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The Top Five Nike Roshes for Men


The Nike Roshe sneakers are everything a Nike sneaker should be: they are very stylish and appealing, comfortable, and durable. They are also unique in their appearance as they are mostly designed to be casual, and they look nothing like the typically large Nike Air Force of Nike Air Max lines. Five Nike Roshes have stood the test of time, and they are just as popular today as they were during the line’s inception.

Nike Roshe One Print Premium


The Nike Roshe One Print Premium is not for all men; it is a reserve for men who do not mind a splash of colors. And, unlike most other Nike Roshe models that are ideal for running, the stylish design of this model makes it mostly ideal for casual wear as it packs a sleek and flamboyant look.

This model was released in 2012, and it really captures the modern sleek yet stylish look ideal for 2016. The cover features a splash of colors with no definite pattern, and it has a textured feel to it to give it a compact feel. What’s more, there is a wide range of color combinations to choose from, and you can get one that gives you a bright and flashy look or another that is stylish but not as flamboyant.

For comfort, the sole features heel support and quarter support to hold your foot firmly in place. The interior is also plush, and the light cushioning makes it feel soft underfoot. The sole, on the other hand, is made of ultra-light phylon that absorbs shock and maintains its shape and size for a long time to come. The Nike Roshe One Print Premium is a popular model for casual events, and it comes with an affordable price tag of only $54.

Nike Roshe One Hyper Breathe


Just one glance at the Nike Roshe One Hyper Breathe will tell that that it is indeed comfortable, and an ideal running shoe. It also doubles up as a casual shoe thanks to its sleek yet simple look. Coupled with its level of comfort, it is undisputedly one of the best models in its line.

The most notable aspect of the Nike Roshe One Hyper Breathe is its comfortable interior. It features a leather inner sock that holds the foot comfortably in place; coupled with the suede inner sole, this new design eliminates the need for wearing socks. Its breathable exterior also ensures that the foot is always ventilated; and, while this goes a long way to make running less exhausting, it makes the shoe ideal for everyday use and keeps your feet fresh and relaxed all day long.

The upper body is textured as it features a breathable cover that lets in the fresh air to cool your feet. It also comes in a wide range of colors that include combinations of blue, black, and yellow, among others. Considering the level of comfort that this shoe offers, it proves it worth as it goes for only $74.

Nike Roshe Flyknit


The Nike Roshe Flyknit is designed for comfort and style. It comes in a stylish design characterized by a curvy sole and sleek upper body. The upper body is made of a comfortable fabric covered by a mesh of lose threads that give it a compact look and textured feel. It also comes in a wide range of colors that give it an urban and trendy look ideal not only for running but also everyday casual wear.

This Nike Roshe model does not compromise on comfort, either. To start with, the sole is made of flamboyant rubber that adds a spring to your step. It also features a hexagonal pattern that simulates a rolling motion when you take a step, and this makes running and walking not only comfortable but also fun. For increased traction, the front of the inner sole is overlaid with solid rubber that comfortably holds the big toe in place to make running less tiring.

The interior is plush, and it features a sock liner that holds the foot firmly and comfortably in place. However, although the sock liner is comfortable, it is designed to be easily removable for users who do not fancy barefoot sneakers. The Nike Roshe Flyknit goes for $110 in most stores.

Nike Roshe Waffle Racer


A unique sneaker with a unique name, the Nike Roshe Waffle Racer is finally coming back to life as Nike releases a fresh batch for 2016. It embodies the classic look and feel of the original version released back in 1974, but it also packs a modern stylish appearance.

The new model still retains its waffle sole that makes walking not only comfortable but also enjoyable. Additionally, the sole is just as soft as the original’s, and it comes in a new design featuring a natural- motion midsole for added comfort. The upper body is sleek and stylish, and it comes in a variety of materials. The combination of a nylon upper body, leather heel tab, and suede outlays gives it a sleek appearance, and they come in a range of seven different colors.

Depending on the color you choose, this shoe proves ideal for both running and casual wear as it has a decent and low-lying look. The interior is plush and comfortable. Coupled with its light weight, it is very appealing as it is enjoyable to keep on all day; it is even ideal for running and exercising. The Nike Roshe Waffle Racer is everything a Nike sneaker should be, and it goes for about $115 in most stores.

Nike Roshe Tiempo VI QS


The Nike Roshe Tiempo VI QS takes the first place because of its simple yet sleek design coupled with a comfortable interior. This model has a seemingly plain design unlike most other models in its line, and it is its simple design that makes it unique among men.

The sneaker comes in a variety of four premium leather materials that ensure durability, maintaining its sleek look for a long time. The sole is made of rubber, and its spotless white color gracefully complements the black upper body. The interior, on the other hand, is plush and the inner sole is made of soft suede to make it comfortable to the foot.

The Nike Roshe Tiempo VI QS is not your ideal running shoe, but it is a perfect casual wear thanks to the comfort it offers. It goes for about $140 in most stores.

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