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What Does The Nike Adapt Do?

Nike Adapt

Nike is one of the best footwear innovators in the world. It's always developing new technologies that improve the performance of previous generations of a sneaker line. The Nike Adapt is perhaps one of the most innovative sneakers ever made by the brand. If you have not yet experienced the benefits of this shoe and you're wondering what the Nike Adapt does, here is everything you need to know about the shoe.

What does the Nike Adapt do?

According to the official Nike website, the Nike Adapt is a shoe that features a new and innovative lacing system that has built-in electronic equipment that makes the shoe automatically adjust to the shape of your foot. This guarantees that you will achieve the perfect fit every time and with every step you take. This is a breakthrough technology that is powered by the Nike Adapt app in a smart shoe that is keeping up with the times and getting on board with the electronic age. The Nike Adapt is controlled with your smartphone and you can even check the battery levels with the application. You can adjust your Nike Adapt shoes instantly with the technology that uses your choice of Google Voice for Android users or Siri Shortcuts to use five customizable voice commands. The Nike App features two present fit modes that can be activated to suit your activity levels for any given time of the day. One is for relaxing and kicking back and the other is for more extreme activities.

An exciting new adventure in shoe technology

Nike Adapts also fear customizable modes if the present modes do not quite meet your needs and expectations. Imagine being able to dial in precision adjustments to get the ultimate in perfection when it comes to the fit of the shoe. In addition to using your smartphone to control the adjustments, you can also use your Apple watch to customize the fit of the shoes. You can not only switch up your fit modes, but you may also change the color of your lights from the convenience of your wrist. There are currently 13 iconic Nike colors to choose from for illuminating your lace engines. With the Nike Adapt you can complement any wardrobe with this novel and customizable footwear accessory. Show off your sense of style with lights that can be set in modes for static lighting or pulsing strobes. If you prefer to keep a low profile you can also turn off the lights.

Nike Adapt BB

According to the Hoops Geek, the Nike Adapt BB is intended for use as a basketball shoe. It's crafted of premium materials that allow or ample airflow to diminish the likelihood of hot spots and foot sweating even during the most intense on-court workouts. The most outstanding feature of the Nike Adapt BB sneakers is the innovative fast-fit lacing system. This ensures a perfect fit every time. It's the first Nike Basketball shoe that can lace itself. The one drawback to this Nike Adapt BB is that the lacing system doe not allow as much customization as with a traditional lacing system, however, it is a novel approach that allows for automatic lacing that makes it unique in a sea of basketball shoes on the market today.

The Adapt BB is made of uppers that are high-quality materials with a premium look and feel. It is constructed with a cushioning system that is high performing in delivering comfort and performance on the court. The midsole and cushioning system work together to promote responsiveness for quick moves and jumps, along with a shock-absorbing system that lessens the impact of jumps and hard stops to help protect the legs and ankles from injury during play. Overall, the reviews for the Adapt BB reveal that it's not the best performing basketball shoe but it is a good choice. The price is a little high for its performance, but the technology behind the shoe makes it a popular choice for those who like owning the latest in footwear technology. In the case of the Nike Adapt, it is quite advanced.

Built for a demanding sport

The Nike Adapt is more than a novel sneaker that offers the latest in electronic shoe technology. Nike News released a news report that claims the Adapt is the most advanced in its fit solution. The platform, in most models and variations of the shoe, provides a custom fit with its advanced power lacing system and accompanying app. It's technology-based and the associated firmware is constantly updated. Nike further indicated that the basketball-oriented design and construction is just the beginning. The shoe is made for a demanding sport and even though it features electronic gizmos, it's built tough enough to be unable during a normal basketball game. The quick-fit technology provides instant adjustment to loosen or tighten the laces for optimum performance. The snugness of the laces affects the blood flow and this can be a significant factor that affects each athlete's overall performance in the game. Management indicated that basketball was the first sport for premiering the Nike Adapt, which suggests that there may be other versions out in the future.

Final thoughts

The Nike Adapt isn't a perfect basketball sneaker, and it's fairly expensive, but it is a high-performing athletic shoe. It is what we believe to be one of the first in a line of electronically controlled lace-up sneakers with a fully customized fit. The implications for this shoe becoming the next hot selling item in the lifestyle segment of the industry are looking positive. A shoe that has lights you can control with the push of a button to change the colors switch from an attention-getting pulse to static, or no lights at all is something pretty cool to own.

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