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A Closer Look at the Nike Air Force 1 Low Next Nature


In its efforts to continue innovating its products, Nike's leading sportswear brand has recently introduced a new product, ''The Nike Air Force 1 Low Next Nature''. This newly-released Nike Air comes with predominantly "University Red" and "White" accents on the upper. A new introduction to the Swoosh's footwear prolific legacy is the ruby-colored heel panels and the neon green sock-liners that showcase the Air Force 1's immaculate shoe construction. While heel surroundings are somewhat kept simple and similar to the close-to-original form, the "NIKE AIR" logos and lace dubraes on the top of the tongue are a perfect addition to the sneaker's design. The Nike Air Force 1 Low is designed with a "colorless" underfoot arrangement that highlights the "University Red" upper accents. With the official Nike Air Force 1 Low Next Nature sneaker expected to be on 1st May, Nike Sportswear has announced that their new women's Air Force 1 Next Nature is constructed out of recycled materials. Like all the Nike Air Force 1 Low Next Nature models, this sneaker features a recycled Nike Flyleather build with Lilac Pink accents on the heels, Swooshes, and tongue labels. The sneaker's other amazing details are a white AF1 rubber sole and silver lace dubraes on the Volt insoles that blend perfectly with the shoe design. Here, we will look at the Nike Air Force 1 Low Next Nature sneaker, including its pricing, official release dates, and where to buy it.

Product Information

Like its predecessor, the Nike Air Force 1 Next Nature sneaker features the same sleek design style but with the added benefit of being designed from recycled materials. The suede build and canvas are made of Olive Aura and Coconut Milk, while the orangey accents appear on the embroidered Swoosh logos and tongue tabs. Other fine details in the sneaker include Nike's "Move to Zero" pinwheel logo on the white insoles and tongues. According to Sneakernews, the renowned sportswear brand is planning on launching a wide array of sneaker styles this year, ranging from the updated AF1 Ultra to the react-filled midsoles, all made from recycled materials from the brand's "Next Nature" sneaker collection. Moreover, the Nike "Move to Zero" initiative has gradually infiltrated almost every aspect. This campaign influenced the brand nearer to a net-zero carbon footprint for their shoes through the use of recycled textiles and reusing any leftover materials. For the past two years, the effects of the "Move to Zero" have been evident in almost every Swoosh product line. The sneakers now come with recycled textiles into the uppers and grinding down used foot soles to design new Crater Foam shoe cushioning. Among these products, the Nike Air Force 1 Next Feature has stood out from the rest, aiming to produce shoes with higher percentages of recycled materials by weight. After Air Force 1 agreed to join the Next Nature program, they began using the redwood tree logo as their signature brand logo and finished this spectacular "Next Nature" look with an off-white heel counter and blue suede Swooshes.

Nike Air Force 1 Official "Next Nature" launch information.

Nike has recently reported the Air Force 1 Ultra launch, which is an updated version of the Air Force 1 and is constructed from the same used and recycled materials as part of the Next Nature collection. This sneaker is expected to come with a grey speckled midsole, white upper, and decorated with three signature logos. The Nike Air Force 1 Ultra is more likely to be sold at an average price of 120 USD and be available for sale in both Nike and other selected retailers. The leading sportswear brand- Nike, has also announced the release of the Nike Air Force 1 Crater FlyKnit Next Nature sneaker. The Air Force 1 Crater FlyKnit is a classic Air Force 1 model with an alternative sneaker appearance that showcases sustainability, style, and comfort. Expected to be available in three colorways, one comes in a black and grey "Oreo" colorway, another mostly white, and the final one in a black and green colorway. All of the Air Force 1 Crater FlyKnit Next Nature models come with a well-ventilated upper and adhere to Nike's "Move to Zero" campaign by containing at least 20 percent recycled material by weight. Additionally, the sneaker's midsoles are designed with fine detailing at the toe and heel. The Nike Air Force 1 Crater FlyKnit Next Nature is expected to be released this coming summer and be available for sale on Nike and other selected retailers. Increasing its "Sun Club" sneaker collection, the well-known sportswear brand Nike is planning to release a new version of the Air Force 1 Sun Club Next Nature. This new sneaker boasts appealing white and tan color palettes and is made of recycled material in a perfect blend of canvas fabrics and weaves. Other fine details in the Sun Club sneaker include; Nike's hammock graphic tongues, the signature pinwheel logo embroidered onto the Volt insoles, and frayed double-layered eyestays. Moreover, it features the Grind Rubber AF1 outsoles with unique Swoosh-branded bamboo laces that complete the spectacular shoe design.

Bottom Line

According to Stockx, the Nike Air Force 1 Low Next Nature allows you to look amazing while preventing environmental degradation due to its use of recycled materials. Constructed from at least 20 percent of used and recycled material by weight, it ensures your feet remain comfortable throughout and signature Air Force 1 style is maintained. Get started today and get yourself the Nike Air Force 1 Low Next Nature sneaker for an average price of $105.

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