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A Closer Look at The Nike Presto Lightning

Nike Presto Lightning

The Nike Air Presto Lightning was a slam dunk from the moment they were first released back in 2000. In fact, they're so popular that they were issued a second time in 2015 and they're just as big a hit now. It takes a lot for a sneaker to get a second run, but you can literally see why Nike fans loved them. The colors and pattern are stunning, and they go easily with most things you might wear. Versatile, handsome and they're Nikes, so also comfortable; what more could you ask of a shoe?

It's Electric

There's no question about it; people have always been fascinated by electricity. From building up a static charge on the slide as a kid to powering our homes and our cars, voltage is everywhere, but nowhere is it more fascinating than in nature. People have even worshiped electrical deities. Indra is a god of thunder and lightning (among many other things), and so is Thor. While we're not suggesting anyone will worship you for your shoes, they will definitely get noticed.

Ben Franklin famously electrocuted himself flying a kite during a storm, and you can electrify your competition on the court or in the club with these sizzling hot kicks. The streaks of blue and white lightning that run down them are the highlight of a great shoe. In this era of ugly-is-pretty shoes, be a classic and sport a good looking shoe instead. You'll stand out from the crowd better that way, just in case any talent scouts, or beautiful girls are looking.

Color Story

Nike color stories are always outstanding, but of all the shoes they've made the Nike Presto Lightning are arguably the most attractive. The designers chose a well-loved color combo to make sure you notice these shoes when they walk past. Using Black, Zen Grey, Cloud White, and Harbor Blue, they created a dynamic and shockingly well executed bold shoe.

Tri-Colored Sole

Shoes are just shoes, except when they're top of the line like Nike. Every great shoe starts with a solid base. Cheap shoes will fall apart. The sole will come off or wear through too quickly. Nike puts some serious thought into what goes under your feet as well as what goes on top. The soles on these shoes are just as artistic as the tops deserve. The heel is made to jump and move with half in black, divided by a channel of white and bright blue on the other side. The advantage of not having a solid textured piece is that it allows the foot to flex, move, and grip better as you shift your weight.

The rest of the sole is vivid blue and white. It is also cleft down the center and again up near the ball of the foot. These channels of white aren't just for show, even if they do look nice. Everywhere the panels of different colors are separate, it gives the shoe extra movement. Shoes that can move better with your body are less likely to crack or let you down. A waffle pattern completes the look of this strangely beautiful sole. The squares look like a style choice, but they too serve a function. Each square in the waffle pattern also moves somewhat independently. They can compress together or spread apart. Getting optimal traction and grip is essential whether you're playing pro ball or just walking in the rain.

Ooh, Look at That Body

We all look when something beautiful goes past. It's just human nature to appreciate a great form. Nike's "t-shirt for your feet," breathable shoes were a stroke of genius when they first debuted, and they're still going strong. The neoprene upper body allows for the best of design elements to meet the best in comfort. There's nothing wrong with a leather shoe, but they just don't breathe as other fabrics can.

Opaque plastic reinforcements along the sides and around the back of the heel serve dual purposes. First off, they add a hint of style and break up the body shape of the shoe for visual intrigue. A dull, all one color or pattern shoe isn't a nice looking. Secondly, they also give you added support right where you need it most. Heels take a lot of punishment so wrapping that extra layer of protection all the way around the back will keep your feet comfortable and keep you from scraping them up too badly if you happen to back into something. The other area they've reinforced is around the laces and down the sides of the shoe. If you've ever blown out a lace hole, you know why that's a great idea. Moreover, the extra support on the outside of the shoe where the arch of your foot falls means you'll have a more comfortable and firmly held arch. If you walk, run or play hard, you'll want that extra hold.

Brighter Than the Competition

You may have noticed that we 'forgot,' to mention those interesting dots along the side of the sole. Actually, we were saving the best for last. Have you ever seen those kids shoes that light up and wished they'd make them in adult sizes? Those small spots are secretly lights along the side. When you're walking at night, the five small lights will show up easily in the dark. It's a grown-up update on a kids classic that will help you show off your best moves.

Final Thoughts

Nike knows their shoes. They've been designing some of the best sneakers you can find for a long time, and it shows when. These re-released classics are a must-have wardrobe staple for anyone who collects the classics. Of course, the rest of us will look just as good even if we aren't true kick-collectors. You can show off that inner fire wherever you go and even be seen in the dark with the Nike Presto Lightning.

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