A Closer Look at The Nike LeBron 17 “Courage”

If you’re interested in shoes, especially high-end trainers that are endorsed by famous basketball players, you might be interested in the Nike LeBron 17 Courage, set to be released in the coming days (depending on where you live, they may already be available for sale). There are a lot of things about these shoes that make them unique, even among this particular type of footwear. If you’re interested, you can find out 10 more things about the shoes that you probably don’t already know. All you have to do is keep reading.

1. They don’t look like anything else on the market

It’s relatively easy for shoes of this type to look very similar. As such, it isn’t at all uncommon for you to end up with an entire closet full of trainers that look so similar in appearance that it might even be difficult to tell which one belongs with which. Rest assured, you won’t have that problem if you decide to purchase these shoes. Even among trainers made on behalf of basketball players, they don’t look like anything else on the market.

2. These shoes are everything you’d expect from Lebron James

It really only stands to reason that something made on behalf of LeBron James would indeed be different from anything else available. He is a standout basketball player, after all. As such, consumers would expect anything that he chooses to endorse to be as different and unique as he is. That’s a promise that has definitely been delivered on with these particular shoes.

3. They pack enough style for an entire outfit

If it’s style you’re after, even when going for a more casual look, these shoes are capable of delivering in a very big manner. By now, you keep hearing that these shoes are unique and that’s true. The fact is, they’re so different from anything else out there that people are bound to notice them from several feet away. They are colorful, stylish and bold. If you’re in the mood to make a statement, you’ll definitely get the job done and then some by wearing these shoes, largely because of the bold colors and the differences in materials that have been used in order to create their impressive look.

4. They’re made of a combination of materials

As previously mentioned, they utilize different materials to get the job done. For example, they incorporate a woven material together with a unique type of flexible plastic. This might sound weird but it’s been done before, albeit not in such a bold manner. The end result is a shoe that has splashes of brilliant color next to a dark background so that it really pops. It’s also worth mentioning that even the dark background has a bit of bling, incorporating a material that looks similar to glitter. It’s not overdone, but instead just enough to get your attention.

5. They’re being released worldwide

Sometimes, shoes of this type are only released in one or maybe two countries, at the most. These shoes are set for more of a worldwide release. Granted, they’re not going to be released in every single country in the world but they are being released in enough countries that it’s possible for you to get your hands on a pair regardless of where you live. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, or thousands of miles from any of these places, you have an equal opportunity to purchase a pair for your very own. In fact, the shoes will be released in China in just a matter of days.

6. They’re made to exacting standards

You’ve probably already figured this out for yourself. After all, Lebron James is not likely to attach his name on something that isn’t well made. That said, a bit of additional effort has been put into making these shoes and thanks to Covid-19, there’s been additional time to get everything just right, as the release date was pushed back in practically every part of the world.

7. Their design was thought out in a rather pain-staking manner

If you think the design of the shoes is something that was developed randomly, think again. In reality, the shoes are more like a piece of art that you wear than anything else. Everyone has their own interpretation, but it’s safe to say that the shoes are designed to inspire people to do their best and to not be afraid to stand above the competition, so to speak. As such, they were designed to bring all of this to the forefront in a tangible fashion so that by merely wearing them, you’re making a similar statement.

8. There’s even a unique design on the tongue

The first thing you might notice until you get your hands on a pair of your own is that it’s really hard to tell exactly what that design is. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that it’s quite intricate and that a great deal of thought was put into it, not to mention actually creating it for each pair of shoes that is sold.

9. They’ve been granted a limited release

Just like virtually every other shoe of its type, these particular pieces of footwear won’t be around forever, at least not in stores. It’s not yet been determined exactly how limited their release will be, but they will only be produced in certain numbers. Therefore, if you want a pair of your own, it’s best not to wait.

10. They’re not exactly a bargain

You probably wouldn’t expect to get your hands on these for just a few dollars. They’re definitely not something that you’re likely to find for a steal, but they’re not as expensive as some other shoes that don’t have quite as much style as these do, either. Expect to spend approximately $225 on a pair if you’re in the market. It may sound like a lot of money, but as previously mentioned, it could be worse.

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