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The Top Five Adidas ZX Flux Sneakers of All-Time


In 1989, Adidas released the ZX 8000 sneaker to the amazement of fanatics. The shoe was revolutionary in more than one way – it introduced a new, dynamic look that could be worn by street level casuals and dedicated athletes alike. Additionally, it incorporated significant technologies that were aimed at enhancing performance – most notably SoftCell technology at the heel and a Torsion system with a divided sole for comfortable movement of the heel and forefoot. The heel cage was also vital for support on the outside. Apart from the unique appearance, the integrated aqua colorway shook the sneaker community to the core.

It featured contrasting panels of lemon yellow and violet three-stripes, as well as the revolutionary outsole tooling. The shoe would go on to set the pace for the ZX flux sneakers 25 years later. The model’s ability to blend instinctively clean aesthetics with innovative new technology persistently eventually bore fruits with sneakers that leave heads turning anywhere on the streets. The new Adidas ZX flux come with a refreshing style that pays tribute to the pioneers. Here are our pick of the top ten Adidas ZX flux sneakers of all time.

ZX Flux ADV Tech Shoes - $83


When the ZX family of running shoes was introduced in the ‘80s, it was quite popular with high mileage runners due to its futuristic looks and efficiency that was based on the principle of biomechanics. These ZX flux ADV sneakers take the minimal, technical looking design to a whole new level. They redefine the revolutionary style elements of the original ZX 8000 with transparent trim details and a simplified heel cage. They come in a cozy knit build that offers a relaxed, cushioned experience. In particular, they feature soft textile lining, 2-tone knit upper, rubber outsole, and integrated EVA midsole for long-lasting, lightweight cushioning. The sneakers were inspired by the company’s rich sporting heritage, and are an enhanced, ultra-light addition to the characteristic design.

ZX Flux ADV Virtue Primeknit Shoes - $143


As one of the premier technologies of Adidas, Primeknit goes a long way towards elevating basically any sneaker design it’s integrated into. Models such as the EQT Guidance ’93 and the Stan Smith from the marque’s classic category have been revised to provide slender, lightweight alternatives. The ZX flux family restyled the famous ZX look as a more contemporary minimalist sneaker. The flexible Adidas Primeknit in these women’s shoes allows for an adaptive fit in the wearer’s foot and uses memory foam at the heel cage, delivering a soft cushioned experience. Some of its noteworthy specs include 3D print on tongue, EVA outsole for easy grip and flexibility, and slip-on build with lop-sided lacing for enforced fit.

Adidas ZX Flux ADV X Grey Suede Gold - $134


The Grey Suede Gold version of the Adidas ZX flux ADV X came in a trendy blend of grey, black, and gold. It was part of a new 2016 collection that saw the ZX flux metamorphose into a completely modern silhouette. More colorways are set to be introduced for what is currently said to be inspired by the Yeezy Boost 350. At a glance, it’s difficult to spot the resemblance. The soft suede gives birth to an upper that is particularly attractive in a stylish shade of grey. Like in the Yeezy, most of this top segment is created in a single piece, apart from the rear overlay that comes in black leather. It delivers a beautiful contrast, and so does the white/black speckled rope laces and suede brown heel pull. At the ankle, there’s a cut-out section that provides a modern, elegant look. However, everything underfoot maintains the original style.

Adidas ZX flux X - $165


The Adidas ZX flux X sneakers are an achievement of subdued tones. They are high class and low key, and come in a trio of colorways for the streamline silhouette. These include an all-white and all-black mesh version, as well as the new grey suede. The exterior side of the sneakers is nothing more than a taped heel cap and a simple lacing system. A small blotch of peroration can be seen from the inside, while the taping through the heel is inscribed “ZX FLUX” and the style code of the shoe. The cool midsole contain a few jagged shapes below the heel to make it fit in with the other parts. In particular, it features a rubber outsole, webbing heel loop strap, molded neoprene heel cage, injected EVA midsole, advanced tongue construction, soft suede lining, and premium nubuck upper.

Adidas Originals ZX Flux “Multi” - $85


Diehard fans of Adidas sneakers were relieved to hear that the stunning “Multi” colorway of the favorite ZX Flux silhouette had finally crossed to the States. This sneaker features a multicolored prism-style upper with a black heel cage and black three-stripes detailing. Although it first came as a limited edition, fans were thrilled to hear that suppliers would be receiving more samples of the shoe in the near future.

The ZX Flux Multi comes with a unique, high quality design – not expensive, but not cheap either. The fabric on the single piece textile upper is a lot thicker when compared to a Nike Roshe Run. It comes with a nice exterior support on the molded heel cage. The sole is lightweight and flexible while incorporating the brand’s Torsion technology for additional support. The fit is a bit tricky, but it all depends on the intended purpose of the wearer. If you’re planning to train or go for a run with them, you may want to drop half a size down. On the other hand, if you’re just wearing them casually, you can simply stick to your normal size. It is also important to note that the sneakers cannot be rocked untied when worn in the normal size.

Perhaps the most significant feature of these sneakers is the single piece fabric at the upper, which is particularly efficient at its intended purpose – keeping the shoe light. Additionally, it can work with virtually any print applied onto it. The only quandary is that the ZX Flux “multi” does not have very great breathability.

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