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A Closer Look at The Nike ACG Moc 3.5 "Neptune Green"

Nike Neptune Green

The iconic Nike ACG Moc 3.5 has again released another tonal silhouette – The Nike ACG Moc 3.5 "Neptune Green." These sneakers are distinctively known for their sleek slip-on appearance, best suited for the summer season. The Nike "Neptune Green" comes presented in a quilted nylon construction all over the sneaker's upper in a bright green colorway along with the signature "ACG" branding on the insoles, heels, and tongues. When it comes to the tech side of the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 Neptune Green sneaker, it is fitted with a Grind Rubber outsole and a Crater Foam midsole that is designed from recycled materials. Rounding off the Moc 3.5 Neptune Green amazing design is nubuck toes with mini embroidered Swooshes. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 "Neptune Green" sneaker.


According to Sneakernews, the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 colorways made their first debut back in February, where they were exclusively designed for Olympic athletes. The leading sportswear brand Nike released the Moc 3.5 sneakers in a limited "Team USA" model. Fortunately, the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 kicks have since then been available for sale to the public, with the recent offering being the "Neptune Green" colorway. From designing your favorite classic hiking shoes to developing amazing New tech on a seasonal basis, the Nike ACG is right there at the top of the shelf with the high-end Swoosh models. Over the past few years, Nike's All Conditions Gear team has been best known for their outstanding body of work and has now taken advantage of the pandemic-influenced urge to be outside by releasing the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 colorway. Currently, Nike is planning to launch their 2022 Spring sneaker collections, which will include the new version of the ACG Moc 3.5 model, a moccasin-inspired sneaker designed for lounging around your house or resting at the campground after a tiring day. Like its predecessor, the Moc 3.0, the new Mike ACG Moc 3.5 silhouette features the same quilted rip-stop nylon uppers presented in a vibrant green color theme. There are some added features to the new Moc 305, like the use of recycled rubber outsoles to minimize the sneaker's carbon footprint and a collapsible heel for a more customizable fit.

Product Information

In late 2019, Nike launched the ACG Moc 3.0 colorway, a successor to the Air Moc with an emphasis on constant comfort and ease of wear. According to Kicksonfire, the ACG Moc 3.0 is going to be replaced with the new ACG Moc 3.5 model, which features some additional features to the original model. The most notable update in the Nike ACG Moc 3.0 colorway is the collapsible heel counter that allows easy wear. The 3.5 model also retains some features evident in the ACG Moc 3.0, like the nylon upper constructions that are designed to be more of a square grid layout. Underfoot, the sneaker's midsole shape and ergonomic lines are similar to the Nike Air Footscape from the 1990s.

Like its predecessor, the ACG Moc 3.5 retains the signature one-piece foam construction with a large grid tread. Another added feature in this new silhouette is the heel and toe rubber pads that use Nike Grind, which advocate the brand's shift to using an increased proportion of recycled materials in their new sneaker releases. Following the original Black and Sky blue "Team USA" models introduced earlier this year, Nike has announced that it will release the new ACG Moc 3.5 colorway and be available in Summit White, Thunder Blue, Neptune Green, and bright orange colorways. The upcoming Nike ACG Moc 3.5 Neptune Green pair will be presented in one-piece quilted nylon construction uppers adorned with vibrant green hues. The mudguard has Enigma Stone leather overlays, and the signature ACG logos are decently highlighted on the pair's laceless tongue. Towards the rear side of the sneaker, there are step-in hells that allow for easy on and off shoe wear. Underneath the ACG Moc 3.5 sneaker is a Nike Grind rubber outsole and Crater Foam midsole complete the pair's eco-conscious design.

Nike ACG Moc 3.5 Neptune Green Official Release Information

Unfortunately, the Nike All Conditions Gear team has yet to announce official release details about the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 Neptune Green sneaker. From making your hikes easy to lounging on your favorite campsite more enjoyable, the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 has got you covered. This amazing sneaker comes presented in a plush midsole and trail-ready traction to get you wherever you need to be with ease. The Moc 3.5 colorway also has stretchy heel collapses that add a comfy and slipper-like feel. The Nike ACG Moc 3.5 sneakers are strategically designed to withstand different environmental conditions with their weatherproofing construction. While the first ACG model was introduced in 1988 as the Air Pegasus ACG all-terrain trainers, Nike officially launched the ACGs in 1989 with the release of Wildwood shoes and a weatherproof construction designed for harsh weather conditions. Since then, the Nike ACG Moc models have been famously known for their high-quality outdoor wear and retro-inspired colors. The official sneaker of Team USA, the Nike ACG Air Moc 3.5, is finally being presented for sale to the public at affordable prices. According to Sneakerbardetroit, the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 Neptune Green colorway will be the available for sale later these coming months, and you can grab yourself one from Nike official website or Nike's selected retailers for only $95.

Final Words

Last year, the leading sportswear brand Nike officially re-launched its hiking-inspired sub-label silhouette, the Nike ACG Moc 3.5. The ACG stands for "All Conditions Gear." With the highly anticipated release of the Nike ACG Moc 3.5 Neptune Green colorway, it has been confirmed that this new sneaker will feature a nylon eco-friendly upper, leather constructed toe cap, and a sleek laceless tongue. Perfectly highlighting the embroidered Swoosh on the pull tabs and heel is the signature ACG branding. Based on the leaked images of this sneaker, there is a Grind Rubber outsole and a very comfy Crater foam midsole.

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