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The Five Best Pairs of Buscemi Sneakers for Men

Buscemi Veloce 2 in BlackRoyal

If you haven't yet jumped on board the Buscemi bandwagon, then it's about time you did. This American luxury brand has created a stunning footwear collection that marries its NYC roots with classic Italian craftsmanship. By pitting streetwear against high fashion, Buscemi has produced some truly lust-worthy sneakers. Each piece is handcrafted in Italy from premium materials, resulting in a level of luxury that other sneakers will struggle to compete with. Just be warned - Buscemi makes premium products with premium price tags. If you're on a shoestring budget, this might not be the brand for you. If you're prepared to dig deep for a sneaker that'll take pride of place in your collection for years to come, it most definitely is. If you needed any further reason to buy into Buscemi, check out our pick of the five best pairs of Buscemi sneakers for men.

1. Buscemi Lyndon in White

Buscemi Lyndon in White

If you've got $650 hanging around gathering dust, why not put it to good use by investing in a pair of Lyndon sneakers from Buscemi? After all (and as wisely points out) if there's one thing every man should have in his collection, it's a fresh pair of white kicks, especially during the warmer months. White sneakers are versatile, they're practical, and they make anything you wear them with look that little bit crisper. When they're fresh from the box, their immaculate beauty is a sight for sore eyes. When they're scuffed, distressed, and full of blemishes, imperfections, and what describes as 'sartorial scars,' they're even better. Of course, not all white sneakers are the same. Some are going to be too basic, others are going to be too fancy. The best kind of white sneaker is one that's simple but not boring, classic but not outdated, refined but not stylized. The Lyndon meets the brief perfectly. Made from the finest Italian calfskin leather, it manages to be both classically chic and bang up to date. The fully leather lined sneakers boast a great line up of features, including the iconic Buscemi hardware on the back and stamped logo detailing on the side. A back pull tab with metallic detail allows for easy off and on. A round toe, classic lace-up closure, and a rubber sole complete the design. As you'd expect of Buscemi, the sneakers are as wearable as they are good looking. If you want to inject some fresh life into your footwear collection with a pair of sneakers that'll see you through multiple seasons to come, the Lyndon is the way to go.

2. Buscemi 100MM Push in Wheat Gum

Buscemi Wheat Gum

Looking good when you're suited and booted isn't hard. A well-tailored suit can turn even the scruffiest of us into sartorial dreams. But can you look just as polished and perfected when you're kicking back on the weekend? With the 100MM Push from Buscemi, you can. Casual enough to be worn whenever but stylish enough to pass inspection when needed, these high top sneakers are the height of versatility. Crafted in Italy from the finest full-grain Italian calf leather, the sneakers feature hand-painted edges along with a signature heel handle and key clochette. The design is completed with the addition of gold plated hardware featuring a push closure and a signature lock. Appropriately enough considering their name, the shoes measure exactly 100 millimeters in height. If you like the design but aren't convinced about the wheat gum color, you might want to check out the rest of the 100mm line, which features a vast array of different colorways. Priced at $890, the sneakers are by no means cheap. Are they worth the investment? Absolutely.

3. Buscemi Basket in White/Red

Buscemi Basket in WhiteRed

The Basket sneaker gives new life to the classic basketball high top silhouette. Fashioned from exquisitely supple Italian calf leather, the sneakers feature a score of gorgeous details, including hand-painted edges and a two-toned leather upper. The Buscemi logo on the back points to their provenance. A chunky rubber sole completes the design and adds great traction. If you remember the basketball sneakers of the 80s and early 90s with affection, you're going to love these classic gems. If you want to get your hands on a pair, expect to part with around $720.

4. Buscemi Gladiator in Black/White

Buscemi Gladiator in BlackWhite

First up, let's address the elephant in the room. The Gladiator is expensive. Really, really expensive. If the thought of spending over $1000 on a pair of kicks makes you feel nauseous, look away now. The total price we're looking at for a pair of these ludicrously expensive, ludicrously good looking sneakers is $1,160. Yep, you read that right... $1,160. What kind of sneakers justify that kind of price, you ask? These. Because apart from having a price point that will bring a tear to your eye, the Gladiator is an incredibly stylish, exceptionally well-made kick. Like all of Buscemi's runners, the Gladiator has been handcrafted in Italy using only the highest quality materials. Boasting a custom sole and showcasing signature details such as hand painted uppers and edges along with the brand's iconic gold hardware, these monochrome beauties are guaranteed to turn heads. Shrinking violets, be warned: if you don't like attention, don't wear these shoes. If you can cope with plenty of admiring glances, go right ahead and push your credit card to the limit.

5. Buscemi Veloce 2 in Black/Royal

Buscemi Veloce 2 in BlackRoyal

If big, bulky sneakers are your jam, cast your eyes in the direction of the Veloce 2 in Black/ Royal. Designed in the spirit of late ’80s/ early '90’s sneaker hybrids, these are sneakers that don't pull any punches. They're big, they're bold, and they're intended to attract attention. If you prefer your feet to keep quiet, move on now. If you're happy for them to make a statement, stick around. According to, chunky sneakers are 2021's biggest footwear trend, and the Veloce 2 is most definitely chunky. Along with the epic proportions, buyers can expect plenty of classic Buscemi details, including small hardware hits and a heel pull. The complex design is elevated by the pairing of technologically adept materials like nano neoprene with premium calfskin and suede. Comfort is assured by way of a divine combination of padding and support, along with an anti-wicking mesh liner that ensures outstanding breathability and all-day freshness. As the Veloce has a bulky fit, Buscemi recommends you buy one size down from your normal size.

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