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The Five Most Expensive Minnesota Twins Jerseys Ever Sold

Joe Mauer

The Minnesota Twins were actually originally located in Washington D.C. as the Washington Senators, but then moved to Minnesota in 1961 and became the Minnesota Twins. Fun Fact: the Twins are named after the Twin Cities area which includes two adjoining cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul. As of 2021, the Twins won the American League West division a total of 4 times, and then in 1994 they moved to the American League Central division and they have won that a total of 8 times. The twins have also won the American League Pennant a total of 6 times and they have 3 World Series championships to add to their name as they won in the years 1987,1991, and 1924 as the Washington Senators. The history of the franchise is littered with legendary players such as Joe Mauer, Kirby Puckett, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, Greg Gagne, and countless others. Because of their impact on the game can be measured in numerous ways such as revenue, endorsements, and memorabilia. Recently we've discovered that some Twins jerseys have been sold for extremely high amounts. Today we will take a look at the five most expensive Twins jerseys ever sold:

5. 1990 Greg Gagne Game Worn And Signed Jersey - $572

Greg Gagne is one of seven players who was on both of the Twins World Series championship teams in 1987 and 1991. Gagne was a fan favorite in Minnesota as he made an impact on the franchise with his hard work ethic, dedication, and drive to be the best possible ball player on the field, and that translated well with his teammates. Gagne was one to rarely complain about anything, and he was one to rarely make mistakes on the field, as he was considered to be one of the American League's best defensive shortstops during his time spent in a Twins uniform. His game worn and signed jersey was sold for $572 in June of 2013 in the Grey Flannel Auctions as part of the Summer Games Catalog Auction.

4. 2007 Joe Mauer Game Worn Jersey - $836.50

The hometown hero, the face of the franchise, Joe Mauer was born in St.Paul and grew up in Minneapolis. He played his high school baseball  and high school football at Cretin-Derham Hall which is located in St.Paul. Mauer is also a huge reason on how the Twins got their new stadium, Target Field which opened in 2010, and some can even argue that the stadium was designed for the type of hitter that Mauer was. Throughout his career, Mauer represented the Twins in the All-Star game 4 different times, he was a 4 time silver slugger, he was a 3- time American League batting champion, and won the American League's Most Valuable Player Award in 2009. If Minnesota had a Mount Rushmore of all its athletes, Mauer would definitely be up there for all to see. His game worn jersey was sold for $836.50 in November of 2013 in the Heritage Auctions as part of the Sports Collectibles Catalog Auction in Dallas.

3. 1971 Tony Oliva Game Worn Home Jersey - $5,700

1964 American League Rookie of the Year Award winner Tony Oliva spent his entire 15 year Major League Baseball career playing for the Twins. In 1971, Olivia was an American League All-Star representing the Twins, he had an immaculate .337 batting average which led the league, and he also led the league with a .546 slugging percentage. He also hit a towering 22 home runs and drove in a total of 81 runs during his 1971 campaign. Oliva was an 8- time All-Star, was the winner of one Gold Glove Award, and received votes to be the American League's Most Valuable Player on 8 different occasions. Fun Fact: Oliva holds the franchise record for total bases in a single season. His game worn home jersey that he wore during the 1971 season was sold for $5,700 as a part of the Golden Auctions.

2. 1967 Harmon Killebrew Game Worn Jersey - $ 59,750

Harmon Killebrew is the only man on this list who actually played for both the Minnesota Twins and the Washington Senators, as they moved to Minnesota in 1961. The 1967 season was a monstrous campaign for Killebrew as he led the league in home runs, hitting a towering total of 44, and he led the league in walks with a total of 131. He also had a batting average of .269 and had an immaculate amount of RBI's, having a total of 113. Killebrew is the franchise leader in home runs, games played, total bases, RBI'S, walks, intentional walks, and sacrifice fly's. Throughout his career he was a 11-time All-Star, he won the American League Most Valuable Player Award in 1969, and received votes for MVP in 10 other seasons as well. Killebrew was inducted in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1984. His game worn jersey was sold for $59,750 in July of 2014 in the Heritage Auctions as part of the Sports Collectibles Platinum Night Auction that was held in Cleveland.

1. 1991 Kirby Puckett Game 6 Game Worn World Series Jersey - $158,000

The heart and soul for the Twins 1987 and 1991 World Series championship teams, Kirby Puckett is arguably the greatest Twin to have ever put on a uniform. Puckett played his entire career with the Twins as he was a 10-time All-Star, 6-time Silver Slugger Award Winner, 6-time Gold Glove Award winner, and received votes for the AL MVP Award 9 different times throughout his career. Puckett had an absolute historic night in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series against the Atlanta Braves. In the third inning of that game he made a game saving catch that took away an extra base hit that kept the game scoreless. Puckett also ended up hitting a walk-off home run later in that game, forcing a game 7 in the series and leading the Twins to the World Series championship. In 1997, the Twins retired his number and in 2001 he was elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame as a first-ballot inductee. His jersey was sold for $158,000 as part of an online auction from his personal memorabilia.

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