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A Closer Look at The Nike Presto Sole Collector “Hawaii”

Nike Presto Sole Collector “Hawaii”

The Nike Presto Sole Collector “Hawaii” is one of the rarest shoes that Nike has ever released. The initial release was done with a “hyperstrike” event that sold the shoes over a one night event only. These types of events build up hype around the shoe and brand, giving sneaker fanatics something to talk about. One of the problems with these events is that corporations have learned how high demand gets for these rare releases. This results in companies raising the prices significantly above retail in order to make a quick profit. Though this practice is common, it is frowned upon in the shoe industry. One of the reasons that people remember this hyperstrike so fondly was that Nike sold the shoes at retail price. This allowed shoe fanatics to get the shoes at a good price. It was a nice gesture by Nike and one of the many ways that they like to give back to their hardcore fans.

This shoe is the rarest Presto design that has ever been released. It debuted in 2005 at the Niketown in Waikiki. Perhaps the most mind-boggling part is that there are only 48 pairs that were ever created. This has made them a high-status shoe that many have sought after. They are very hard to find on the current shoe market. Every now and then a lead will come up, but overall it is very unlikely that you will be able to get your hands on a pair. This is unfortunate because the “Hawaii” design represents the very best of the Nike Presto collection. It is authentic to Hawaii and has special “Easter eggs” that only a dedicated fan would be able to notice. This shoe is predominately a tribute to the culture and scenery of Waikiki.

The Shoes

One of the rumored hidden features of the shoe is the mural that was present in the Scarface movie. This is something that only the most dedicated shoe fan would understand. There are plenty of references to Hawaiian history and culture in the shoe. This unique design also features the warm colors and trees that are reminiscent of a beautiful Hawaiian sunset. The Presto line has featured many unique designs over the years but none are quite as spectacular as the Sole Collector “Hawaii”. The design of the shoes has been polarizing among the sneaker community. Some absolutely love the shoe and consider it one of the best that Nike has ever done. While others felt that it was just another overdone limited release. Regardless about how one feels about the shoe, it will still be very tough to get your hands on a pair.

With only 48 pairs made in 2005, the window is rapidly closing to get an authentic pair of these shoes. The best chance a person has is to get in touch with shoe enthusiasts online and hope that a lead turns up. If it does, be prepared to pay top dollar for a pair. Many collectors will not want to easily part with them given that they are such a valued commodity in the shoe industry. There are also Facebook groups where people will occasionally showcase or sell the shoe. For acquiring this specific design, it is all about connections. The more you search for the experts, the more you will get possible leads. Acquiring this shoe really puts your sneaker collection above the rest. It is very nice status boost to add a shoe this exclusive, so the hard work will be worth it.

There are many different ways that it is possible to approach the collecting of shoes. Some people do it solely as an investment vehicle in hopes that the shoes will appreciate over time, which is often the case. These types may go to events like a hyperstrike in hopes of picking up rare shoes around retail price. There are also many different ways that the prices of shoes get driven up. Nike recently made a huge stir in the news by recalling a pair of shoes that featured an old version of the American flag. Regardless of your politics on the issue, it is clear that this kind of retraction can drive up the shoe prices tremendously. In fact, these very same shoes are now going for more than $8,000 on 3rd party websites. Given all the hype and controversy around these shoes, they are sure to draw attention. People are willing to pay big money for anything that is going to give them clout.

Final Thoughts

Any Nike shoes that have something rare or peculiar about them will fetch money on the shoe market. As much as anything else, these shoes represent a status symbol and something to talk about. Oftentimes it’s not even about the design or look, but the status that the shoe brings. If you’re going to get into the business of collecting shoes like the Nike Presto Sole Collector “Hawaii”, you should be prepared to do the dirty work of finding these rare commodities. For shoes like the special edition Prestos, it’s going to oftentimes take a connection to get in on the action. This is why it is so important to make insides and build your social circle in the industry.

Being a sneaker enthusiast is a lot of fun, but also hard work. It can also be a profitable endeavor that yields dividends. It can also be stressful. Finding some of these sneakers is tough work. But if you want a shoe badly enough, then it is possible to make it happen. The main thing to keep in mind is that this business is for hustlers. If you keep hustling, eventually you will be able to make something happen. The more experience you get, the more you will be able to make profitable purchases. Time is money when it comes to collecting the latest kicks.

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