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What is the Nike Military Discount and How Does it Work?


Nike is one of the biggest names in sportswear. Its range of sports apparel, accessories, and footwear is known and recognized throughout the world. Although it's by no means the most expensive brand around, it's not quite so cheap that you'd say no to a discount given the chance. One of its most popular ongoing discounts is a generous military discount that offers servicemen and women (both those on active duty and retired alike) 20 percent off their order. If you want to save some cash on your next Nike purchase, here's what you need to know about the Nike Military Discount.

How Much Will I Save With the Nike Military Discount?

Regardless of what you're ordering or when you're ordering it, if the items you're buying are eligible for a discount, the amount of discount you'll receive will be a standard 20 percent off the entire order. This applies whether you're buying sneakers, jackets, t-shirts, or pants - providing it's Nike and you're in the military, that 20 percent discount will apply to each and every order of eligible products... providing you go about claiming it in the right way.

Does the Military Discount Apply to all Nike Products?

While most Nike items you see in-store and online will be eligible for a discount, there are a select few items that aren't included in the program. The list of ineligible products does occasionally change, so be sure to contact Nike customer services directly in case of questions. However, at this point, all SNKRS purchases, gift cards, the Apple Watch Nike+ and Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones aren't open to discount.

Where Can I Use the Discount?

The Nike Military Discount can be used on all eligible products available on the official Nike online store, as well as physical Nike, Converse, and Hurley stores across the US. It's also supported across all Nike’s apps, including the Nike App, the Nike Training Club App, and the Nike Run Club App. Do bear in mind that while Nike supports the US military in the US, it's not necessarily going to be quite so supportive in other countries. Flashing your US military ID when you're shopping for Nike products abroad is unlikely to get you much more than a blank look.

Am I Eligible for the Nike Military Discount?

The eligibility requirements for claiming the Nike Military Discount aren't complicated. The clue's in the title. If you're in the military or if you've ever been in the military in the past, you'll be eligible to claim the discount. As notes, as well as applying to active duty military, veterans, retired personnel, and reservists from the U.S. Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy, the program is also open to their spouses and dependents.

Can I Combine the Military Discount with Other Discounts?

Nike is generous with its discounts, but not to the extent of letting customers combine multiple discounts in one order. If you want to use a gift card, coupon, or another discount you have in combination with the Nike Military Discount, you're out of luck - most of the time, anyway. As a general rule, Nike will only accept one discount at a time, meaning you'll need to decide which discount bags you the best deal and use that. It does, however, occasionally turn a blind eye to multiple discount codes, depending on the exact type of discount or coupon you're using and which product you're using it against. If a product, either online or in a store, has already been discounted by Nike, you can use your Military Discount with impunity.

How Do I Prove I'm Eligible for a Discount?

To claim your Nike Military Discount, you'll first need to confirm your eligibility. As notes, this can be done in one of two ways: at a Nike, Converse, or Hurley store or online. If you're visiting a store, the process is simple. Simply let the staff member at checkout know that you're military and present a copy of your military ID. They'll then automatically apply the ten percent military discount to your purchase. If you're buying online, the process is a little longer but no more complicated. Bear in mind the discount is only guaranteed if you shop at the official Nike online store: if you're buying from third-party stockists, it's hit and miss whether they accept it or not.

Providing you're shopping at the official site, shop as you would normally by adding any products you want to order to your cart. Once you're ready to order, hit the option to checkout. Next, review your order and make any changes necessary, So far, so standard. But now's where you'll need to do something a little different to the norm. The price currently displayed will be pre-discount. To get the discount applied, you'll need to get a special promo code through Nike by completing an eligibility check through Nike’s third-party verification service, SheerID. This is where you need to provide proof of your military status.

First, confirm your military status (e.g., active, veteran/retired, registered dependent, spouse, or reservist). Next, confirm your branch of service. Lastly, complete your name, address, date of birth, and email address before hitting submit. Within a few seconds, your special promo code will be displayed. The code will also be emailed to you in case you want to delay completing your order till later. Once you're ready to finalize your order, simply enter the promo code when requested. Once the promo code has been validated, the discount will automatically be applied and reflected in the total order price.

Can I Use the Nike Military Discount More Than Once?

Don't be shy about using the Nike Military Discount: this isn't the kind of discount that's a one-time thing. As says, there's no limit to how many times you can use your military discount in Nike’s retail stores. Using it online is a little different, but providing you don't try to use it more than four times every 30 days, you shouldn't run into any problems. Just bear in mind that you'll need to re-verify your military status and get a new promo code each time you want to apply the discount to an online purchase.

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