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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 6 “Red Oreo”

Nike's Air Jordan line keeps sneaker buffs in a healthy supply of options. It's made a habit of advertising new releases well in advance of their arrival date. While it's helpful to know the approximate date of the drop, it also alerts the masses to the pending arrivals and it can make it tough to secure a pair at the original price. we're hoping that won't happen with the new Air Jordan 6 Red Oreo colorway, but after reviewing the new sneakers that are on their way, the first drop will likely go fast. Here is everything we know so far about the new Air Jordan 6 Red Oreo.

A new member of Nike's Summer 2022 lineup

Sneaker Bar Detroit explains that the Jordan brand is at it again with its pending release of the latest version of the Air Jordan 6, which they call the Red Oreo. While Oreo cookies are traditionally black and white these sneakers are white and red. Our first look revealed a sophisticated shoe in Nike's signature White, University Red with a Black accent. It's an attractive sneaker that is et for release on June 4, 2022, through and selected retailers. The MSRP will be $200 if you get yours before the supplies begin to dwindle.

A closer look at the Air Jordan 6 Red Oreo

A closer look at the Air Jordan 6 Red Oreo reveals the classic features one would expect in an AJ 6 model with an outstanding color scheme that is quite eye-catching. The uppers of the sneaker are white leather. The uppers and laces are all white with the Jumpman in red on the tongue and a University Red accent holding the tops of the laces securely in place in the form of lace locks with white speckling and the Jumpman in white as their logo. We also see the red accents with white speckling on the heel pull tabs, and at the midsole. House of Heat reveals photos of the new Red Oreo that show a translucent outsole with a black bottom that creates a thin layer to complete the look of the sneaker. Now we get to the really good part. The new Red Oreo is a beautiful sneaker that will be available in Men's for $200, and at lower prices for Women's and Kids' sizes.

We see the familiar perforations scattered across the sidewalls of the sneaker from the heels to the fronts of the upper near the toes. The air vents are generously distributed to allow ample airflow over and around the feet to help prevent overheating and perspiration for a dry and comfortable experience. Whether you wear them on the court on as a street sneaker, they're going to be comfortable. The tongue features the light padding that the Air Jordan 6 model is known for. It prevents the laces and other parts of the upper from rubbing against the top arch of the foot. The footbed is also lightly lined with additional padding at the heel and the collar of the sneaker to keep the ankles protected in cushiony comfort without taking it over the top. The fit of the Air Jordan 6 sneakers is adjustable via the lacing system.

The convenient lace lock is not only an attractive accent, but it also helps to secure the laces firmly in place to prevent movement and to keep them fitting snugly against the feet. Air Jordan 6 sneakers were designed by Tinker Hatfield in the early 1990s. The design elements are what make it so special such as the inner booty sleeve and its dual purpose as a court sneaker and a street shoe. the rubber tongue with finger loops is visually attractive and functional. They're high-performance sneakers made for a discriminating public who demand nothing less than the best for their money. We see quite a few NBA players wearing the Air Jordan 6 in its various iterations because of its comfort and performance features. It's one of the best all-around and competitive sneakers on the market today.

Other information about the Air Jordan 6 Red Oreo

Sneaker News confirms that the upcoming iteration is a reimagination of a 2010 model that was inspired by a sports car. This version does not resort to the use of nubuck for the upper, instead, using smooth genuine leather in an upgrade from the previous Jordan 6 that was released a dozen years ago. It gives a nod to the vintage with a brand new and modernized version that employs the use of premium materials. It's likely to stir feelings of nostalgia in some and it could be a model that goes quickly. As we await the pending release date of June 4th, we hope that recent supply chain issues get sorted and that there are no disruptions or re-schedules on the horizon. It's something we learned to live with, but we don't have to like it. We'll have to wait for further news as the date of the scheduled release approaches. It wouldn't be the first time that we've had to wait a while for vendors to receive their shipments from barges and vessels still anchored offshore and in seaport harbors.

Final thoughts

The new Air Jordan 6 Red Oreo is a welcome addition to the impressive lineup that Nike has orchestrated for 2022. It's always good news to have more choices when shopping for quality footwear, but this version has an eye appeal going beyond the average sneaker. There's something sophisticated about the stark whiteness of the upper with the minimalist design features that add splashes of color here and there without overdoing it. The limited and even sparse use of color is just right. It's evenly balanced to produce a sneaker that will work for most streetwear outfits and add a bit of pizzazz.

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