The 10 Best Reebok Pumps Available on the Market Today

Reebok Pump is a type of shoe that was originally released by the brand near the end of 1989. This model became popular with fans of the brand as the first shoe that featured a mechanism for internal inflation. It offered a customized fit through the wearer’s ability to inflate the cushion that is placed in the upper and lower portions of the tongue. It’s been a favorite since the time of its first release and has been re-released with new editions and designs. With this in mind, we bring you the 10 best Reebok Pumps which are available on the market today.

Reebok ZPump Fusion Sneaker for men

This is another popular Reebok Pump sneaker, partly because of its reasonable pricing and the fact that it’s an amazingly comfortable low top sneaker. It has a classic look that features the 3M strip that is located on the back of the heel. The padded uni-tongue design with the air pump on the side and PUMP branding add to the aesthetic value along with comfort features. The cushioned inner sole makes it feel good on your feet and the special traction rubber on the outsole make this a high performing low top.

 Reebok Pump Plus Ultraknit Shoe – Men’s Running

The Pump Plus Ultra-knit has its place on Reebok’s favorite Pump list because of its second skin feeling. The ultra knit materials provide contouring for the upper part of the shoe for a fit that is precision and gives the wearer a responsiveness that is unrivalled in a running shoe. It’s great for use in running as well as for everyday use.

Reebok Court Victory Pump Felt

This shoe is currently available on the market, but is a little harder to find. It’s reminiscent of the materials used to make tennis balls with a neon yellow upper that sports that fuzzy look in a vibrant presentation. The outsole contrasts sharply with an icy clear aesthetic and the ALIFE branding is a red color that stands out for all to see. This is the ultimate pump for anyone who enjoys being the life of the party, and being comfortable while doing it.

 Reebok Pump Supreme low-top mesh trainers

The Reebok Pump Supreme low top mesh trainers are a slip-on model that is extremely easy to put on and off. The pump feature helps in adjusting them for the perfect fit for the level of activity that you plan on engaging in. They feature a low top and round toe with a highly breathable mesh upper that helps to ventilate the feet, avoiding the discomfort of excess heat and sweating.

 Reebok Z pump Fusion Running Women’s Shoes

The ZPump Fusion Running Shoes for women provide a luxurious feeling interior lining that makes them ultra comfortable. The gas fueled carbonated foam is combined with a sock liner that is padded for perfect cushioning for underfoot. Thes attractive shoes provide wearers with a fully customizable fit that is useful for a variety of settings, including running, grocery shopping or lounging around the patio at a barbecue.

Reebok Twilight Zone Pump

This is what you can expect to pay for a pre-owned pair of these classic pump sneakers. There are actually quite a few of them available on the market today. We have yet to see a pair that is new in the box and in mint condition because this is a shoe that begs to be worn. They feature the classic high top design with the customized pump to fit to achieve the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Vetements + Reebok Instapump Fury Neon Slip-On Sneakers

This is the newest edition of the “Instapump Fury” with the Vetements + Reebok branding that offers a bold aesthetic in the Parisian inspired design from Mr. Demna Gvasalia. They’re available in a neon green leather with a combination of mesh for breathability and excellent ventilation in a chic chunky style.

Reebok Pump Omni Lite

The Reebok Pump Omni Lite has long been a best seller. They were made popular in 1991 in a slam dunk contest that Boston Celtics player Dee Brown made famous. He bent down to give his Omni Lites a pump before taking the shot. He went on to execute a perfect dunk without looking, rocketing the shoes to heights of glory.

 Reebok Pump 1989 sneakers ERS 25th Anniversary basketball men’s

The fortunate few who come upon the limited number of these 25th Anniversary Edition 1989 Pump sneakers can have them for an average selling price of just $500. They’re not only collectibles, but they’re amazing shoes that you can use and enjoy. The ERS model features an Energy Return System and they were reproduced in 2014 as a remake of the original 1989 shoe. There are several offered brand new in the box, some with and some without tags.

Reebok Melodi Ehsani Pumps

The Melodi Ehsani Reebok Pumps are now a collectible and although it’s difficult to find a used pair, it’s almost impossible to procure them new in the box. There are a few out there and they usually come up for sale now and then at an auction. They’re perhaps Reebok’s most unique pump ever made with a faux snakeskin design that encompasses the entire area of this high top. They’re brightly colored with predominant black and white and patches of blue, red and green coloring placed in strategic areas. They’re by far one of the most outstanding models and though they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they certainly do make a statement.

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