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The 20 Best Nike Presto Models of All Time

Nike is known for designing shoes that are suitable for multiple purposes. In a word, versatility, is at the heart of many of their designs, but this comes with the dual function of practicality and stylishness. The Nike Air Presto was first introduced at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia as a running shoe that delivers high on a natural feeling that is close to running barefoot, save the protection and support that they provide. Several iterations of the Presto have been made since that time, in traditional Nike style and over the past 19 years, multiple versions have been made. If you're a fan of the iconic Presto sneakers then you'll enjoy previewing our listing of the 20 best Nike Presto models of all time.

20. Nike Presto Lightning

Nike Presto Lightning

The Nike Lightning was first released in 2000. This was one of the very first in the Presto lineup. What made this shoe so immensely popular was the printed lightning design which was a real eye catcher and it was just enough to entice wearers to try a pair on and from that point on they were hooked. The neoprene mesh upper made them well ventilate and the Phylon mid sole was light in weight. The outsole was cushioned with Duralon for a comfortable shoe.

19. Nike Presto “Lava”

Nike Presto “Lava”

The original Molten Lava print was released in 2001. The shoe was one of the most highly desired in the lineup. It became legendary because of its lightweight uppers which had the feeling of foam socks. They were ultra comfortable but the shoe was only released for four years. They came back in 2009 as a retro edition.

18. Nike Presto “Ice Pick”

Nike Presto “Ice Pick”

The Ice Pick was released in 2000 as one of the original in the Presto line which was launched in 2000. This print was one of the first in the OG category and the shoe was in the Air Presto model line. It was one of the best selling models in the 2000 era.

17. Nike Presto USA

Nike Presto USA

The Nike Presto USA released in 2002 was another of the top selling models. This sneaker was unofficially released in remembrance of the events that took place on September 11th. It was a special USA edition in the patriotic lineup with a blue base, an American Flag located on the tongue, a star covered base and a clear plastic cage.

16. Nike Presto Hello Kitty 30th Anniversary Pack

Nike Presto Hello Kitty 30th Anniversary Pack

Here is another popular model in the Presto lineage. The Hello Kitty 30th Anniversary sneaker was released in 2004 and it was an instant hit with Hello Kitty fans throughout the world. You can still find them on a rare occasion, but be prepared to pay a high price for your find because they don't go cheaply.

15. Nike Presto Sole Collector “Hawaii”

Nike Presto Sole Collector “Hawaii”

The Sole Collector "Hawaii" was released in 2005. The sneaker had a tropical theme and it was initially released in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. It quickly became one of the most desirable and rare sneakers in the Presto line because this was a limited edition and there were only 48 pairs ever made, so if you have a pair hiding in a back closet somewhere, you could be sitting on a gold mine.

14. Nike Presto Houndstooth

Nike Presto Houndstooth

The Houndstooth is the version of the Japanese release which was released everywhere, similar to the checkered sneakers that were so difficult to acquire. The houndstooth motif was a big hit in the Presto line and this would be one of the last of the prints, released in 2010. It was a welcome edition when it surfaced again with sales in the US, going high.

13. Nike React Presto By You

Nike React Presto By You

The By You model was originally released in the 2000s era and it was a big success. This is Nike's customizable shoe where you pick the colors and prints. They custom make the shoes and ship them to you within 1 to 3 weeks. You even had the option of placing your very own message on the heel, not to mention, having your choice of OG characters printed on the sneaker, but they didn't come cheap.

12. Nike Presto Extreme

Nike Presto Extreme

The Nike Presto Extreme was made for kids and big kids. The sneaker quickly became a favorite of kids and parents beause of their amazing flexibility, comfort and style. They were not only comfortable, they were also available in a wide range of colorways .

11. Nike React Presto Brutal Honey

Nike React Presto Brutal Honey

The Nike React Brutal Honey was just released on May 2, 2019. This is a continuation of the iconic Presto line and it's been awaited with anxious anticipation. This is one of the most versatile sneakers with cross category application whether you're running, walking, playing a game or you just want to add a stylish accessory to your active wear wardrobe. There's been a lot of hype surrounding the release of the new Brutal Honey an it's finally here and available from Nike and retailers who carry the brand for an average MSRP of $120.

10. Nike Men's Air Presto Mid SP

Nike Mens Air Presto Mid SP

This is one of the more popular Air Presto models that is offered in sports colors that come close to the original iterations of the ACG collection. It offers mid top comfort and support with seamless mesh in the upper that is weather resistant yet allows the feet to breathe with good aeration to cut down on overheating and perspiration. The combination of black, grey with highlights of pink and gold are a big hit as is the zipper feature.

9. Nike Men's Air Presto Essential

Nike Men's Air Presto Essential

The Air Presto Essential is a favorite low top men's running shoe in the Air Presto line. Fans love it for the lightweight thanks to the durable synthetic materials. It's an attractive and stylish shoe that is both good looking and functional. It's available in a variety of colorways and you can still find them for around $120 per pair.

8. Nike Acronym x Air Presto Mid 'Cool Grey'

Nike Acronym x Air Presto Mid 'Cool Grey'

This is a 2018 release which caught on well with Nike Air Presto fans. The sneaker design for the Acronym x Air Presto Mid was a result of the collaboration between Nike and the founder of Acronym, Errolson Hugh. It's a re-imagination of the Air Presto with some tweaks to the construction with an inner sleeve in a bootie style with a patterned lace closure wrap over th side wall zippers and branding on the tongue.

7. Nike Air Presto Anthracite

Nike Air Presto Anthracite

There are still quite a few new pairs of the Nike Air Presto Anthracite colorway around but most of them are being offered through auction sites. The starting bid is usually around $89 and it goes up from there. The unique Anthracite colorway is one that has consistently been in high demand. The name not only sounds cool, but the colorway is a grey that goes with practically any sports or active wear ensembles, making this one of the most versatile running and everyday sneakers with multiple potential purposes. The main selling point beyond the great neutral aesthetics is that it offers the feeling of going barefoot with regard to kinesthetics, but it also provides great foot support for a low top sneaker.

6. Nike Air Presto Mid Utility

Nike Air Presto Mid Utility

The mid-utility styling is among the most popular for active wearers who need a great sneaker that offers flexibility along with support and comfort cushioning. Whether you're walking, hiking, running or playing, the mid utility offers a little more in terms of ankle support but it does so without weighting you down. This is thanks to the phylon material used for the mid sole, which is ultra lightweight, yet strong. This sneaker also gives you amazing traction with its sticky rubber outsole.

5. Nike Presto Fly

Nike Presto Fly

The Nike Presto Fly is a model that is available in men, women's and kids versions. What makes this such an excellent sneaker is the super light construction. When you pair this with the breathable soft upper, you have an ideal running shoe that allows the greatest possible comfort for your feet whether you're wearing them for everyday use or for active times when you're playing games, exercising or running. The Fly lace wrap or the upper also gives the sneaker a unique and stylish aesthetic with a bit of sophistication added.

4. Nike Air Presto TP QS

Nike Air Presto TP QS

The Air Presto TP QS is one of the most comfortable low top running shoe models in the Nike collection of Presto runners. This shoe was released in 2015 with the Air construction and a new fleece material addition which just added to the comfort factor. The black colorway gives is an all black stylish an somewhat stealthy appearance, plus black has a way of making the feet look smaller. The plastic cage side panels in black just add to the support an this is one of the most highly desired models within the Presto line.

3. Nike Women's Air Presto JCRD PRM Running Trainers 885020 Sneakers Shoes

Nike Womens Air Presto JCRD PRM Running Trainers 885020 Sneakers Shoes

This version of Nike's Air Presto offers amazing foot support in a low top platform. It's one of the most popular models with a protective toe cap that is barely noticeable, adjustable laces to achieve the ideal fit and a padded tongue which helps with this effort, upping the comfort factor. They're among the most stylish Nike Air Presto models, with the lava and black colorway being the best seller because of its versatility and good looks. The synthetic and fabric materials are light and breathable and the rubber sole adds tremendous grip or running or just walking.

2. Nike Presto USA for 2000 Olympics

Nike Presto USA for 2000 Olympics

This is the iconic sneaker that was created to honor the USA Olympic team for their efforts at the 2000 summer games which were held in Sydney, Australia. The circular motif along with the USA emblem branding applied to the tongue made these one of the hottest selling models during 2000, which also signifies the launch of the new line. You can still find them but they're usually offered at auction sites. An Australia for 2000 Olympics model was also released but there are so rare because they never made it to the retail release, they were only offered to friends and family of Nike.

1. Nike Presto Eric Clapton PE for 2001 World Tour

Eric Clapton PE for 2001 World Tour

The iconic rocker Eric Clapton made his world tour in 2001. The rock star was a fan of the Nike Air Presto, and this edition was made upon request just for Clapton as he embarked on his World Tour. There have to be some photos or video footage of Mr. Clapton wearing his signature sneakers. While the model was released nearly two decades ago, it remains one of the most memorable releases in the history of Nike, as far as Clapton fans are concerned. For die hard fans of the original 2001 sneakers, they were made available at Rakuten for the price of $1,275.96, but were only available in a size medium. They're hard to find and expensive when you do.

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