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Are Salomon Xt-6 Shoes Worth It?

Salomon Xt-6 Shoes

Are you tired of your old sneakers? Do they look worn out and don’t give value to your money? Worry no more; the Salomon Xt-6 sneakers are built for performance, making them perfect for sneaker-worthy activities like mountaineering, cycling, hiking, and running. Before ordering online for these shoes, here is a sneak peek of what to expect.

The history of Salomon Xt-6 shoes

The company manufacturing Salomon shoes began in 1947, when ski edges in Annecy, France, were popular. Since then, the Salomon brand has grown into outdoor wear, making its ski gear and alpine boots before unraveling its first hiking shoes in 1992. According to Esquire, the first batch of the Xt-6 came to the limelight in 2013. That explains Salomon’s ideology which hasn’t changed since the launch. Besides looking the part, the Xt-6 is built for people into long-distance running. Its ability to navigate rough terrain makes these shoes a must-have. So, if you’re into masochistic activities like running, cycling, hiking, and mountain climbing, then you won’t have a problem donning this pair.

1. Two-style designed midsole

Wearing a shoe with two different styles of form guarantees comfort and convenience. It has high EVA technology foam cushioning in high-impact areas of your foot, along with the softer EVA foam that works best in places requiring a lighter touch. Salomon Xt-6’s dual-density midsole provides you with the ride that is the perfect blend between performance and plush cushioning. It makes you feel like a deep force within you propels you to run faster, making your running experience worthwhile. Moreover, these shoes compliment your gait cycle, dampening the impact that your leg joints have on the ground. Whether you have joint-muscle pain or otherwise, these shoes will ensure you don’t feel fatigued the following day.

2. Contagrip TA rubber for extra grip on the ground

The last thing any runner or hiker wants is wearing shoes that don’t have a firm grip on the ground. The friction on slippery surfaces may lead to accidental falls, causing an injury. Fortunately, the Xt-6 has a special Contagrip TA rubber compound that performs exceptionally well on the trails. The outsole has deep lugs that plunge into the ground under your feet while offering adequate space between each lug to prevent debris and twigs from getting stuck in your shoe. Besides having a firm grip on the ground, these shoes are durable. According to Runner Click, these shoes have a tack finish to the rubber that can last hundreds of miles, giving value for your money.

3. Breathability

Intense exercises like running or mountaineering mean that your feet will sweat at some point. It would be best to have shoes that allow your feet to breathe. It’s also worth noting that Salomon’s shoes are warm and encourage foot breathability, making them perfect for intense exercises and workout routines. After going 10 miles deep into a wet forest, rivers, and bogs, the shoes may draw in a lot of water. However, the lack of waterproofing shouldn’t be the reason to avoid them because they dry out quickly.

4. Lightweight

According to Run Repeat, Xt-6 weighs 365g, making it portable and convenient for running. It has neutral arch support that allows you to navigate rougher terrains without worrying about the weight of your body. These shoes make the ground beneath you feel like you’re walking on foam. They boast extra cushioning, cradling your feet with each step.

5. Abrasion-resistant

Cruising the forest or riverbeds isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Your shoes will come in contact with twigs, debris, rocks, and many other substances that may stick underneath or beside your shoes. You will be forced to stop the run or hike to remove whatever sticks inside it when this happens. Fortunately, the Xt-6 shoes are abrasion-resistant because they have a film and durable mesh. These features allow them to resist wear and tear. Also, they can withstand harsh environmental factors such as rain, dust, and debris.

6. Quicklace system

Wearing your shoes is one thing, while tying them up is another. The Salomon Xt-g shoes have a Quicklace system to pull the cord like you might on a backpack. You will have it all laced up in no time and ready to go. The Quicklace technology saves you time and makes running or working out easier.

7. Versatility

Initially, Salomon Xt-6 shoes were designed for running and other activities requiring intense exercise. However, you can still wear them as a do-it-all shoe. So, whether you’re heading out to the grocery store or hosting a barbecue, you can never go wrong wearing them. Furthermore, the shoes come in many colors, allowing you to match them with any outfit. Try them out with washed-out denim jeans, a light jacket, and a boxy t-shirt, and you’ll end up looking stylish. But that isn’t all. They make you feel at home just about anywhere. They might look sporty and all workout-like, but these shoes are something you want at your disposal.

8. It fits like a glove

One of the most significant selling points of the Xt-g is it’s true to size. It has a wide toe box that gives your toes plenty of room to splay inside it. The wide toe box is excellent for running or cycling downhill descents, preventing your toes from colliding inside the sneakers. Its EndoFit system ensures the shoes fit your unique shape of the foot and wraps it in a secure fit. It also comes with a sock liner to provide you with excellent lockdown without feeling its tightness.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Allows foot breathability
  • Maximum protection
  • Long-lasting
  • Stable for mountaineering and running
  • Easy-to-use slip system


  • It might become stiff in snowy conditions
  • Might be heavy
  • Lacks waterproof system
  • Expensive


Be it running, walking, mountaineering, hiking, or picnicking, the Salomon Xt-6 shoes have the ideal properties to make your feet comfortable. Though they don’t come off cheap, they are built for performance. They make every runner or workout enthusiast feel energized.

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