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A Closer Look at Nike Presto USA

Nike Presto USA

Nike has for decades been associated with classic sneakers, and the swoosh has become the symbol of quality. As time has passed, so has the company upped its game in delivering different models of sneakers with each being better than the last. Nike Presto made its debut in 2000 during the Olympics, and the main features such as the Duralon outsole, neoprene mesh upper and Phylon midsole have remained part of the design since then. As we prepare for the next Olympics in a year from now, let's take a closer look at the Nike Presto USA and some of its main features.


The mesh upper has its purpose in allowing flexibility of the feet, but when it comes to lasting long, it fails in that area. Mesh cannot survive the cruelty of scrubbing with a hard brush or the exposure to outdoor areas where shrubs might get caught in the shoe's upper and destroy it. However, it is not just the upper that has a problem with durability; the sole also will not do you any good if you subject it to rough terrains. The fact that the outsole is made of rubber which has been acclaimed to be long-lasting material does not do you any good because the layer of rubber is thin making the sneakers useful for running on tarmacked or such surfaces and not for jogging in the woods.


Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of wearing shoes with seams knows firsthand how uncomfortable the seams can be when your toes keep rubbing against them. Fortunately, the wearer of Nike Presto does not have to go through such discomfort because the sneakers have a seamless construction that guarantees heightened comfort. Additionally, the upper of the shoes is made from cushioned mesh, so your feet are pampered at the top while the midsole provides more cushioning since it is made of a single layer of EVA foam. EVA has become the material of choice for most shoe manufacturing companies according to Best Walking Shoes Reviews because it can endure low temperatures, does not crack under stress, it is resistant to UV radiation and is waterproof making it perfect for light running around the block regardless of the weather. Further, the mesh ensures that regardless of how big or small your feet are, the shoes will adjust to the shape of your feet easily removing the need for a breaking-in period through which other shoes put their wearer. When wearing the shoes or removing them, there is no need to struggle on pulling on your feet because the sneakers have a pull tab at the heel for easier slipping in and off.


No need running with shoes that feel like they are being pulled down by gravity due to their excessive weight and Nike Presto USA is among sneakers that take pride in being among the most lightweight in the market. Its construction has been made in such a way as to ensure that each additional materials play a part without compromising on the ultimate result of being lightweight shoes. For instance, the EVA midsole, the thin rubber outsole, and upper mesh all have their significance, but they ensure that they add negligible weight to the shoes much to the comfort of the wearer. Also, the plastic covering at the forefoot, midfoot and heel such as those on Nike Air Presto model are made of plastic making sure that the wearers' feet are stable without putting any more unnecessary weight on the shoes.


Professional athletes will have you know that wearing loose-fitting clothes is important to get some air to their skin, which is important to avoid excessive heat while training or the run to making their next millions. While you may concentrate on their clothes, you may not notice that the shoes also happen to usually have mesh uppers to ensure that their feet also are getting some air circulation. Nike Presto utilizes a breathable upper mesh, and with a model such as Nike Air Presto Ultra Breathe, you can be sure that the breathability of the sneakers is unrivaled.


Nike Presto USA models fall within a price range of $80 and $120 which according to RunRepeat has been considered a bit too expensive for the tastes of so of some customers because it is not a durable shoe. While one may reason that it can last longer if not used on rough terrains, another might claim that the purpose of a shoe is to enable you to do your runs wherever you find suitable for your taste. If the construction of the shoe limits that, then the price can be reviewed downwards to accommodate the views of most buyers.


Men have been accused of being color blind, but that does not mean they do not like to match their clothes with their footwear, and Nike Presto has offered an extensive range of colorways to that end. Whether you prefer a clean, white look or bright shades of red or orange, these sneakers have you covered. Besides, with their design, you can pair the sneakers with a pair of shorts or other casual wear such as jeans and still pull off a sophisticated look. Moreover, those who are looking for shoes to conduct their morning runs in will find the Nike Presto perfect while if you need shoes for that laidback look during the weekend, then that still will serve the purpose. The Air Presto particularly has a sleek and fashionable look according to WalkJogRun with its design making it the ideal example of a lifestyle classic shoe.

Is it worth buying?

Looking at the features above as well as others such as the traction, flexibility, and stability among others, Nike Presto USA sneakers are worth considering if you are looking for the most comfortable, light running shoes. With regards to the cost, the non-durability factor may deter you if you want shoes you can wear for a year without the wear and tear becoming evident.

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