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A Closer Look at The Nike Air Max 90 “Blood Orange”

Nike Airmax blood Orange

Nike is expanding its ‘Fruit Pack’ this summer to include the impressive Nike Air Max 90 “Blood Orange.” The latest colorway from the Nike family, this sneaker is already turning heads in the sneaker world. It promises to be the highlight of Nike summer event alongside other silhouettes that the brand has been dedicating to specific fruit flavors. Essentially, this rendition is set to debut a white mesh design with matching plastic and leather overlays. Nike will also include a black Nike Swoosh logo across the sides and flood the rubber outsole, Air Max unit, and overlay system with blood orange detailing. Let’s take a closer look at the Nike Air Max 90 Blood Orange and what you can expect.

The Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90 is a cornerstone of sneaker culture and arguably one of the most notable designs to come from Nike since its founding. Although the original colorways from this line have made the most impact on the market, the silhouettes have made their mark too. They have given the sneaker world some of the most exciting and noteworthy releases and collaborations of the last few decades. As the name suggests, the Air Max 90 was released in 1990 as the brand’s second flagship shoe. It followed in the literal footsteps of the debut line, and was designed by Tinker Hatfield. Hartfield’s initial imagining of the shoe – the infrared colorway – is considered the most legendary and popular rendition from the line. It also inspired the color blocking blueprint that Nike has continued to use in its releases. Since its debut, the Air Max 90 has been released in several exquisite variations, all including ACG palettes and FlyEase mods. Nike recently released three modern versions of the Duck Camo colorway, throwing it back into the limelight and turning it into an overnight icon. The sensational response to the Duck Camo colorway is partly thanks to its association with atmos – the Japanese retailer.

Recent Air Max 90 Releases

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Nike completely reconstructed the Air Max 90 to produce several OG-inspired renditions of the line. The pairs feature a significantly slimmed-down profile achieved through adjustments to the heel counter, toe box height, and panel scale. Nike ran an initial release with the Triple White Pinstripe before launching other impressive versions. In the last several months, Nike has unveiled several fruit-inspired renditions of the Air Max 90. These ensembles feature colorways inspired by different fruits, with the latest being the Air Max 90 “Bloody Orange.” As the name suggests, the design is inspired by the blood orange.


Like other summertime renditions released by the Nike Sportswear team, the Blood Orange employs a primarily ‘colorless’ aesthetic across its TPU, mesh, and leather construction. Details on the spine, the inner lining, and the profile swooshes feature a black contrast that blends well with the design. In turn, many of the supporting components – logos, eye-stays, etc. – remain on theme with rich hues of blood orange. The insoles house the Nike fruit pack’s signature fruit. As a nod to the fruit theme, the underfoot of the Nike Air Max 90 “Blood Orange” appears in full fruit-inspired flair. The sock-liners pay what is perhaps the most direct homage to the orange fruit. The sneaker is defined by a white mesh base that is perfectly combined with matching plastic and leather overlays. Overall, the contrast is provided by the Red/Orange and Black accents found throughout the outsole and upper. The general aesthetic is as the name suggests: blood orange.


It is not hard to understand why the Nike Air Max 90 has remained a favorite for sneaker lovers over the years. Since its 1990 inception and design by Hartfield, the sneaker model has been one of the most comfortable shoes you can buy, and it remains so. Created from a mix of mesh, Nubuck, and tumbled leather, the Blood Orange’s uppers will keep your feet comfortable and secure. The outer is both durable and ergonomic, giving your feet the hug-like fit you need for long days. You can walk, run, and jog with these Nike Air Maxs without hurting your feet or feeling the strain in the evening. All of this is further supported by the visible Air unit under the sneaker’s heel encased in a white midsole that offers optimum support and comfort at all times.


Nike is famous for its prominent branding, and most sneakerheads loyal to the brand love this. In this recent addition to the fruit pack line, the shoemaker has included its signature Swoosh logo across the medial and lateral sides in black with a red outline. The logo is designed to mimic the blood orange, which is the inspiration behind the sneaker. Other branding touches on the show include range-specific Air Max branding on either side of the shoe and Nike Air rubber heel tabs.

Price and Availability

While the OG Nike Air Max 90 currently costs $120, a special edition could set you back a whopping $180. The Nike Air Max 90 Blood Orange is currently retailing at $130 and is set to become available on the Nike store and select retailers this summer. Nike is constantly releasing information about the shoe, where to buy it, and how much it costs on its official website.


While the Nike Air Max 90 “Blood Orange,” official pictures show a wild and exciting colorway that has already captured the sneaker world, this addition to the fruit pack embodies the color blocking blueprint Nike Air Max sneakers are known for, while staying true to its citrusy inspiration – the blood orange. The white mesh, leather, and plastic combination also give it a classic and retro look that both modern and OG wearers will appreciate. To cap it all off, it offers great comfort and support. It is a sure buy.

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