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The Five Best Pairs of Sorel Sneakers for Women

Women's Out 'N About Plus Slip On

If your footwear collection is in need of a healthy injection of style and comfort, you might want to conder a pair of Sorel sneakers. Since its inception in 1962, Sorel has earned a reputation for versatile, well crafted, and comfortable footwear. By combining premium materials like felt, wool, and leathers with flawless construction, Sorel has created a range of footwear that's perfect for discerning customers who aren't willing to sacrifice comfort for style. If you're ready to take your sneaker collection to the next level of comfort, investing in a pair of Sorel sneakers is a wise choice. But with so many options to choose between, how do you decide which one to make your own? Obviously, taste is subjective, but if you want our advice, you won't go wrong with any of these five excellent pairs of Sorel sneakers for women.

Women's Kinetic Lace Sneaker

1. Women's Kinetic Lace Sneaker

Recommended by Marie Claire as one of the '5 Pairs of Shoes to Wear This Season,' the Kinetic Lace sneaker has earned a very impressive 4.5 out of 5 on Zappos. They're a versatile, stylish pair of kicks that manage to be just as functional as they are good looking. Designed to stand out in a crowd, their exaggerated proportions, sawtooth sole, and metallic detailing combine to create a unique style. A soft fabric upper and wide crossed laces offer excellent foot support, while the use of premium materials adds a refined, polished look to the overall design. Pick between a choice of sea salt, black, dioxide gold, and signal red colorways. A breathable silhouette constructed from air mesh with no-sew TPU film overlays guarantees all-day support and comfort, while the two-pod sole design delivers added cushion with each stride. A molded rubber outsole with oversized signature Sorel scallops adds both traction and style in equal measure. If you don't want to give up comfort for style, these are the sneakers for you.

Women's Out ‘N About Plus Sneaker

2. Women's Out ‘N About Plus Sneaker

As Business Insider notes, there are plenty of "weatherproof" shoes on the market, but most will still leave you with soggy feet if you run into an unexpected puddle. And that's to say nothing about how lacking in style most of them are. Sorel's Out ‘N About Plus Sneaker is a very different proposition. Priced at a reasonable $100, the Out ‘N About Plus Sneaker delivers all the waterproof quality of Sorel's iconic Out 'N About boots in a comfortable sneaker style. The design manages to be both sporty and chic, making them a great, versatile addition to your footwear collection. A waterproof bootie construction along with a waterproof upper (choose between textile or leather) will keep your feet wonderfully dry regardless of how wet the conditions, while the thick, handcrafted vulcanized herringbone outsole will keep you safe and stable on even the slickest of city streets. Comfort is accounted for via a flexible EVA footbed and a breathable textile lining. The color options extend to redwood, dove, black, and alpine tundra. If you're in the market for a superbly comfortable, superbly durable pair of sneakers that look just as good as they perform, you'll struggle to find much better.

Women's Joan of Arctic Next Lite Strap Puffy Boot

3. Women's Joan of Arctic Next Lite Strap Puffy Boot

The Joan of Arctic Next Lite Strap Puffy Boot isn't subtle. If you like your sneakers to be muted and capable of blending in with your outfits, these aren't for you. If, on the other hand, you're happy for your footwear to make a statement, they're your new best friend. Available in a choice of colorways (pick between white/ black, black, white, and pure silver) and priced at a not-insignificant $190, the Joan of Arctic Next Lite Strap Puffy Boot is half boot and half sneaker, combining the best of both worlds in a way that's perfect for winter. Boasting a massive 200g of insulation, they're guaranteed to keep your feet snug and cozy no matter how low the temperatures plummet. A super-soft microfleece lining offers unparalleled levels of comfort and breathability, The superbly flexible molded PU like EVA footbed delivers excellent support, while the strap closure allows for an adjustable fit. A rubber sole keeps you firmly on your feet thanks to its excellent traction. If you find yourself caught in a heavy rain shower, you won't have to worry about getting your feet wet: the seam-sealed waterproof construction of the sneakers will keep your feet blissfully dry no matter how stormy the weather.

Women's Kinetic Conquest Boot

4. Women's Kinetic Conquest Boot

Priced at around $165.00, the Kinetic Conquest Boot is a high top sneaker with a difference. Combining sporty vibes with a touch of hiker-boot inspired style, the Conquest is the perfect all-weather sneaker that will take you anywhere in style. The uppers are made from a combination of waterproof suede and leather, while the waterproof bootie construction ups the ante on the sneaker's weather-resistant properties. A supersoft microfleece lining keeps your feet warm, dry, and comfortable all day long. A molded rubber heel detail adds to the functional element of the sneakers while adding a good dose of style into the bargain. The 1 1/4 inch platform sole gives a little boost to your height without being uncomfortable. If you're looking for a shoe that combines the function of a boot with the comfort of a sneaker, they make the perfect solution.

Women's Out 'N About Plus Slip On

5. Women's Out 'N About Plus Slip On

When you slip into a pair of Out 'N About Plus Slip Ons, you slip into a classic. You also slip into a supremely comfortable shoe. One part causal and one part cool, they're the kind of sneaker everyone needs in their footwear collection. Built around a slip on design (perfect for those days when you don't want to bother with time-wasting laces), the sneakers fulfill the basic purpose of all sneakers (to remain comfortable and functional, in case you were wondering) while taking those same qualities to the next level. A waterproof perforated suede upper with gore detail will keep your feet dry in even the wettest conditions, while a comfortable, removable die-cut PU like EVA footbed with a textile top offers excellent flexibility and comfort. A handcrafted vulcanized herringbone outsole delivers outstanding traction, keeping you on your feet no matter how slippery the conditions. A textile lining keeps your feet fresh and odor-free all day long. The sneakers come in a choice of either sage or black.

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