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How Much Does It Cost to Attend a Chicago Bulls Game?

Those who want to see the Chicago Bulls play at United Center should make sure to look into the prices. By being informed, they can plan their outing in thorough detail, thus providing themselves with the best chances of securing the best outcome. Fortunately, there is a fair amount of information that can be found out there, though interested individuals shouldn't hesitate to look for even more.

What Is the Average Cost of Chicago Bulls Tickets?

For starters, there are numbers for the average ticket price of Chicago Bulls tickets from previous seasons. In short, the average price was $101 for the 2014-2015 season. Said number proceeded to rise to $105 for the 2015-2016 season before falling to $97 for the 2016-2017 season. Combined, these numbers should provide interested individuals with a very rough idea of what they can expect to pay for their Chicago Bulls tickets, though if they want specifics, they are going to need to go deeper.

In short, the average price of tickets doesn't actually say much about the exact price of tickets because this can see huge variation from seat to seat as well as from game to game. For example, interested individuals shouldn't expect courtside seats to go for the same prices as those far in the back, which is perhaps unsurprising when they offer such different views of the spectacle. Likewise, some match-ups are much more sought-out than others, whether because there is history between the teams that are playing or because the potential customers are expecting to see a more exciting competition from better players. To get an idea of just how much variation there can be, one game can have ticket prices that range from $30 to $2,261, while another game can have ticket prices that range from $18 to $3,719.

Due to this, if interested individuals are curious about the prices that they are going to have to pay to see the Chicago Bulls, they are going to need to look up the actual seats for the actual games that they are interested in. This is the one way that they are going to get information that is actually useful for their planning process as opposed to generic data that isn't applicable to their particular case.

What Is the Average Cost of Chicago Bulls Concessions?

Unsurprisingly, outside food and beverages aren't permitted in United Center. Due to this, if people want something to either eat or drink, they are going to need to make some purchases while they are there. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to the Chicago Bulls' concessions, meaning that there isn't a simple and straightforward method for interested individuals to come up with a cost.

Regardless, Cheap Tickets claims that the average price of a hot dog at United Center costs $6.50. For context, this is quite a bit more expensive than the cheapest hot dogs in the league, which would be those offered by the Cleveland Cavaliers at $3.00. Likewise, the same source claims that the average price of a beer at United Center is $8, which can be compared to the $4 offered by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Theoretically, it is possible that the Chicago Bulls' food and beverages are that much better than that of their counterparts, but to be perfectly honest, that seems doubtful to say the least.

Of course, the menu at United Center isn't limited to hot dogs and beer. Those who are curious about what else they can find at the place should make sure to look up a map of the various establishments, which should help them choose a location that will provide them with convenient or relatively convenient access to whatever it is that they will want to eat and drink. With that said, different concession items are going to come with different cots, though interested individuals shouldn't expect them to go for less than the standard hot dog.

What Is the Average Cost of Chicago Bulls Parking?

Parking passes for United Center's own parking spaces go for $22 so long as interested individuals buy them ahead of time. However, its location means that there are other options available in the vicinity, which can range from $9 to $20. The downside is that if people choose to park in these nearby locations, they are going to have to walk, though even at the longest, that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.

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