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The Average Cost to Attend a Chicago White Sox Game

People are serious about their favorite sports teams. Almost everyone has some type of sports that they identify with and more than a few have a team that they consider their favorite, whatever their reasoning might be. For a large number of people, that favorite team is the Chicago White Sox. However, if you're thinking about going to the games, you obviously want to know how much it’s going to cost you. Unfortunately, going to any type of sporting event is a pricey endeavor these days. Just like virtually everything else, the price of tickets and other amenities associated with going to a game continue to rise while paychecks largely stay the same. As such, you might be wondering how the cost of going to a White Sox game would compare to going to another facility to see a major sports team. In order to determine that, you have to know not only the ticket prices, but also how much you should expect to pay for things like parking and concessions.

Ticket Prices are Affordable

Believe it or not, ticket prices are not that bad when it comes to attending a White Sox game. In fact, they're among some of the more affordable tickets in the entire MLB. Typically, you can take advantage of a number of specials so that you can group certain things together, making the whole process even more affordable. If you're looking at single game prices, you can pay as little as $7 for a ticket to a game on a weeknight where you will sit on the grass or you can shell out as much as $80 a ticket for one of the premium seats during the weekend. Either way, that's still a lot better than many other facilities and it’s certainly an improvement over attending a pro basketball or football game.

Concessions Can be Tricky so You Have to Pay Attention

Like most sporting events, concessions can quickly add up if you're not paying attention. As previously mentioned, there are plenty of special events that allow you to group tickets and concessions into a single purchase price. This is usually the most effective way to go but if you would rather pay for concessions separately, it all comes down to how much you plan on buying. For example, a hot dog, drink and a bag of popcorn will run you about $20. That may not sound like much, but you have to remember that if you were to walk into a restaurant and buy those same items, you can easily get out for less than $10. If you decide you want to go back for seconds or you have several people going with you that you're paying for, the concession cost can really add up. Therefore, it's best to plan on spending a minimum of $35 to $40 per person, just in case.

Parking is Both Expensive and Scarce

As you might have guessed, parking is not going to be cheap. After all, you're in a major metropolitan area. More importantly, you're in one of the biggest cities in the United States and there is not a lot of room for parking in the area to begin with. As such, you'll have to pay a premium for parking because there aren't that many spaces. If you want to park close to the game, plan on paying anywhere from $20 to $30 cash to park your vehicle. You might also expect for most of the parking to be sold out, forcing you to park several blocks away, provided you can find a place to park at all. As an alternative, you might decide to take public transportation to the area if available or take a taxi cab and pay the fee. It won't cost you much more than paying for parking and it's a lot less hassle than driving your own car into such a congested area.

All in all, you can easily go see a game for as little as $50 or as much as $150. It all depends on the amount of money you feel like spending when it comes to choosing your seats, buying concessions and making a decision about parking. That's still a lot cheaper than going to many other major league baseball games. While it might not be something you decide to do every weekend, it's easily something you could do two or three times in a season without forcing your wallet to take a serious hit.

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