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The Five Best Fear of God Sneakers Money Can Buy

Nike Air Fear of God 1 String “The Question” Men’s Shoes

Imagine this scenario. You've been dreaming of getting your hands on a pair of Fear of God sneakers for some time now. In fact, you've been diligently searching practically every avenue that you can think of, provided there is even the slightest chance that somebody might have a pair for sale. You finally find something, but then you're filled with uncertainty because you don't know if it's the exact style that you want or if you're paying a fair price. These are the types of questions that usually come to mind when you've been scrambling to get something that's on the more expensive side of things and then you finally find it. It's not uncommon to have that momentary question where you ask yourself if it's really worth it or not. Fortunately, you've come to the right place because here, you can learn about the five best Fear of God sneakers that money can buy. As is typically the case, they're rated from number five all the way to number one. That doesn't necessarily mean the one that lands in the number one slot is the most expensive. Perhaps it is merely the best option. Here's the list, so you can make that decision for yourself.

5. Nike Air Fear of God 1 Triple Black Design for Men ($520)

Nike Air Fear of God 1 Triple Black Design for Men

Perhaps the thing that makes these shoes most interesting is the fact that they are completely blacked out. It's sort of like having one of those blacked out cars that just looks so much cooler than the exact same model sitting next to it that isn't blacked out. There isn't any trim on this shoe that's a different color. Even the souls and the shoe strings are black, meaning that you can wear these shoes with practically anything in your closet. At the moment, they are available from about 25 different online stores. While you can expect to pay as much as the aforementioned $520, you might be able to find them for a little less than $400, provided you shop around.

4. Nike Air Fear of God 1 Black Men’s Shoes ($1,749)

Nike Air Fear of God 1 Black Men’s Shoes

These shoes are a lot like the ones mentioned in the above paragraph, with a couple of notable exceptions. First and foremost, they are constructed just a bit differently. They are mostly black, but the elevated sole of the shoe features a prominent white contrast to the black color that surrounds the rest of the footwear. Because there is so much support provided in the sole, the shoe also sits slightly higher than the triple black design. The other notable difference is the cost. These shoes are highly sought after because they're not only fashionable, but functional. They're extremely comfortable and they work well for virtually any type of sport. They are only available in two stores, Fight Club and GOAT. Because of their overwhelming popularity and the very limited numbers in which they were produced, you will have to shell out almost $2,000 if you want to get your hands on a pair of your own.

3. Men’s Converse Fear of God x Chuck 70 ($170)

Men’s Converse Fear of God x Chuck 70

If you happen to be a fan of Converse shoes as opposed to Nikes, then this provides a great option for you. Like most other Converse footwear, the shoes incorporate a traditional design featuring a leather sole coupled with a canvas high top shoe. It's the same design that Converse has been using for years with a tremendous amount of success. This particular shoe is light gray in color, looking very much like any other Converse shoe, only coupled with the Fear of God logo. It has long been considered to be one of the more underrated pieces of merchandise out there associated with Fear of God, not to mention one of the more affordable options. Currently, the shoes are available for approximately $170 from 14 different stores. It's important to mention that the price can go up considerably, depending on the store in question. For example, Fight Club is offering the shoes for $170 while has the exact same product available for $240.

2. Fear of God Essential Tennis Low Sneaker ($285)

Fear of God Essential Tennis Low Sneaker

This is a great shoe if you prefer something other than a high top, especially if the shoes you prefer to wear are lightweight tennis shoes that are just as much at home on the tennis court as they are on a boat for even a day out shopping. The thing that really makes these shoes stand out, aside from their distinctive low cut appearance and brilliant white color, is that they're only available at a single store. If you want them, you'll have to go to to get them.

1. Nike Air Fear of God 1 String “The Question” Men’s Shoes ($665)

Nike Air Fear of God 1 String “The Question” Men’s Shoes

These shoes offer the same practical elements as most of the other Nike high top designs, but they look quite different. In fact, they almost look like something directly from outer space, or perhaps 20 years into the future. The combination of black, gray and white definitely makes them stand out, as does the block color design. They are currently available in 12 stores ranging in price from $665 all the way up to $880.

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