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The Five Best Pairs of Clarks Sneakers for Men

Clarks Men's Langton Step Sneaker

Clarks is a brand that instantly conjures up images of comfortable, classic footwear. Although it's not necessarily a designer that's leading the way with innovative, cutting-edge fashions, it's got it covered when it comes to affordability, versatility, and reliability. What the Clarks collection lacks in futuristic designs and catwalk-ready looks, it more than makes up for in wearability. For over 200 years, Clarks has been making the kind of footwear that your feet actively look forward to wearing. When you slip a pair of Clark sneakers on, you know you're not going to be ending the day with blisters, pain, or bleeding ankles. Better yet, they're widely available and offered at price points that won't break the bank. If you're sick and tired of trendy kicks that leave your feet feeling blue, it's time to introduce some first-class comfort into your footwear collection with a pair of Clarks sneakers. Get ready to flex your spending muscle as we take you through the five best pairs of Clarks sneakers for men on the market.

Clarks Men's Step Urban Mix Sneaker

1. Clarks Men's Step Urban Mix Sneaker

Clarks have been in the footwear business for over 200 years. You don't get to be around for that length of time without having some inkling of what you're doing. And Clarks most definitely know what they're doing. Scour the ranks of similarly priced shoes, and you'll be hard pushed to find many that combine the same first-rate attention to detail with exceptional comfort in quite the same way. The Clarks Men's Step Urban Mix Sneaker exemplifies everything that we know and love about Clarks. Described by as 'a sleek take on the athleisure trend', they blend a streamlined, sporty look with outstanding comfort to epic effect. As part of the Cloudsteppers collection, they utilize Cushion Soft foam layers to achieve a cushioned, bouncy feel underfoot. An ultra-lightweight EVA midsole absorbs impact to provide immense support and protection, while the knitted upper ensures all-day breathability. Available in a small but adequate collection of colors (khaki, black, and navy) and displaying all the craftsmanship and comfort we'd expect from Clarks, the Urban Mix Sneaker promises to be a very welcome addition to your footwear collection.

Clarks Men's Kitna Vibe Sneaker

2. Clarks Men's Kitna Vibe Sneaker

MSN ranks the Clarks Men's Kitna Vibe Sneaker as one of the best Clarks sneakers on the market today. It's easy to understand what's got them excited. Firstly, it's got a smart enough aesthetic to get through almost any occasion you care to wear it. If your office leans more towards business casual than it does formal, you won't ruffle any feathers wearing these. Neither will you cause any raised eyebrows at the restaurant, the bar, or anywhere else. Even leaving aside their go-anywhere appeal for a moment, there's still a lot to love. Available in a choice of leather or nubuck uppers, they offer a superbly comfortable fit thanks to their padded collar and tongue, cushioned footbed, and lightweight EVA midsole. A lace-up closure delivers a secure fit, while the soft synthetic lining has a great foot feel, not to mention super moisture-wicking properties. The sneaker is available in sage nubuck, navy leather, and black leather. Comfortable, versatile, and with an affordable price point of $95, the Clarks Men's Kitna Vibe Sneaker is an all-around winner.

Clarks Men's Hero Air Lace Sneaker

3. Clarks Men's Hero Air Lace Sneaker

If you thought Clarks had cornered the market in comfortable but ultimately bland footwear, it's time to refresh your ideas. Yes, Clarks is primarily about exceptionally comfortable footwear, but that doesn't mean it can't kick the ball out of the park when it comes to style. Take the Hero Air Lace Sneaker as an example. All the comfort you'd expect from a pair of Clarks shoes is there, but ultimately, they're also a very fine-looking pair of kicks. But before we get to the style, let's tackle the comfort. Thanks to the addition of patented Cushion Plus technology, the shoes deliver anatomically targeted, dual-density cushioning for all-day comfort. As the biomechanics of your foot are supported, you can expect reduced strain and zero pressure. Active Air technology promotes air circulation, ensuring a fresh feel and superb breathability. The rubber cupsole and lightweight EVA midsole put just the right bounce in your step. Now, onto the style, which in this case is afforded with a clean sports profile and a retro-inspired perforated upper. If all that wasn't enough to convince you to buy into these beauties, they've got one more trick up their sleeve to convince you: sustainability. Both the upper and leather lining in the shoe are sourced from a tannery that has achieved a medal rating in the Leather Working Group, an organization that oversees and promotes sustainable practices within the industry.

Clark's Men's Un Globe Lace Sneaker

4. Clark's Men's Un Globe Lace Sneaker

Ranked by as one of the best Clark's sneakers for men on the market, Clark's Un Globe Lace is a great option for men looking for a robust, comfortable shoe that's guaranteed to last. Superbly lightweight, the sneakers are crafted from a mix of knit and leather for optimal comfort and durability. Comfort is accounted for by the EVA and rubber sole, which combine to offer superb flexibility and traction. A dual-density footbed delivers optimal arch support while a leather lining and sock maintain all-day freshness. Priced just short of $190, they're one of the more expensive pieces in the Clarks collection. But for style-savvy customers looking for an investment shoe that will reward them with long term comfort, they're more than worth the money.

Clarks Men's Langton Step Sneaker

5. Clarks Men's Langton Step Sneaker

For those days when you haven't got time to waste, the Langton Step is the perfect sneaker. For a start, it's easy slip-on style means you can get in and out of them without bothering with laces. The flexible elastic gores on either side ensure a snug but flexible fit. As for comfort, Clarks has it covered. The rubber outsole and airy EVA midsole ease the strain of walking, reducing pressure and guaranteeing blissful all-day support. The removable Ortholite footbed, meanwhile, reduces impact and absorbs moisture, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free from dusk to dawn. If all that wasn't enough, their stylish design pairs perfectly with just about any outfit, taking you from casual to smart effortlessly. Priced at around $80, they're an affordable, versatile shoe that delivers on all scores.

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