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The Five Best Adidas Basketball Shoe Models Out Today

When it comes to basketball shoes, people can get very particular about it. Basketball shoes have become a sort of style; they’ve made their way outside of the court a long time ago to become street wear. It’s surely because of many design qualities the shoes have that you just can’t find on any other pair. Since then, many shoe companies have made sure that they’re competitive in the basketball shoe market, and that includes Adidas. Adidas is known for having the coolest designs on the highest quality make. Their basketball shoe collections are no different. Here are the five best Adidas basketball shoes you can buy today.

Adidas D Rose High Tops

Whether you’re a fan of Derrick Rose or not, you can’t deny that the guy has talent. His basketball career may have been rocky, but there was a time when Derrick Rose was a shining star. The shoe deals that came out of that time were incredible, and Adidas’ designs are just hard to deny. These basketball high tops have a cool modern summer vibe to them that you just won’t find on any other shoe. It’s almost representative of youth and talent. These shoes are lightweight and completely flexible for extreme movements on the court. They’re comfortable for all-day street wear at the same time.

Adidas Dame 4 Shoes

Here’s another shoe that was designed in collaboration with a basketball star. Dame 4 was designed with Damien Lillard’s pre-workout sessions in mind. They’re low cut shoes that will give you the flexibility to just train lightly. It has a textile upper that will give you the breathability to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The design is simple as well. It has plenty of cushioning to provide you the support you need for your jumps and your moves. You’ll see Adidas’ triple lines towards the back of the shoe for a completely different design. These shoes are great transition shoes to wear when you need to go someplace else after a quick, light workout.

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 High Tops

These are some of Adidas’ latest and greatest designs. The Pro Bounce is everything that you could ever need from a basketball shoe. It’s the best shoes to wear during a summer pick up game or a full-blown tournament. There’s plenty of cushion and support here for your ankles and your Achilles to prevent the typical injuries that basketball players go through all the time. You’ll also get lightweight durability with the Forgefiber upper that has TPU-coated fibers. These shoes will feel like they were designed specifically to fit your feet because of the Geofit construction. They’ll feel rightly snug, so you can be ready to go play at anytime. If you’re serious about your game, these are the kind of shoes you need in your closet.

Adidas Harden B/E X Shoes

There’s no denying the talent that James Harden has on the court, so it’s only understandable why Adidas would make basketball shoes with him. Harden’s shoes are incredibly stylish, as all basketball fans know that Harden is all about personal style even on the court. These shoes are special, however, because Harden dedicated these shoes to all his childhood friends and teammates that have contributed to help him become the person and the basketball player he is today. It’s an incredibly inspiring story that’s backed up by good shoe design and make. These shoes will help you do crossovers the way Harden does. If you want to play like the guy, might as well start dressing like him.

Adidas Streetfire Basketball Shoes

These shoes are definitely on fire both on the court and on the street. They’re as stylish as ever, but the best components of these shoes are beyond the style. The design features incredible benefits including added support and added protection. The shoe uses a Cloudfoam midsole for that needed support. The outsoles will give you the traction you’ll need as well. The breathable mesh will allow you to play for hours without feeling like the weight of the world are on your feet. These are the perfect shoes for a game outdoors that might transition to a hangout after. They’re everything that basketball shoes today are supposed to be.

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