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10 High Quality Cheap Sneakers You Should Check Out

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top

If you're sick of shelling out hundreds of dollars on shoes only for them to lose their box-fresh appeal the moment they hit the sidewalk, it's time to step away from those big price tags and consider the gems on the discount aisle instead. A low price doesn't always mean low quality - choose wisely, and you could save a ton without sacrificing even an ounce of style or craftsmanship in the process. To get you started, we've rounded up 10 of the best high-quality cheap sneakers available right now.

New Balance Men’s 574

10. New Balance Men’s 574 - $89.99

New Balance has always made comfy shoes, but these days, their sneakers are just as attractive as they are comfortable. Case in point - the 574, a line of super stylish sneakers with an unpretentious versatility, an iconic silhouette, and a multitude of colorways. There's nothing revolutionary about the tech and nothing flamboyant about the design - which is exactly the point. Uncomplicated, durable, comfortable, and super stylish to boot, they're more than worthy of a place in your rotation. On top of all that, they're an absolute steal at just $89.99.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith

9. Adidas Originals Stan Smith - $85

If there's a sneaker that requires no introduction, it's the Adidas Originals Stan Smith. The world's first leather tennis shoe is the very definition of a timeless classic, with a slick, understated aesthetic that will get you through more occasions than any sneaker has a right to. These days, it also comes in a sustainable version that will do your eco-credentials no harm whatsoever. Every footwear collection needs a white sneaker - if yours is lacking in that department, it may be time to bite the bullet and invest in the tiny $85 it'll take to get your hands on a pair of these beauties.

Lacoste Game Advance Luxe

8. Lacoste Game Advance Luxe - $95

Described by as 'stylish tennis sneakers from a great brand,' the Lacoste Game Advance Luxe has taken the sensibility of a tennis shoe, beefed it up with some elegant lines, sculptural rubber outsoles, and premium materials, and created a contemporary classic. Despite the price tag of just $95, the look is, as the name suggests, very luxe, with butter-soft leather, tactile suede panels, and breathable leather linings. Completing the design is the iconic Lacoste rubber-molded crocodile on the quarter. If you're looking for a simple, stylish sneaker that won't break the bank, get them on your wish list now.

Nike Blazer Low '77

7. Nike Blazer Low '77 - $95

With a silhouette that takes its cues from Nike's iconic basketball sneakers, the Nike Blazer Low '77 is a timeless sneaker that's guaranteed to be a major hit in every wardrobe it finds itself in. Featuring premium leather uppers, touchably soft suede panels, a rounded toe box, a leather Swoosh, and a foam tongue, they're a comfortable, practical option with enough street appeal to make that tiny price tag of $95 too irresistible to resist. If you want even more Swoosh for your buck, it's worth checking out the Nike Blazer Low '77 Jumbo, which, after much anticipation, hit the shelves in January this year.

PUMA Suede Classic Shoe

6. PUMA Suede Classic Shoe - $55

As says, Puma doesn't sit at the same table as the sneaker stalwarts like Nike or Adidas, but there's no denying they know how to make a mighty fine sneaker. If you need any evidence of that, cast your eyes in the direction of the PUMA Suede Classic Shoe, a clean-looking sneaker with a cushy level of comfort, a plethora of colorways, and a too-good-to-miss price of just $55. The shoe's origins can be traced to 1968 when NBA great Walt “Clyde” Frazier demanded a low style shoe in a new color for every single game. Rumor has it he ended up with 400 different versions in total. You cant get quite so many colors today, but it's still the same versatile classic it always was.

Nike Air Force 1 '07

5. Nike Air Force 1 '07 - $125

At $125, the Nike Air Force 1 '07 is a tiny bit more expensive than the other options on our list, but it's still a small price to pay for what can only be described as the perfect all-white sneaker. As probably one of the most iconic sneakers ever created, it's graced the feet of millions of sneaker heads over the years, and for very good reason. Crisp, classic, and never anything less than chic, it's the splash of white-on-white that your footwear collection has been calling out for.

Vans OG Classic Slip-On

4. Vans OG Classic Slip-On - $75

There can't be many silhouettes that are quite so iconic as the Vans OG Classic Slip-On. With its signature rubber waffle outsole, classic canvas uppers, and cushy padded collar, it's the type of shoe that will take you anywhere. First created in 1966, it's seen thousands of copycat sneakers come and go over the years, but as the tagline goes: "Forever imitated, never duplicated." The functional skateboarding lead design has lent itself to numerous reinterpretations and designer collaborations, but whichever variant you end up choosing, don't expect it to leave your feet for long.

Adidas Men’s Samba Classic

3. Adidas Men’s Samba Classic - $45

If you want a sneaker that performs as well as it looks, you'll find it hard to beat the Adidas Men’s Samba Classic, a versatile combination of lifestyle sneaker and athletic shoe that's been winning rave reviews and loyal fans ever since it first hit the shelves in 1950. Per, the sneaker was originally created for soccer players to train on frozen outdoor pitches. Since then, it's become the most popular Addidas model of all time, selling over 35 million pairs around the world. Versatile, practical, and with an iconic style that will look as good on the boardwalk as the soccer field, it's a must for sneakerheads who aren't willing to comprise on either style or function.

Superga 2750 Cotu

2. Superga 2750 Cotu - $69.90

Superga has been around since 1911, and clearly, they haven't wasted the opportunity to learn a thing or two about how to make a good sneaker. Known for their high-quality, timeless designs, they're an affordable brand that's managed to become as much of a hit with celebs as with civilians. The 2750 Cotu is one of their all-time classics, featuring a gum sole, clean lines, classic canvas upper, and more colorways than you'll know what to do with.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top - $70

In at number one is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top, a timeless classic that should be considered an essential part of every wardrobe. No matter what your usual style is, these iconic kicks will fit in seamlessly. You can't go wrong with the classic white option, but with so many colors to choose from and with such a tiny price tag, neither your footwear collection nor your wallet will kick up a fuss if you come home with enough colors to fill a rainbow.

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