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The Five Most Expensive Texas Rangers Jerseys Ever Sold

Nolan Ryan

The Texas Rangers were originally named the Washington Senators, but the team relocated to Texas and renamed the club the Rangers in 1972 and were apart of the American League. Fun Fact: the Rangers got their name from the state-wide investigative law-enforcement agency which was founded in 1823 when Texas was apart of Mexico.

As of 2021, the Rangers have won the American League West division a total of 7 times, they've made the playoffs via the Wild Card Berth 1 time, they have 2 American League Pennants to add to their name, and they have never won a World Series championship throughout the course of their franchise history.

The history of the franchise is littered with legendary players such as Nolan Ryan, Ivan Rodriguez, Alex Rodriguez, Micheal Young, Juan Gonzalez, and countless others. Because of their impact on the game can be measured in numerous ways such as revenue, memorabilia, and endorsements. Recently we've discovered that some of these Rangers jerseys have been sold for extremely high amounts. Today we will take a look at the five most expensive Rangers jerseys ever sold to date:

5. 1996 Juan Gonzalez Game Worn Jersey - $ 143

Juan Gonzalez was one of the most feared hitters in the American League throughout the course of the 1990's. Gonzalez was also known for having a thick intimidating mustache, so that may have had something to do with it. Gonzalez was a key contributor in helping the Rangers secure their first division title in franchise in history.

In 1996, Gonzalez was named the American Leagues Most Valuable Player, he hit a towering 47 home runs, drove in a total of 114 runs, he had an immaculate batting average of .314, and won a Gold Glove Award. Gonzalez also added another MVP award to his name, making him have 2 MVP awards and the most won by anyone in Rangers franchise history. His jersey was sold as part of the Heritage Auctions as part of the 2007 May Monthly Internet Sports Auction, as the jersey sold for $143 and was sold on May 27th, 2007.

4. 2012 Michael Young Game Worn Jersey - $ 605

Micheal Young was a leader of the Texas Rangers for a solid decade during his playing days. In 2012, Young had a batting average of.277, he hit 8 home runs, and drove in 67 runs. Throughout his career Young hit better than .300 in 7 out of his 11 full seasons in the major leagues. He has also played all around the infield in his career as he was one of those guys that would be able to take one for the team and master a new position in order to help his team win, showing why he was a true leader of the franchise.

This jersey that was sold at Auction was worn by Young during a game against the Boston Red Sox on August 7th, 2012, where Young went 1-3 at the plate and he also scored a run as well. The jersey was sold as part of the Golden Auctions and the jersey was sold for $605.

3. 1991 Ivan Rodriguez Game Worn Rookie Jersey - $ 1,560

Ivan Rodriguez, whose nickname was "Pudge", entered the major leagues in 1991 where he was known to be an excellent defensive catcher, but needed some work with the bat on the offensive side of the game. Well Pudge worked on that as he hit over .300 in 10 different seasons, and hit over .300 in 8 consecutive seasons.

In his rookie campaign in 1991, Rodriguez had a batting average of .264, he hit 3 home runs, and drove in 27 runs. Rodriguez won 13 Gold Glove Awards throughout his major league career, as he won 10 consecutive Gold Glove Awards in the years of 1992-2001, as he can also claim to say that he threw out the speedy Ricky Henderson twice in one game. Pudge is one of the only catchers who people will arguably put in the same category of Johnny Bench.

His jersey was sold as part of the Heritage Auctions as part of the Platinum Night Sports Collectibles that was located in Dallas, as the jersey was sold for $1,560 and was sold on February 25th, 2018.

2. 2002 Alex Rodriguez Game Worn and Signed Jersey - $1,620

Alex Rodriguez proved to be one of the most individually productive Rangers in the history of the franchise. In 2002, A-rod led the major leagues in games played as he played in all 162 games, he led the majors in home runs as he hit a towering 57 home runs, he led the league in RBI's with a total of 142, and he also led the league in total bases with a total of 389.

A-rod also posted a batting average of .300, had 9 stolen bases to add to his name, and represented the Rangers in the American League All-Star game in 2002. A-rod ended up winning the American Leagues Most Valuable Player Award in 2003, and ended up having three excellent seasons in Texas before he signed with the New York Yankees. His jersey was sold as part of the Heritage Auctions as part of the 2021 April 15th Monthly Showcase Auction, as the jersey was sold for $1,620.

1. 1993 Nolan Ryan Win #323 Game Worn Jersey - $ 26,290

Nolan Ryan, the strike out king, spent his older years with the Rangers, and still was as dominant as ever, as in 5 seasons with Texas he had 2 no-hitters, and had almost 1,000 strike outs. At the age of 42, Ryan still managed to represent the Rangers in the All-Star game on the American League team, and finish 5th in the American League CY Young award voting.  

This jersey was worn by Ryan on August 10th 1993 in a game against the California Angels, where Ryan would earn his 323rd victory of his immaculate career. Nolan Ryan also spent some time in the Rangers front office, helping them be put on the map again. His jersey was sold as part of the Heritage Auctions as part of the Sports Collectibles Platinum Night Auction that was held in Cleveland, as the jersey sold for $ 26,290 and was sold on July 31st, 2014.

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