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The Most Expensive Soccer Cleats Money Can Buy

Soccer Cleats

Have you ever wondered how soccer players can play soccer on muddy ground without slipping? It is because their sneakers have cleats that provide traction on slippery surfaces. Cleats are protrusions beneath the shoe's sole. They can be made of plastic, metal, or rubber and are usually conical. When you shop for soccer cleats, you can opt for the cheap or expensive ones . You can find some going as low as $30 and another as high as $1000. The differences in cost vary based on factors like material quality, comfort, or durability. In this article, we will talk about the most expensive soccer cleats. Through the discussion, you will understand why they are costly.

6. Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility ($275)

In general, the Nemeziz sneakers are made out of tape and contain no laces. Since the tape is light, a soccer player is able to abruptly change direction on the pitch to befuddle their opponents. The cleats are also made from tape, improving a player's agility. Its cleats contain stripes and occupy most of the sneakers' upper section. The cleats are made using a bandage-inspired construction for comfort. Additionally, they contain a dual lock collar. The dual lock collar keeps your feet in position. If you have played soccer with sneakers without cleats, you may have felt your feet slipping out of position after kicking a ball. Or your sneaker may have come out of your foot after kicking a ball. The dual lock collar, therefore, prevents such mishaps.

5. Nike Mercurial What the Superfly IV ($550)

The Mercurial series has been around since 1998, and they continue to be popular to this day. There are about 16 versions of the Nike Mercurial sneakers. The cleats from this brand use color schemes from their previous Mercurial sneakers versions. The cleats from these sneakers keep the soccer player's feet cool. Unfortunately, when a soccer player sweats, some sneakers become heavy, lowering their agility. Fortunately, these sneakers are sweat-proof. Also, for comfort, the cleats are made using the Flyknit technology. The technology is a technique that helps Nike create light and sturdy cleats while also using little materials to reduce wastage.

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor IV ($2,750)

These sneakers contain a shiny black sheen and a neon red Nike logo. They are known for being lightweight. Due to their lightweight, soccer players can play with agility. Have you ever wondered why players like Mbappé, Drogba, or Cristiano Ronaldo are agile during their soccer matches? Believe it or not, they wear this particular brand of sneakers. Since these sneakers are lightweight, their cleats are also lightweight. If they were heavy, then these sneakers would cease to be light.

3. Adidas Messi 16+ ($3,000)

These sneakers were named after Lionel Messi because of his numerous achievements in soccer. He is often revered for his speed, and Adidas probably made these sneakers so that you could be as fast as him. The cleats contain a SprintFrame outsole. SprintFrame is a lightweight chassis that provides a low-to-the-ground platform. Its purpose is to support the player by keeping their foot close to the ground. That means the player can run or change direction without slipping. Another technology used for its cleats is AgilityKnit Upper. For this technology, the synthetic material for these sneakers stretches so that your feet can assume the proper shape. As a result, your feet will stay above the cleats and not beneath them. The technology thus makes it easy for players to slip in their feet without necessarily loosening the laces.

2. Adidas Predator ($4,799)

The brand is known for its rubber cleats. Rubber is a material that is ideal as a shock absorber. For example, during a match, some players may feel the impact on their soles when running. That situation would slow them down, and luckily rubber prevents that feeling. Also, rubber is safer than metal cleats. For instance, it is not uncommon for a soccer player to kick another player's face accidentally. Try to imagine if the cleats were metallic. You would likely tear their skin. Luckily, this brand uses rubber, so you cannot inflict any serious injury when you accidentally kick them. For maximum traction, its cleats have four distinct ribbed sections. The arrangement and design give a soccer player control of the ball. A soccer player usually stops a moving ball by stepping on it. Sometimes, a player's foot may slip while stepping on the ball. With this pattern of the sections, a player can step on the ball without worrying about slipping away.

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR7 Ballon D'Or ($7,999)

Like the Adidas Messi 16, these sneakers were made to honor Cristiano Ronaldo's achievements. These sneakers were made in his honor after his 2013 Ballon d'Or victory. That would explain the extreme price of the cleats. Another reason the cleats are expensive is that they are made from gold. The term "Ballon d'Or" is French for "golden ball." When a soccer team wins the Ballon d'Or tournament, they receive a trophy in the form of a golden ball. So, to mimic the appearance of the golden ball, the cleats were made golden. So, the gold color is suitable for aesthetics. Lastly, Cristiano's signature is next to the cleats. Remember, some celebrities make a lot of money through their autographs alone.


Have you identified any soccer cleats that you would buy? Most people generally save money by purchasing cheap cleats. However, if you are a soccer player earning millions, buying cleats worth $1000 will not faze them. After all, the expensive ones are good in terms of quality, and that is what keeps them better players. Also, some players buy expensive soccer cleats just because they can. In this digital age, it is quite common for players to display the expensive shoes that they bought. However, getting validation online shouldn't be the reason to buy expensive soccer cleats. If you are not playing football professionally, getting the cheap ones may make more sense. Though, you could get the expensive ones if you like. If you choose to get the expensive ones, ensure that you do not exhaust all your bank savings.

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