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A Closer Look at the Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1

Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1

Nike is famous for partnering with famous influencers and the best designer brands on new sneaker collaborations. Its joint efforts with Louis Vuitton produced the new model of the Air force 1 shoe that is destined to be a collectible. Sneakerfront informs us that the Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 collection of sneakers was one of the last designs that famed designer Virgil Abloh contributed to the world before he passed away in November of 2021. The revolutionary design melds the elements of streetwear with a classy and stylish aesthetic that puts the sneaker over the top with a dual personality in any colorway. If the early Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 models were fodder for a Sotheby's auction for benefiting scholarship funding, it's a heads up that we're looking at something unique and worth a second look.

The Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 at first glance

The first thing you notice about the LV Nike Air Force 1 is its eye-catching personality. Yes, sneakers have their unique personalities and this particular shoe is fully loaded. It's not your typical Nike. It's rare to see the brand displayed in an embossed upper that has a soft aesthetic with a supple look. It's a class act with obvious high-end characteristics that leave no doubt it's not an average sneaker. The initial impression is that it's a comfortable shoe. We first saw the Friends and Family colorway in bright yellow with wonderfully contrasting yellow and white. Only two colors are necessary as the texturing provides enough variation to hold the interest of the casual onlooker. The appearance of the sneaker makes you wonder if it's as comfortable as it looks. We'll get down to the nitty-gritty of the specifications to help you decide for yourself.

A Closer Look at the Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1

The best place to start is with the upper. The Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 has a full leather upper. There are no synthetics applied to this component. The leather is debossed with the Louis Vuitton Damier print, giving away the origins of the design. If you're not familiar with this signature feature of Louis Vuitton products, you might wonder about the inspiration. the sneaker combines branding elements from Nike and Louis Vuitton to show the full cooperation of the two brands. The Friends and Family colorway is all yellow with broad white laces, a stripe of white at the midsole, and contrasting white for the Nike Swoosh and the inside of the sneaker. The small hangtag at the back of the shoe is neon green. You'd barely notice it if you were not looking for it. Nike completed the footbed with just enough cushioning to ensure a soft and comfortable habitat for the feet. The sneakers are well ventilated with numerous air vents arranged stylishly on the forefront of the upper. You can adjust the fit via the lacing system to loosen or tighten, depending on your personal preferences. Virgil Abloh included a Louis Vuitton pilot case. It's included with every pair of Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 shoe sold. The case is monogram-embossed in orange leather and features a Swoosh tag in white on the handle.

The release date for the Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 sneaker

Highsnobiety reports that the LV Nike AF1's release date has been delayed out of respect for the passing of Abloh. The stock of limited edition Virgil Abloh sneakers were auctioned at Sotheby's in the latter part of January through February 2022, according to Lifestyle Asia. The high-end auction house offered two-hundred pairs of the LV special edition sneakers for a starting price of $2,000 per pair.

What did the Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 fetch at auction?

Sotheby's New York auctioned 200 pairs of the co-branded limited edition sneakers. The Sotheby's website gives us a review of the going price for the shoes. The auction lots listed one pair of Nike Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 sneakers with 1 pilot case. The estimated value of each was between $5,000 to $15,000. The bidders took their valuation to the extreme with the most expensive pair of size 5s selling for $352,800. The next most expensive lot sold for $176,400, followed by $113,400, down to the mid to high tens of thousands. Forty-seven pairs were made for friends and family and distributed to people connected with Virgil Abloh.

How to get your pair of Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 sneaker

There's still no word on when the Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 sneakers will become available to the general public. What do we know so far? The buzz is that an exhibit of the model happens at a shoemakers' workshop. It's to be held somewhere in Italy toward the end of 2022. The brand reported that they're planning to manufacture the shoe in limited quantities for distribution in the summer of 2022. They'll be available for purchase through Louis Vuitton stores. There is still no word on the expected cost for the exclusive sneaker.

Final thoughts

The Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 sneaker is one of the most exclusive collaborations for Nike. The passing of genius designer Virgil Abloh changed the trajectory of sales. The unfortunate event delayed its introduction to the general public. The value increased to unimaginable heights. Sotheby's brought in over $350,000 for a pair of size five shoes at an auction. Most of the 200 sold at the New York auction was out of the reach of the average sneaker enthusiast. The sneakers sold for collector's prices. We're unsure if that will change for the remaining limited numbers set for release later in the year. We'll have to wait and see, so keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the press releases.

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