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The Five Best Pairs of Moschino Sneakers You Can Buy

Moschino Faux Nappa Leather Teddy Shoes

Most Italian couture houses are known for their timeless elegance and classic sophistication. Moschino, on the other hand, has built his entire empire on the concept of cool. Sure, the signature Italian attention to detail and craftsmanship is there, but this is a brand that does cutting-edge, not tried and tested classics. For 37 years, this Milanese couture wizard has been pushing the fashion envelope, creating collection after collection of innovative, eclectic designs. Its range of footwear is just as notable as its clothing. If you want to breathe some new life into your sneaker collection, you won't find a better way to do it than with one of these awesome pairs of Moschino sneakers.

1. Moschino Teddy Shoes Logo Tape

Moschino Teddy Shoes Logo Tape

There's nothing subtle about the Teddy Shoes Logo Tape. If you're looking for a sneaker that's understated and elegant enough to wear to the office, move swiftly on. These are loud, brazen sneakers with a lot to say. Fortunately, what they have to say is exactly the kind of thing you should be listening to right now, at least according to, who've described chunky sneakers as '2021's biggest footwear trend.' In fairness, chunky sneakers have been the biggest footwear trend for a few years now, starting back in around 2018 when everyone suddenly started getting nostalgic for the chunky, ugly kicks of the 1990s. But this is a trend that just seems to get better with age, at least when it's left in the capable hands of Moschino. Priced at just short of $500, the sneakers certainly aren't cheap. But considering just how much shoe you get for your dollar, they still make a very worthy investment. Made from a selection of different colors and materials (including mesh, split and neoprene), the sneakers feature a logoed strap on the back and a transparent rubber sole fashioned in the shape of the iconic Moschino Teddy Bear. A logoed pull on the front and a traditional lace closure complete the look. Big, bold, and just a little bit beautiful, these will make a fine addition to your footwear collection.

2. Moschino Teddy Pop Shoes

Moschino Teddy Pop Shoes

$620 might seem a big price to pay for a pair of sneakers, but in fairness, not many sneakers compare to the Moschino Teddy Pop Shoes. Available in a choice of pink or multicolored, the sneakers utilize micro-injections of colored rubber to add a serious amount of appeal. An applied rubber patch on the tab and back of the sneaker along with a logoed handle on the front add a touch of edge. Completing the design is a chunky, textured shell Moschino Teddy Bear sole with a bubble wrap effect. A memory foam sole and breathable, moisture-wicking liner ensure the sneakers are as comfortable as they are stylish. If you can put up with the price tag, you'll find these an outstanding addition to your closet.

3. Moschino Nylon Sneakers Moschino Stars

Moschino Nylon High Sneakers Moschino Stars

If you want to inject some instant cool into your footwear collection, get yourself a pair of high tops. Over the past 100 years, this classic silhouette has morphed from a functional shoe for basketball players into a must-have style staple. As GQ says, nothing feels sharper than topping off a look—from weekend sweats to ultra-tailored suits—with a pair of high-tops. But if you're still relying on your trusty old Chuck Taylor's, it's time for an update. Moschino's Nylon High Sneakers Moschino Stars have all the comfort we've come to expect from high tops, together with a hefty dose of Italian style. The uppers are crafted from durable Cordura nylon - an insanely tough fabric that can take a hundred knocks and still come up smiling. Emblazoned across the uppers are a scattering of embroidered multi-color stars. A Maxi rubberized logo with a three-dimensional effect positioned on the heel adds interest from every direction. An embroidered calfskin toe cap, front lace closure, and chunky, contrast colored sole finish off the design to perfection. They're comfortable, they're cool, and at a reasonable $375 per pair, they're not going to leave you with a huge case of buyers regret when the credit card bill arrives.

4. Moschino Platform Sneakers Smiley

Moschino Platform Sneakers Smiley

Can you remember the platform sneakers of the 90s? They're back. They might not have the same epic proportions as their predecessors, but they still give a welcome height boosting effect. The Platform Sneakers Smiley from Moschino is a great example of why the trend has been welcomed back with such enthusiasm. Despite the chunky platform sole, they're still eminently wearable. Even if you're more used to wearing flip flops than stilettos, you won't feel in any danger of taking a tumble. The comfort is further enhanced with the addition of a breathable, moisture-wicking liner and a good amount of padding and cushioning. But there's more to the sneakers than just comfort. Available in a choice of pink or yellow, the sneakers feature an upper made from nappa leather that's been enhanced with Smiley quilted effect embroidery. The flatform rubber sole features lines and a logo in the same color as the upper. If you can't resist their appeal, expect to part with around $585 for a pair.

5. Moschino Faux Nappa Leather Teddy Shoes

Moschino Faux Nappa Leather Teddy Shoes

Everyone needs a pair of white sneakers. They can be worn anywhere, anytime, and they add a crisp edge to even the most casual outfit. As Asia One says 'white sneakers have been a long-standing staple —and for good reason. They’re clean, versatile, and will never fail you when you need a pair of shoes for even the most outrageous outfits.' If your closet is missing this essential ingredient, it's time to take action. And what better way to do it than with the Faux Nappa Leather Teddy Shoes from Moschino. The white upper is elevated with the addition of some very funky bicolor laces. A logo tape detail on the front taps into the logo trend, while the chunky Moschino Teddy Bear shaped sole proves the ugly shoe trend isn't going anywhere. Thanks to their sublime combination of support and padding, the sneakers feel as good to wear as they are to look at. At $460, they're not the cheapest pair of kicks around, but given the amount of wear you can expect to get out of them, they're still great value for money.

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