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The Top Five Nike Shox Models of All Time


For Nike, cushioning technology did not end with its line of Air Max sneakers. In 2000, the company took the technology to the next level with the introduction of the Shox model. The new cushioning was so impressive that there were reports that Adidas had stolen certain aspects of the idea. Nike Shox models improve cushioning by incorporating an array of hollow columns that are reinforced with Pebax dispersion plates.

The result is a comfortable shoe with a springy sensation and a very compact look. These shoes were iconic, and inspired the evolution of the some of the best modern sneakers in the market. Of all the Nike Shox models, five stand out from the rest for their outstanding designs. Let's take a look at the top five Nike Shox models of all time.

Nike Shox Griffey


This sneaker is all about hype and is designed for those who fancy a bit of attention. The Nike Shox Griffey is one of the earliest models in its line, and features an exceptionally tall sole that is adorned with four columns at the back for support and comfort. It also comes with a bent front sole for ergonomics. The upper body is mostly white with stripes of grey, and the Nike logo features prominently on the side.

The sole, on the other hand, is blue to give it a stylish appearance. Although this sneaker may have long lost its flair in the streets, it still makes an excellent sporting shoe, especially if you want to gain an edge in basketball. The Nike Shox Griffey was released in 2002, and you can find a pair for a range of $60 to $150.

Nike Shox TLX Mid SP


The Nike Shox Mid SP is one of the latest models in the Nike Shox lineup, and one of the most impressive. It was released in 2014, and improves on all the aspects of its predecessors. The upper part of this sneaker consists of breathable synthetic leather that is not only durable but also very comfortable, thanks to the breathing pores. The synthetic leather comes in a sleek black hue that overlay a patch of yellow and white to give it a stylish appearance.

The lower part is just as elegant, and unlike some of its predecessors, it is smaller but just as comfortable. The sole features the Shox cushioning system to absorb shock and maximize comfort. Its grey coat complements the shades of white and yellow perfectly, giving the sneaker a compact appearance. The bottom of the sole is textured stylishly to improve traction and ensure that you leave your mark on the ground.

The Nike Shox TLX Mid SP definitely delivers on quality, and, consequently, it comes with a plump price tag. This shoes goes for a range of $120 to $200, but it is worth every dollar.

Nike Shox NZ


Although the Nike Shox NZ came in a wide range of colors, the silver model was and has always been the most popular, thanks to its flashy look. Considered an ideal street shoe, the Nike Shox NZ was released in 2003 but has retained its popularity to date.

The convenience of this particular model is in its average height in spite of the inclusion of the Shox cushioning technology. The front part of the sole is bare, and the rear hosts four silver-colored columns. In spite of their short size, the columns are very rigid.

The upper part of the Nike Shox NZ is made of leather, ensuring durability while providing a flashy appearance at the same time. The front part is white, and blends perfectly with the black Nike logo on the side. For maximum fit and comfort, this shoe features a unique lacing system to hold it firmly in place. Since its debut in 2003, the Nike Sox NZ has had varying prices. Today, its price depends on availability, but can range between $60 and $250.

Nike Shox Stunner


At a first glance, the Nike Shox Stunner looks all about making a statement. However, this sneaker is one of the best sports shoes Nike has ever created. It integrates a series of features from some of the best Nike sneakers of all times: an inner sock, ankle strap, a zipper, and a center outsole. Coupled with the Shox cushioning technology, this sneaker proved to be a favorite among basketball players, as well as for casual wearers back in the 2000’s.

The upper body is made of a plush leather material that blends blue and white colors in a classic Nike design. To give it a compact look and improve on its styling, the sneaker was given a rubber strap covering most of the upper body. It also has an incredibly low sole, but this does not compromise on comfort, which is accentuated by the four columns at the rear of the sole. The Nike Shox Stunner was released in 2002, and its current price ranges between $200 and $300.

Nike Shox BB4


Popularly known as the Boing, the Nike Shox BB4 was undoubtedly the most popular sneaker of its time. It is still worn today both as a sporting shoe and for casual wear. Having elevated many basketball players to victory and fame, this sneaker proved its worth in terms of comfort and springing. The most noticeable thing about this sneaker is its compact appearance. Like many classic Nike shoes, the Boing has an exaggerated upper part that comes in an elegant blend of white and blue.

To keep things simple, the only feature on the upper side is Nike’s logo entrenched on the side, which helps to rationalize the extended upper part. The sole is dense, with the front side featuring an air capsule that complements the Shox cushioning technology on the back side. The front part of the sole is white to match the upper part, while the columns are blue to give the sneaker a complete look. The Nike Shox BB4 made a name for itself during the 2000’s, and is just as popular today. It was unveiled in 2000. Good luck finding one in the market today, but if you do, be sure to it’ll cost you between $150 and $300.

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