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Can You Purchase Those Fake Walmart Foam Runners Anywhere?


When the West Yeezy foam runners hit the market, they instantly become a hit. Everyone who loves sneakerheads was rushing to get a pair that was retailing for $75 when they were a new sensation. Chances of copycats being released are usually high. That is what took place, and the design of the fake version tried to capitalize. Kanye West is a product influencer, so anything he touches will sell like government cheese. He popularized these shoe designs. Until Kanye West's legal team filed a complaint about the fake version, which was retailing on Walmart to be removed, Walmart obliged and removed all the counterfeit knockoffs from their online store. According to Manofmany, these sneakers were retailing under names such as "Summer Beach Shoes Foam Runner' or Daeful Adult Children "the fake version was going for between $25 and $30 as compared to the simple designs that were retailing at $75-$80.

The Yeezy sneakers are a sensation because of their comfort and stylish look. When you wear them, they will upgrade your casual look. They have also become a statement for trainers. This article is a guide on ways of identifying the fake version of Walmart foam runners. According to TMZ, when you want to purchase authentic Adidas Yeezy sneakers, it would be best to make your order from authorized online retailers like Farfetch, Adidas, and Amazon to avoid buying a fake version. Walmart might have pulled all the fake Walmart form runners from their online stores, but they are still available elsewhere. So, it is possible to find the runners anywhere.

1. Check the Match Tag Details vs. Box Details

When you order from an online store and your delivery comes in a box, please ensure that you inspect what is inside and compare the sneaker tag and the label. Usually, the designer has placed the tags inside the shoe, and it will indicate the shoe details, such as the serial number and shoe size. The information on the shoe tag and box should match each other.

2. Inspect the Middle Stitching

The heavy stitching that the shoe manufacturer has done in the middle of the sneaker runs down and stops at the outsole area. A proper way to inspect this stitch is to use your fingers and run them down. You will notice that the original stitching will end precisely at the tip of the outer sole.

3. Inspect the Shoe Insole

Another crucial inspection that you can do is to remove your newly acquired shoes' inner soles. You will discover that the sole of the shoes is branded with Adidas name and logo print. They use genuine ink, which somewhat has a gray tone. When you notice a counterfeiter threading and ink, they use white ink. If you remove the shoe insole, the inner part should have the same material as the upper parts. The fake inner sole is made using cheap white fabric, and it is sewed into the shoe. Further, the shoe logo and brand name label of the insole and outsoles are available in opposite directions and appear reflective like images on the mirror when you place them side by side.

4. Inspect the Shoe Outsole

Typically, the outsole is where counterfeiters make mistakes with their products which is an integral part of the shoe. When you look at the bottom part of the Boost, you will spot a white piece that is exposed containing flower-like embroidery. Ensure that you check the patterns that are surrounding that flower. They should be well textured with irregular patterns on both sides of the shoes. Pairs with simple designs tend to feel somewhat mushy when you touch them. On the other hand, the counterfeit ones will be rigid and somehow inflexible.

5. Inspect the Heel Particulars

The heel part of an original Yeezy shoe has some intricate details. When you want to confirm if they are fake, ensure that you pay close attention to what the heel tab looks like. A genuine heel tab has red stitch details that are marked using box stitch-up. The part with squared portion stitches on the tab shows that it has five stitches when you count them. The rectangular portion situated in the middle of the shoe, on the other hand, should have nine stitches. Another crucial part of performing your checks on the heel tab is how they are placed. They should be placed a centimeter away from the heel collar's spot. In most available counterfeits pairs, you will find the tab stitches further away. Generally, it creates a wide gap between these shoes' collars and tab.

6. Observe the Appearance of the Side Logo

The shoe manufacturer has placed the YZY stamp and Adidas logo at a designated part on the inner side of each Yeezy pair. You will find them ideally in the center position and in the area that has a suede-like panel. On the other hand, the counterfeits types have a logo placed on the off-center position. The fonts also contain a bigger tad than the original pairs.

7. Check the Wave Design

Adidas designed the Yeezy boost 350 with a signature wave-like pattern on the Primeknit uppers' parts. When you want to identify a genuine pair of Yeezy shoes, you will find the wave on the sideways with sized wave prints which are different or irregular. Fake pairs are retailing in stores and have printed waves running from top to the bottom on the sideways instead of running from left to right.

In conclusion,

It is better to save up and go for the genuine pair of Yeezy to enjoy the comfort that the shoes bring from the incredibly soft material used and smooth sole, which are light but more firm to withstand the shoe usage. Your investment will be worth it as the shoes will last for many years. The above tips will help you identify fake types of Walmart foam runners retailing in the market and avoid their purchases. The number of shoes produced by Adidas is limited to control the shoe prices, and please avoid being conned by counterfeiters.

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