A Closer Look at the $190,000 Michael Jordan’s Game Worn

Michael Jordan's Game Worn Converse Fastbreak

Michael Jordan is a man known and loved by many due to his achievements in sports. He is one of the most celebrated NBA players of all times. Besides his success of the basketball court, he is also a baseball player and an actor. Michael Jordan has enjoyed a successful public life and this explains why many people would be interested in his wearables. Recently, a pair of Michael Jordan’s sneakers sold for a record $190,372.80 through an auction; marking the highest figure at which any game-worn boots have been sold. The pair that was sold is not in good shape if that is what you thought. These sneakers were the very first pair that Michael used during his college career. Even before becoming an NBA star, Jordan enjoyed a successful college career. During his early sporting years, Michael was known for the trademark Nike Air Jordans. In the 1984 Olympics, Jordan Donned Converse and the sneakers became really popular. In the early days of Jordan’s career, he had a major influence on college fashion in North Carolina due to his accolades on the court.

About The $190,000 Converse Sneakers

For the converse sneakers to attack so much public attention, they must be worth something. These Converse sneakers have a rich play history dating back to college days. The most important of all achievements being that they won the 1994 Olympic Gold medal. In the game where the US smashed Spain 96-65, Jordan showed an exemplary game throughout. This game marked the start of Jordan’s career as a professional basketball player. He had been playing college league and had little experience with the NBA. After the Loss Angeles Olympic affair, Michael Jordan advanced his game to club level.

To celebrate the achievements of his team during the Olympics, Jordan gave his sneakers to an 11-year-old boy. Probably, the boy would not understand how valuable the sneakers would turn out to be in a few years. The sneakers were double signed by Jordan himself before handing them to the boy. The young boy, son of Los Angeles Lakers legend Gil Goodrich kept the sneakers as a treasure until the recent days when they were auctioned. The converse sneakers are not the first game-worn sneakers to be sold at a high price. In 2013, ESPN reported that a pair of game-worn sneakers had been sold for a record $100,000 at the time. This record did not last long as you would expect. Just 5 years down the line, we are now talking about a pair of game-worn sneakers selling for well over $190, 000. The sneakers that were won -in the 1997 Game 5 during the NBA finals were sold immediately after the game. The name “Flu Game” became associated with the 1995 finals after the sneakers had been sold for $100,000. Although the game was a tight one, Michael Jordan had shown exemplary performance- helping his team secure a much-needed win.

Michael Jordan’s Career

A man whose old sneakers would be worth over $190, 000, must be something special. To NBA fans, Michael Jordan is a legend. He is simply a miracle and something that those who were born in this age are lucky to behold. His talent and skills on the court are not arguable. For a long time, he has been the best NBA player up until his retirement. Before joining the NBA, Michael Jordan was a star of college basketball in North Carolina. In 1984, Jordan made his debut appearance for the US national basketball team in the Olympics, according to this. The games which were held in Los Angeles gave Jordan a chance to shine and he did not disappoint. The team won the gold medal beating Spain 96-65. This game marked the end of Jordan’s career as an amateur basketball player. In 1992, Jordan also helped the US team win gold at the Olympics games in Spain.

NBA Career

Jordan joined the NBA after the 1984 Olympics. After just one year of junior college, Michael Jordan was signed by the Chicago Bulls. He started off slowly and in a short time proved that he was worth the deal. Scoring an average of 28.2 points per game that season, Jordan helped his team make it to the playoffs. His impressive game earned him the NBA Rookie Of The Year award, giving him a chance to play in the All-Star game. After his college graduation in 1985, Jordan continued to play basketball. He suffered an injury during the 85 – 86 season but managed to recover in 1987. In the 1986-1987 season, Jordan was back at the top of his game. He managed to score 3, 000 points in a single season, making him the only other player to achieve the same fate after Wilt Chamberlain. If you were born in the 90s, you would find it difficult to believe that the Bulls were nowhere among the big names. It was until the end of the 1980s, that the current Bulls team was being formed. Michael Jordan had helped improve team performance and made it a force to reckon with. In the 1988 season, Jordan managed to gain an impressive average of 30.4 points per game. He helped the team secure 72 wins and a place in the finals against the Utah Jazz. Jordan helped his team win the finals beating Utah twice in a row. In 1997, Jordan retired and joined the Washington Wizards as part president and owner. However, He decided to relinquish these roles and stepped back to the court in 2001. Jordan played for the Wizards two seasons in a row before hanging up the boots for good in 2003.


Michael Jordan is an icon, not only to Basketball fans but to all Americans. He is the man that led America to glory in two Olympic events. Thanks to his success on the court, everything that has been won and signed by Michael Jordan is gold. His pair of sneakers is a dream for many upcoming basketball players and his fans. Although the Converse Nike Air sneakers are not so sleek, they hold a rich history and are worth a top spot in your memorabilia room.

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