A Closer Look at The Jordan Air Max 200

If you haven’t heard much press about the Jordan Air Max 200 in recent weeks, it’s because it got pushed to the back of the Jumpman models that have been hyped and delayed then promised and delayed again until recently. The Air Max 200 has been the quiet spectator humbly awaiting its turn to take the spotlight for 2020. In a natural evolution, the Jordan Air Max 200 signals the growth of its lineage as a new family member with its own unique personality. It’s available in a Euro Theme colorway that is perhaps one of the most unique that we’ve seen in some time. Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about the Jordan Air Max 200.

1. The theme is Euro Tour

The newest member of the Jordan Air Max line offers an exciting surprise with a fresh new look. The Euro Tour theme is portrayed in a clean white aesthetic for the sole and upper with accents of silver with ornate stitching to hold them in place. The opaque treatment at the sides of the foot show off a thinly veiled white lattice pattern beneath. The world graphics are printed in the footbed with the Nike swoosh in a unique shattered pattern floating in close proximity.

2. It’s sophisticated and stylish

The overall aesthetic of the new Air Max 200 is stylish and sophisticated. Nike has taken a plain white shoe and added a few ribbons of silver with red heel tabs, a world symbol on the inside, the Nike logo on the back of the heel, and turned it into a masterpiece of perfection. The scalloped overlays at the lace guards are another accent that completes the Euro Tour vibe.

3. It’s low profile comfort

The Jordan Max 200 Air unit provides a cushion that makes the new sneaker among the most comfortable. It’s padded in all the right places but the cushioning is not overdone. It maintains an airy lightweight quality with a synthetic and textile upper that is durable yet lighter than leather. This is a low profile lifestyle shoe that is suitable for everyday fashion wear. We especially like the added padding that has been applied near the ankle to protect this delicate area of the foot from irritation or rubbing.

4. The Max 200 is supportive

Even though the Max 200 is a low profile sneaker, it still offers a great deal of support. One glance at the construction and it becomes obvious that reinforcements at key points of the shoe provide ample support for the feet and lower parts of the ankles and heel.

5. It’s flexible

One of the outstanding features of the new Jordan Air Max 200 is the fact that it is flexible. The synthetic upper and the cage that connects to the laces are flexible for achieving natural foot movement without binding restriction, yet it is firm enough to lend stability and support for the upper portions of the foot. Nike has achieved an excellent balance between flexibility and a snug fit and this is no small feat.

6. The fit is adjustable

We love the width of the laces. This sneaker can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the laces to achieve a snug yet not tight fit. Pressure points have been taken care of to avoid the feeling of tightness for a more comfortable feeling when you lace up a pair. Once you’ve achieved the ideal degree of snugness the locked-in fit will hold all day long.

7. The Air Max 200 is easy on and off

This is a sneaker that is easy to put on and take off. The pull tabs at the tongue and heel are decorative but they also serve a practical purpose. Although you can loosen the laces for easy slip on and off, the pull tables help to provide an extra point of leverage for pulling the shoes up They’re bright red so you can’t miss them.

8. The traction is superb

The outsole is made of flexible rubber material that gives it an outstanding grip. This makes the Max 200 safer for everyday wear even when the sidewalks are slick with rain. The outsole is also super flexible so it gives in all the right spots for extra comfort yet it keeps your feet firmly on the ground.

9. The Max 200 is a well-ventilated sneaker

As with most Air Jordans, the Max 200 is well-ventilated to ensure the ultimate comfort. The shoe features vents on both sides of the foot to allow a fair amount of air to circulate through them and throughout the shoes. This feature helps to reduce the incidences of your feet overheating, even when it’s hot outside. There is less chance of perspiration and foot discomfort. Nike has thought of everything when they designed this new shoe for 2020.

10. The Max 200 is available in multiple colorways

Although we’re thrilled about the release of the new Euro Theme, the Max 200 for 2020 is available in a variety of interesting colorways. It also comes in a white with navy and light blue accents, an all-black version, white with red, white, black and anthracite, university red, Metallic Silver/Hyper Royal/Off Noir, and White/Black/Bright Crimson/Green. The new Euro Theme is being offered at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $125 with other versions of the shoe being offered for between $100 to $120. The price that you will pay depends upon the vendor you choose. It’s exciting when a new colorway is offered. The other Jordan Air Max 200 versions are cool in their own right, but none can rival the sophisticated aesthetic of the latest release. It will be interesting to see if the latest iteration catches the attention of the public that we think it merits.

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