes anyhow; otherwise, they will look grotesque. Also, the principle of less is more applies when putting the perforations. The pink dunks contain enough perforations to keep them from looking distracting. In the past, perforations kept the wearer's feet dry by draining water out of the shoe. Still, the perforations of these sneakers drain water from your shoe. We have already established the importance of keeping moisture away from your feet.

They are Made From Leather

Currently, there are a lot of shoes in the market made from synthetic materials. There has always been a belief that synthetic materials last longer than leather. They could not be any more wrong. First, they are durable due to their stretching ability to accommodate the wearer's feet. Other synthetic materials would snap the moment they were stretched. Its elasticity also makes these pink dunks comfortable to wear. To accommodate the size of your foot, they stretch. As for synthetic materials, they do not stretch. It, therefore, means you will have to squeeze your feet in them. Such shoes will pinch your feet; something leather doesn't do. Foot odor is everyone's concern. What if you visited your family and needed to take off your sneakers? Fortunately, with these leather sneakers, that is not anything you should worry about. Leather is a breathable material since it contains pores. The pores allow air to flow around your feet. As the air gets into the feet, they get rid of air particles that cause foot odor. So, you know what sneakers to get for those prone to foot odor.

Cup sole construction

A cup sole refers to the outsole around the sole of your foot. Cup soles have been a subject of controversy for some time. Those who hate them claim they interfere with skating since they limit the board feel and grip. However, since most people who wear sneakers are not skaters, they cannot relate to such problems. However, cup soles are great for protecting your toe, heel, and sides of the sneakers. They are able to do so since they have a high sidewall. It explains why most soccer players use sneakers. For instance, they can kick the ball as hard as possible without experiencing any injury. With non-sneakers, you can feel the force of the ball on your feet when you kick them. Cup soles function like liner socks, except that you cannot take off the cup soles. Instead, the soles are glued to the leather uppers. This process takes some time since it occurs in six stages. The process takes a while since it involves a lot of materials as well as sewing techniques.


As a woman, you can finally conduct many activities with ease with these pink dunks. It is, after all, tiring to walk around with stilettos all day. With these sneakers, you can take part in sports or wear them with your casual clothes. Besides comfort, you can finally save a lot of trips to the mall looking for sneakers. These sneakers last longer, and they will never tear. Try to imagine the number of times your heel snapped while walking. Was the experience not embarrassing? That meant you had to buy new shoes even though you were not ready to. You best get the Nike Dunk Low Archeo Pink sneakers to save yourself from such inconveniences.

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